Free Hobo Tokens: Free To All Followers!

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Free Hobo Tokens

Free To All Followers!

Are you a follower of You're about to receive 100 Hobo (HBO)!

Hobo is a token minted on the Steem Engine sidechain for Steem. If you followed something really cool is happening! You're about to see 100 Hobo tokens (HBO) go straight to your wallet for free! We are giving you and every follower 100 Hobo tokens (HBO) just because we value each and every follower. These Hobo tokens are easily accessible on the Keychain wallet. You can even sell them on the Steem Engine exchange!

Check the Steem Engine market out here: Hobo tokens on Steem Engine

We will be sending 100 HBO to every active Steemian that is following us. If you are following but don't receive your tokens let us know. We will be intentionally ignoring any bots or abandoned accounts, because we value the Hobo token and don't wish to waste them on dormant accounts.

In the future we intend to have many uses for these tokens. We're not very interested in selling our tokens or performing an ICO. Instead, we want to assist content producers seeking to participate in the Hobo Media decentralized journalism network to earn them. We're also providing these other ways of obtaining Hobo tokens:

  1. Free 5000 HBO to one of the curators for every piece of content posted to the Steem blockchain by Hobo Media. Just enjoy the content and upvote, that's all you need to do to have a chance at 5000 HBO each time that posts content!

  2. You can receive 1000 HBO per month for every month that you delegate just 5 SP to If you delegate more than 5 SP you will receive more HBO. For example, if you delegate 25 SP per month, at the end of each month that you delegated for you would receive 5000 HBO that month.

  3. Like we said above, you can earn HBO for contributing content to Hobo Media. Right now, we're willing to provide 10,000 HBO to content producers willing to send us quality content that is original and has not been published anywhere else. You'll even receive credit for the work and links back to your website or primary platform.

  4. You can find HBO on the Steem Engine market. We have listed a large amount of tokens for a very cheap rate of 0.001 STEEM per token. We're not listing this for profitability, if you profit off this cheap price, well that's super! We want as many people to have access to the token as possible. We'll never add any more tokens at 0.001 on the market again, because we believe in this token and think they are worth much more than that.

We affirm that the Hobo token is not a security. This means that we do not promise owners of this token any rights that are standard for owners of securities such as voting rights, dividend rights, rights to future profits by Hobo Media, equity liquidation rights or any other rights that would be customary for securities.
We do not promise or guarantee that Hobo Media will perform any kind of service, work or effort that would lead to the increased value of this token. Hobo HBO is a token that is an asset on the decentralized Steem blockchain and is therefor an asset independent of Hobo Media. As a cryptocurrency, Hobo Media may or may not accept this token for services/products or pay for services/products with this token.
Hobo Media is not officially selling HBO to the public. We have not created an ICO website or paid any amount of money for advertising the sell of HBO. If you are a US resident please refrain from purchasing HBO on the Steem Engine market until more regulatory clarity is available. We warmly welcome US residents to participate in activities where Hobo Media freely gives out HBO as rewards for positive actions such as curating, delegating or creating content for Hobo Media.

Followers List:

@tommyl33 @bobby.madagascar @rajendra21
@vivaronaldo @devyleona @kydkudi @xwzx
@anis01729 @sir815 @rohit08 @curatorcat
@art-universe @mightpossibly @lightestofideas
@dwiitavita @dylanhobalart @rezoanulvibes
@d-xtreme @huseyinunozkan16 @cameravisual
@orhansarikaya @kajla @janyasai @rocketpower
@maxer27 @aivaryamal @da-dawn @apolymask
@angeltirado @saqibnawazintert @nure2019
@alpris @alexpris @bashadow @qukuailianxuexi
@lifequote @tonyteo @lorreli @tokepengsiribe
@zhangfapei @bxlphabet @thew0lf0fcrypt0
@emrebeyler @clicketyclick @myquotes @wolffeys
@kggymlife @devann @rufusfirefly @marfonso
@gabbynhice @blockshine @instagram-models
@masterwriter @grobsop @ataul.karim @kongtou
@evlachsblog @detlev @iamjadeline @p15 @privat
@mickvir @frankbacon @misslasvegas @ijatz
@lanzjoseg @aceandnotes @melbookermusic
@rmsbodybuilding @pennsif @armia @cubapl
@ayushjalan @fitinfun @zorank
@mrwindows @okoro @goodcontentbot @uyobong
@fucho80 @mariannewest @straighttalk @kestuxs
@excaliburx @miyexi @rituraz @questionthetrend
@jadams2k18 @dallas27 @jason7282 @lucyho
@honeysara @mcnestler @nathanmars @ziapase
@por500bolos @skramatters @shadown99 @ybf
@belkisa758 @carbodexkim @junnel123 @jazzresin
@wakeupkitty @ajongcrypto @edgarare1 @shohag19
@memes777 @khussan @andyjem @superdapps
@pyrophorus @ralph-rennoldson @cryptocoinkb
@darkflame @neavvy @bartrobel @sounddam
@oganesov @allaboutfood @noekie @tocme @rushten
@goodsteemerguy @taco-monster @weisheng167388
@rodthomasavantis @aminealaoui @paderobin
@la2410 @dmilliz @emin90 @cryptor47 @liubao
@lumira555 @roshan24x7 @tuuli-ranta @manshar
@crypto.piotr @zeeshanrafique @stacyisacoolcat
@vintherinvest @steemygeek @steemituplife
@jacquisjournal @sudutpandang @mangalmurti
@err0rist @treeguy @noemilunastorta @xchng
@errisprecious @freebornangel @graphyhunt
@thewanderingwind @miray @proelite @zefy
@alfir89 @steembake @rekha007 @steemperfect
@amazingwoman @technicalinc2017 @equadro
@betzy @alquarius @lordwixton @frizzy @bayes
@r1s2g3 @jmk111 @amahovac93 @yanpaing
@oskary @maddie30 @mika-ella @ingalamix
@botbd @kuraizuke @techchain @emartar20 @mysjm @naylu @ee3lyntio
@marcusmalone @deny-d @offgridlife @patin
@merlin7 @mansoon @linkdead13 @barrimakgi
@shazzadsp702 @spudssleeping @marunkas20
@gnyumen @stogonin @modelcoinmc @raul65
@larvolchain @npzy896 @samananda @afshar
@robertoantonio @triverse @photobase @alax
@swayspleeny @inspiredtothink @dzhonpark
@kostya.borisenko @ploverpick @cevdetpasha
@abcsleeveless @olshama88 @fieldsonce @ax3
@listlabcoat @yelploopy @usman93 @igora
@uebsterlesli @nbusurev @ybazhenov @siralex
@bandageweeds @strangetwelve @sonu84
@unlockrichard @dzheymss @cryptolists @zoex
@electricbrails @molarwherever @palui @lenzy
@theythundery @gauravgpt60 @mydailywow
@sanarnos @carlosp2910 @michealclauri @sadee
@esteguard @rushdbitar @shalelinkage @yoox
@dominion01 @jayantasingpho @wstanley226
@jisoooh0202 @trantheminh @neferpitou
@surikowstepanuk @iqbalhelsinki @bustillo
@jan.kremsky @durendra @nguyennhat1695
@marcocasario @huanmv @smartsocial
@business.trends @ramal @thome @vaheda
@salavit @steveet @kimix @sorita @parim
@arezoo @vahed @mahan @souq @nicolex
@farazan @valaz @baax @lomo @habiban
@larison @hashex @haseb @valla @sanama
@ballo @sate @samimi @famar @masichan
@simix @eddee @aliram @rimacute @livo
@masiha @faroor @manian @veniza @loov
@omina @kimval @hamila @manw @wely
@zokk @hannaday @zalim100 @zalat @larix
@haloo @zerotime @bluedie @pinkoo @elik
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@kimwoo @loocia @nolla @noova @frebie
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@sahar.cute @fox.sida @lari.saa @bitox
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@vonica @vood @zedo @cryptoa @yumm
@victoriam @ghadir @faridline @ladano
@koobix @melindaa @chrisee @zeldam
@jakee @kamin @dorna @yasa @opex
@ferial @vitam @wallas @rossita @alici
@imann @ramiha @ara.miss @zoomak
@tamarax @unike @giovva @tianam
@jasmeen @natalex @adran @sarina
@leeze @hasiba @charlott @ghada
@mathson @nonstop @halak @koolis
@saliman @saloom @omidan @zari
@karek @veromina @overe @aromatic
@romika @annazi @rich.ard @erichi
@palas @jakk @milanbeko @berose
@sulava @happo @coloper @jacobe
@goddes @lomon @somon @lorame
@vona @sadin @farad @poro @katee
@barbo @norva @naomix @amadim
@greel @bekirsolak @sezenke

Not on the list? Well, just give that follow button a little clicky-clicky and 100 Hobo tokens will be in your Keychain wallet in no time.

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One of the curators from the upvote list for this post will receive 5000 HBO on the 7th day!

Round 3 of 5000 HBO Giveaway

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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You have been sent 100 HBO


Nice 😎

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Updated follower here.

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You have been sent 100 HBO

Very interesting your proposal I follow you and I would like to have more information. you can share about it

As I do to claim the HBO, it sounds like a Television channel ;-)

A great greeting from Venezuela, a country that fights for its freedom.


You have been sent 100 HBO.

Yeah, we were thinking about just using the ticker HOBO but it had been taken. We also considered HBM, but thought HBO just sounded better.


It sounds excellent, and if they HBO Television comes up with a crypto they will have to look for another name. Have you already registered it? so that does not happen?


We have not, however, if SMTs ever do come out we will provide all HBO holders a 1 to 1 token and make this token a peg only. At that time we could easily switch to the ticker HBM.

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Waooo .... I m done follow


You have been sent 100 HBO


Thank you....

@nicephoto has been sent 100 HBO

I'll check again in a bit, but no tokens yet, maybe I should of waited a few hours, but the thought of my second batch of steem engine tokens was kind of cool. They will look nice next to my 'engage' tokens.


You have been sent 100 tokens. Please check again and let us know you got it! :)


Something sort of went wrong, I had zero when I first checked, then I checked when you replied just above and I had 100, and now I have 200, so I think it got sent twice, how do I send 100 of them back to you?

Goofed and sent that to myself thus the deleted message below.


No problem, you can easily send tokens to anyone by clicking the little arrow button in your Keychain wallet. Like this:

2019-02-20 (3).png

But no need to send anything back, keep it. Thanks for being willing to send back tokens sent in error. :)


If you are sure I will, let me know if you change your mind. I only noticed it because I wanted to buy some of the ENG tokens (2), after you sent me some, got me looking at all of them so thought I should at least have two of the builders tokens, to see how it all worked, still learning, steep learning curve. have a good day, my bed is calling.



We really appreciate your honesty and we want to encourage that. Please check your HBO balance. ;)



Thank you.


Got-em, thank you, sitting right above my engage token.

There is not any HBO in my wallet.

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Hi, yes, I will be sending it to each account as soon as possible. :)


100 HBO has been sent to you! :)

Amazing,, i try. Thanks for sharing ...

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I haven't got the hobo token yet

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You have been sent 100 HBO

You got a 29.46% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of!

Upvoted and just followed now. Keen to link up with HBO.


You have been sent 100 HBO


Thank you for that and for revealing Steem engine platform to me.

Thanks for the Hobos!


Thank you for reading and curating!

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Thank you!

Hello my friend ...

I´m just coming again to your post and say thank you so much for the transfer to my wallet, I received the 100 HBO from you... Looks really cool..

Thanks a lot for your great work helping others.. the best for you...!!


Wonderful, thank you @edgarare1 for reading!