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RE: STEEM Is NOT Steemit. STEEM Is More Valuable Than Steemit.

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What are you doing to promote STEEM, separate from the value of

It's tough - I'm actually taking the opposite approach. Lately when I introduce people to Steemit I tell them: "You will have a lot of questions about the money - where it comes from, how it works, etc - and we'll get to that in a week or two. But its way easier to start by looking at and then to delve into the specifics of the technology later on."

The other approach - to explain Steem from the ground up - has worked, but usually leaves people too confused.

Focusing on steemit the website gets people started by making accounts and posting and meeting people. Focusing on Steem, the token, for a blockchain newbie seems to lead more towards confusion and lack of action.

Overall completely agree and love this post though - this is a great writeup that will help show a bunch of people why Steem IS so much more than Steemit. It may take a while for people to truly grasp the concept, but hopefully sites like Utopian will get the ball rolling in the right direction.


Great point, Matt. When it comes to, explaining everything at once can be overwhelming. When it comes to explaining STEEM, can be a distraction.

i agree, most people need a general grasp at first.. show them the ropes and basics and then dive into what is actually going on, this is the best way to NOT scare people away from steemit itself

I agree, I still feel like it's hard to explain it.

Honestly, I still don't understand how anyone makes money upvoting a post after the 30 minutes are up. Do you make money upvoting after 30 min? Or only the curators make money if they vote in those 30 mins?

For votes that happen within 30 minutes (this time will change after Hard Fork 20), a portion of the curation rewards currently (again this may change in the future) go directly to the author. After the 30 minutes, all curation rewards go to the curator. There's a long discussion raised by @blocktrades about this if you're interested.

Sweet, I am interested! I'll see if I can find that...thanks!