Well the STEEM Dollar wicked up to $16.53.... STEEM should keep getting pulled up some. I'm being ultra conservative and looking at the $2 mark but I think that $4 is very likely based on several things. It is really hard saying because so many people are over on HIVE. There is a lot more comment activity over on HIVE. I don't know if there are a lot of new users coming in fro Korea here or what. It is hard saying. It might get picked up by traders who see this is in its parabolic run.

I've seen the Tron is so low in price. Which HIVE? Seems I've been away a a long time. In my defense, I never powered down, nor sold, thanks @brianphobos if you never powered down or sold you have HIVE also out there using the same keys. You also have Blurt as well.

so much thanks, I am somehow catching up. so Hive is the old Steem token and steem community, and Steem is the new "Steem", right?

what is Blurt and where is Blurt, don't seem to find it at

what do you use here instead of steemit?

many thanks, i mean it

STEEM now is sort of the new STEEM and HIVE has a lot of the old community from old STEEM.

You can access Blurt at