SteemWhales Update | Price tickers + USD Estimated Value

27 days ago
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Hello everyone,

I believe most steemians have already noticed, but the SBD (Steem Backed Dollars), which is supposed to maintain parity with US Dollars, has been selling inbetween $1.25 and $2.00 on the markets. Let's not elaborate on why (I frankly have no idea), but SteemWhales relied on this parity to display correct dollar estimates. After people told me about the problem, I changed all the displays on the site to SBDs, but seemed to have adjusted and display US Dollars estimates. So I had to do some work...

Price Ticker

I added the tickers from the api for STEEM and SBD. Prices refresh every minute. I added this data into the footer of the website and realised it was time to maybe make it more pretty (see at the bottom of any page of SteemWhales).

USD Estimates

All the estimated values on the website will now be in USD forever (from SBD before). On the rankings pages, as well as the user pages. Formula is now


Everyone will probably have a big jump today in their estimated value graphs as the SBD is trading for about $1.75 right now.

That was a quick update. More is coming up later this week-end probably, I got a few ideas recently on how to improve the site. So stay and follow @heimindanger. Or just keep visiting regularly!

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  ·  27 days ago

Absolutely love !! I use it everyday.

Thank you for the updates, they are greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend!
Steem on,

  ·  23 days ago

wow, thanks for all your great work...steem will surely be the future of social media and I will do my part in promoting it to more success. Thanks for sharing

  ·  27 days ago

Very Cool

  ·  27 days ago

But I guess the conversion of SBD to steem is still according to the 1SBD = 1$ plan?

In that case a solution would be to get the word out to everyone that it is better to sell your SBD on the market, and buy steem for them. This would out downward pressure on SBD while raising the value of steem.

  ·  27 days ago

Yes, if you convert with the wallet feature, you lose a lot of value, it's better to avoid this right now. Just sell the SBDs on poloniex and buy STEEM back with it. Or use the internal market on the right side menu.

Yeah, if the same mechanism was possible the other way around, then I guess SBD would truly be in parity with USD (the community would regulate it very quickly for self profit)

  ·  27 days ago


I wrote a blogpost about it. here. If it gets seen by enough people maybe it might have a small effect.

  ·  27 days ago

Thank you for update and of course for running this site.