More steem for your SBD (and a higher steemprice to boot)

in steem •  last year

As some of you might already have noticed:

SBD are no longer selling at parity with the USD. Actually they have a lot more value. According to coinmarket, there current value is about 1.76$

However when we are converting our SBD into steem on steemit it get's converted according to 1SBD = 1 Steem.

So how can all of us, including steemit benefit from this?

Stop converting SBD to steem, and stop asking for 100% powerups.

If you are planning to convert SBD to steem, don't go through this site, but sell them on the open market, and use your USD to buy steem.

This will put downward pressure on the SBD due to increased supply, and at the same time will it raise the value of steem due to increased demand.

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