Steem Price Trend is Down!

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We All Want a Happy Ending!

The story of cryptocurrency and new digital money is just beginning and I keep on wondering, where this road will lead us 10 years from now?

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I've been here in Steemit for months now and I've never hesitated to invest my time and efforts for this platform. There were ups and down but nevertheless, the journey until today is quite one of the best stories of my life. I wonder if Steemit will continue to exist 10 years from now. If only that could be true, then how much steempower can I get until that time? I'm sure it wouldn't be less than 10,000.

Happy endings are one of the things we always want to see in movies and even in real life. I think this platform deserves a happy ending too! Why I am saying this? I think it's because of the current price of Steem recently that made me a little worried but at the same time very exciting and even more thrilled to see where the road will lead us.


The graph above is where we are now. Well, I have to say with all truth that Steem price has been declining and I'm not sure what exactly is the reason for this. One thing that I can think of is because the price of Bitcoin went down as well. Just to be clear guys, this is not very alarming because we see in the past that this happened and it went up before we knew it. Those are the days that I lack of knowledge and was not able to see the great potential of that moment.

Golden rule says "Buy low, sell high!". I guess this is the right time to apply that. We have thoughts before:

If only I bought Bitcoin when it was just cents then I would be a millionaire by now! How stupid of me to not see that!

I'm not a financial expert nor an analyst but I think it's not so hard to see from the past a picture of tomorrow. It was a huge mistake to miss that opportunity before and I don't want to repeat the same mistake of not riding the train of success when I could.

Invest Before It's Too Late!

Investing is a game and yes, in a game sometimes you lose but, you'll never win unless you bet and play.

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This lesson took me years to learn I guess. Well, I didn't care about life lessons before until I realized I'm not getting any younger and I need to have something of my own for future self and family. Steemit is one of the many platforms you can invest your money and time with. I think it wouldn't be a waste to try it this time even though the price is still not on the moon.

Last year, I was not very excited about Crypto and Bitcoin and all those things I see on the internet. This is not until I saw the price shoot up to the moon before 2017 ends. I'm not a fortune teller nor superhuman with psychic powers to know the exact future but one thing is for sure. If Steemit and steem blockchain will continue to exist for the next at least 10 years, then there would come a time when the price is more than what we can imagine now.

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I am worrying the same thing. Will Steemit exist for 10years, no one can assure this.

I think that in 10 years the platform steemit will be deserted because i personally I do not trust cryptomoney too much. I bought bitcoin for $ 16000 and now it costs $ 6,200 I wonder the question is that bitcoin is the scam of the sky or the opposite. sorry for the mistakes im french


Yeah, that's a possibility too but nothing is certain in the future until we get there. I never bought Bitcoin though in such price. I think buying an asset that increases so much in such a short time can be dangerous since it will have to eventually go down anyway. People want profit so I though many would sell their BTC and that's what happened :)

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Thanks to you.

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I hope we all see a happy ending from this ride known as Steemit. Even if it isn’t “happy” the people we met along the way will still be with us :)

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