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Esteem is a great app and it's easier to blog through esteem.
I'm going to have to go up that list. I wish to see my name at the top. Thank you for the esteem though. Cheers

Super cool sticker pack @good-karma!
I think i will download as well today the eSteem application and start using it on my mobile phone, as i know few friends that are using it and are very happy with it.
As a bonus for your contribution to Steemit community and eSteem development i vote for you as a Witness!

What stats this screenshot is showing?

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this is not a cryptocurrency announcement, these are an advertisement for the sale and promotion of an article calling Ocean Stickers, they are emotional designed for the LINE application

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best app for view cryptocurrency stats and signals

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I am not using Line. Could you make stickers for Viber.

Usually you get rewards for posting stickers but Viber is opposite case. You have to pay to be included in their stickers store.

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I have an active LINE account, but it looks like I have to collect a few more coins there :(
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Thank you, this information is very important for beginners like me.

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Thank you for your appreciation of my writing. hopefully I am more motivated

Thank you for your appreciation of my writing. hopefully I am more motivated

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