A chance for crypto increase - German banks add crypto to Equity class

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Always looking for investment opportunities I read an article today stating the following :

(investment info is somtimes boring but knowledge is power!)

  1. The EU has made a directive AMLD5 telling EU countries to fill in their own type of supervision towards crypto traders.
  2. Where some countries - like mine - have scared away traders by a huge amount of rules others are more open and give them (i.e. banks and brokers) a fair chance.

In Germany a government official is quoted stating that Bafin (German finance law) will apply no other rules than with equity investments AND that already 40 German banks have shown interest to start.

"Germany is to be a crypto hub".

What could this mean?

It means institutional investors and private investors can take in a certain % of crypto in their portfolio just like any other asset class. In the USA we are still waiting to see the same happen. Earlier I told you guys that when that happens and Pension fund/hedge Funds allocate 1% to crypto things really start moving!

Perhaps this German inititiave ( Swiss do the same) is opening up crypto markets once and for all.




Your so right @goldrooster, with a total cryptomarketcap of appox. 250 billion, even a 1% stock/pension allocation (5 Trillion Marketcap) would put prices to the moon

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I get this feeling they are luring in the digital capital under the pretext of 'Kid's gloves' treatment then slowly build their cage around it until thr Crypto traders are under full government control.

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