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This whole article takes into assumption that all bid-bot operators, delegators, or users, are all doing it for profit only, and have no intention of creating value in the network.

This assumption is false. We used bid bots to get exposure on the biggest news in Garden of Eden history and made it to the trending page, and unfortunately were down voted by your bot.

This is unsettling for a few reasons.

#1 We have never used bid bots to send a post to the trending page before this post, but we did here because it is the most important post we have ever made.

#2 Our important post announces the sale of our property which is a huge step towards the next phase of our humanitarian project, and we are offering the property for cryptocurrency. This is significant, and ideally the transaction will be completed in Steem! Obviously, the first real estate for Steem exchange could add great value to the network.

#3 As disclosed in every one of our posts, and more importantly as demonstrated by our actions over the last 2 years here, we are highly dedicated to the success of Steem and creating value in the network. We are extremely devoted to building a better world for ALL - and have been for close to a decade - and have appreciated and embraced Steem's revolutionary potential for furthering that cause since the day we heard about it.

#4 After reaching out to you in because we feel your downvote per these justifications does not apply to our post, you did not consider these facts we respectfully brought to your attention. In fact, you told us you had not even read the post! You responded absolutely and held fast to your conclusion that the use of bid bots is abuse per se. While it might be true that many posts on trending are of poor quality and are out for profit only, to lump ALL posts together under that judgment is illogical, unreasonable, and tyrannical.

Of course you are entitled to whatever opinion you want as well as to using your voting power however you want, but with this kind of absolute judgment, mistakes have already been made - and you're likely to make more by using a bot to fight a bot.


This is really about a monopoly (Steemit whales) kicking out the little guys like any other big corporation, they are protecting their interests. How else do you think this self appointed gestapo account manages to get $200-$700 for his crappy posts? It's a whale club, they vote among themselves and won't let the small fish play. The only thing you can do is power down and let these scammers fall on their own weight. I can't wait to see the prosecutions!

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