3k followers reached. Amazing!

in steem •  5 months ago


What a pleasant surprise I got when I woke up this morning and checked up on Steem. I've reached my 3000th follower, @beingcurious! Congratulations for being the 3000th! I delegated some SP for you, along with the 5SBD I sent. :)


I'll go and eat my breakfast now. :)

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wow congratulación Jaro, there are so many zeros it seems that inflation also hit you :), thanks for share this journey, I hope it does not stop now that you almost complete your project.


Best of luck @gentlebot sir..


Ummm I guess is my lucky day, my praise to de random numbers generator gods work just fine.

I can understand how come you have that many followers you are having great photos and great posts keep up

What a lucky person @beingcurious is!
Why shouldn't be i the 3000th!
Someone doing hard work to keep their extinct live on steemit and some are luckily got it without any hard work.

Hi @gamer00 , congratulations for your achievement.

May be you did not check his profile. He is so much irregular in steemit.

Last activities of him:

  • Age 21 days but not a single post.
  • 2 resteemed post.
  • Activities 4 hours ago, 8 days ago, 13 days ago, 15 days ago, 20 days ago, 21 days ago.

and his main work is to follow people.

Source: https://steemd.com/@beingcurious

This is really discouraging.

Anyway you are in emotional mood and obviously you can do anything you want :)

Congratulations to him & you and best wishes for us :)


So he is a bot. That happens everytime when someone posts something. You can get upto 40 bot followers by posting a single post


"For he's a jolly good bo-ot ..."


I had actually never heard the English version of that



There are two versions: British and American.


For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" is a popular song that is sung to congratulate a person on a significant event, such as a promotion, a birthday, a wedding (or playing a major part in a wedding), a wedding anniversary, the birth of a child, or the winning of a championship sporting event. The melody originates from the French song "Marlbrough s'en va-t-en guerre" ("Marlborough Has Left for the War"). The traditional children's song "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" is sung to the same tune.
According to the Guinness World Records, "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" is the second-most popular song in the English language, following "Happy Birthday to You" and followed by "Auld Lang Syne".


I wouldn't necessarily say the account is a bot. Might as well be a person who's only interested in reading other people's posts. At least their past comments seem legit enough.


That might be the case. I didn't actually look into his activity.


Luck or no luck, I'd say you are feeling sour grapes over it, am I right? I'm not sure but I'd say you're not far from 5SBD in the total of what I've merely upvoted your comments. Do not feel bad for it.

I have been known to surprise some of my most active commentators and other followers from time to time with delegations and small give-outs, but I can't do it non-stop. This time I decided to give-out a small sum to a random guy. No biggie. Or at least I hope it isn't. You can correct me up on that if you like. :)


Hi @gamer00 , you are perfect and absolutely right in your own way :) Different people have different mind, all act differently. Its natural and its all right. i am a very small person, so don't mind if any of my words hurt you. i don't like to hurt people. i like to see smile on everyone's face.

You are right :D Honestly i feel something like that.
I did not count what i get from you but its definitely near to 5 SBD worth upvote and i really grateful for that :)

Nice achievement...

Congratulations if you did the same I need to unfollow you and again I will click follow in 4000th follower. So,I too got a chance of your delegation 😉😆


I may need to come up with something else to do for the 4000th so the temptation won't be too great. ;)



Congratulation @gamer00 for achieving this great milestone of 3000 followers, this clearly shows that your hard-work is greatly appreciated here on steemit

@gamer00, My biggest congrats to you..3 K followers being huge achievement in steemit journey. See ya next 1k followers soon.

I've reached my 3000th follower, @beingcurious! Congratulations for being the 3000th! I delegated some SP for you, along with the 5SBD I sent.

Wow...congrats man....you've be lucky 3000 follower and won some presents.

Oooooooooo yeah, Congratulations brother for achieving this milestone.

Party hard!
i just got 300 :/
have a good day and breakfast.

Congratulations ...
Great milestone...!!
Glad that i am also your follower....

Congratulations! And you're closing in on that 365th day!

Wow thats a great achivement sir,thanks a lot for sharing.

Wow...nice to hear Jaro..
Congratulations your journey goal.

Oo wow congrats man...

Also congrats to @beingcurious.
Now let me go and look for people with 2,999 followers to follow so it can make it 3,000 maybe, just maybe I will be able to win some delegations too.


Hahaha @jacobite , i just thinking about the idea and you came up with it ;) Lets run the mission ;)



yes, let's do it bro

Congrats @gamer00. I wish I was that guy who followed as 3000th!

Congrats! I am also one of them ;)

Congratulations mate, I hope soon you will have 10000 followers.

Wow 3000 followers .
Congratulations gamer .

Good job , carry on .

Thanks for sharing @gamer00
Upvote you .

That's great celebration moment to your followers. You've got 3000 followers. It mean you're succeed steemian in steem blockchain. Congrats and wishing you smart future.

Wowwww... 3k followers .... very big achievement...many many congratulations...

Congratulations your amazing winning point @gamer00.
I guess you'll earn 10K followers before finish 2018.


Now that would be really nice if it were to come true. :)


I seriously believe it and possible one to you.

Thats really great 💪🏼

Many Many Congratulations

Congratulations. I have noticed that the number of active followers is not growing nearly as fast as the number of total followers. But it's still a nice thing to have many followers. It's like getting to use some high-quality resteem service for free.

Congratulation @gamer00 for achieving this great milestone of 3000 followers. Thank you for share with us.

Congratulations for your achievement @gamer00 . I am aslo follow you . Good luck and good work my friend @gamer00

Congratz Jaro! Actually I have no idea when I decided to follow you! But I always happy about that decision! Coz it's hard to find generous and good people on this platform and you are one of that rare people!
Next 4,000!



What you say makes me happy. Thank you! :)

congratulation for your great achievement! i wish you more success. sir, @gamer00

Thats a great achivement sir,hope lot more to come.

@gamer00 - Congratulations Sir... Another nice achievement during your Birth day time Sir... :)


Congrats sir you have done it,you have proved your worth,thanks a lot for sharing your success sir,have a great day.

Wow congratulations friend. double. yesterday your birthday and today you get 3k followers, very good for you, for your constancy and good publications. Today here in Venezuela we celebrate Father's Day. Even though you are not in Venezuela, I also send you many congratulations for Father's Day. regards


Oh... Thank you very much! :)

Wow! That is a huge milestone! Congrats!

Congratulations brother.
Your strong are the photographs. what success for you and what happiness for the follower 3000 for that spectacular prize hahaha that luck.

I have 500 and I am very happy.
Then you with your 3000 should be much happier hahaha =D

I wish I get some 100/200 delegated SP at least, that can also make my day. Btw many many congratulations. Crypto market may be down but this small celebrations really boost our morale.


I'm not counting out entirely doing another delegation round like I did last Christmas. I'll let the idea brew for a while though. :)

And yes you are right, celebrating these things do seem to have an upboost on steem-morale. :)

Great time to celebrate this victory on fathers day,thanks a lot for making this day so special.

Congrats mate. Hope your day was good today and well done again.


The day was excellent. I got some good air-show photos I think. Leo was having a time of his life too, as I got us on a helicopter ride.


Glad to hear man, that sounds like an awesome day. Super that you guys so much fun. Heli ride, yes thanks

Congratulations on success.
Let's get up 4000 soon.

Congratulations @gamer00, all that is due to the perseverance you've had and @beingcurious He was very lucky

In how much time did you get so many followers? It surprises me and makes me open my eyes and make me understand that with perseverance great things can be achieved, congratulations


Let's just say that when I started my 365-day photo project, I had exactly 365 followers. :) Someone did predict then, that I'd have ten-fold followers when the project is done.


Who told him about the followers was right and I congratulate him, I love this initiative, someday when I have a camera, I hope I can do the same. If with me you won a fixed follower

You get that and much more! great achievement, congratulations on your success on the page

Congrats buddy and that person is indeed lucky ;)

Lucky 3000th

Congratulations @gamer00, how lucky the 3k follower, I think I should have been like the 2800, but I feel lucky to know you through this platform

wow congratulations @gamer00 sir and em one them a proud follower ❤️❤️

Many congratulation to you on this great achievement you deserve it no doubt always posting some interesting content :D

I think what's best about Jaro's blog is the photography. It's been great that Steem has enabled him to earn money while learning the craft.


If shit hit the fan in the cryptosphere, I think you would be able to make money with your photographic skills in the fiat economy, too, thanks to Steem. I know you have done portraits of your sons. And I think you should shoot more high-quality portraits of them as they grow up. The benefits would be at least two-fold: 1) you, Vera, your relatives and the boys themselves would have those pictures to keep as memories and 2) your skills in portrait photography would improve enabling you to perhaps photograph other people and get paid for it if need be.

Congratulations! So, you should have another cake to celebrate this milestone!! If you can’t finish this cake, I will help you!!
You are always full of nice surprises to cheer up some lucky random persons.
Big and small acts of kindness create very good vibrations to heal the whole world!


Congratulation @gamer00 for achieving this great milestone of 3000 followers. Let's get up 4000 soon.

Congratulations on 3000!

congratulations & i'm in this 3k list also @gamer00