It's time to delegate some SP

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A few months ago I delegated some SP to a few people.

I think most of them are still posting and a couple of them actually engage with me still. I hope they're engaging with others though, because engaging is the way to get somewhere.

I thought I'd delegate a little more in the next few days, maybe a couple hundred SP or so which could make the difference for a smaller account trying to make a go of it.

What do you have to do? Nothing. Just tell me you want some in the comments below. You can choose to write nothing more than "gimme some SP" or choose to be a little more creative. It's your choice.

I'll choose someone, or multiple people, and let them know I'm delegating to them.

And...That's it. Nothing more to it. If you reckon a few hundred SP delegation from me might help you a long, well, you know what to do.

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Discord: @galenkp#9209 🇦🇺

im src


GREEN HOUSE RADIO ONLINE is a small project looking to help promote, entertain and educate through our livestreaming and community base in discord. Any delegation to @greenhouseradio helps to reward those working for the 'station' through vote support and tipping as well as support various people and community efforts. Thank You for considering to help us GROW.

Awesome, @galenkp! Thanks for doing this again.

@handtalk5, @mealhound, @nurseanne84, @akumagai, @extractum-lunae, @mehyamohenry, @voclab, @yeasin1971, @drippingdrizzles, @borjan, @tryskele, @krazzytrukker, @mrnightmare89,, @adalger, @bloggerkrunal, @pianist.girl, @swayzilla, @hashzone91, @maftah
Come over and check this out!!!

@dkkarolien,... what has happened to your account?? You skyrocketed !!! :0) ;0)

@simplymike sorry.... I been busy trying to outswim the sharks.... Tiger Sharks.... lol

@galenkp is THEE MAN....!!!

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thank you for letting me know about this, I'm flattered.

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I would like to get some steem power from from you so I would keep up with my engagement in this amazing community. I hope you consider my request.

Thank you.

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Wow! Today's great news for me irrespective of whether I will be one of your beniticiary or not! Coming across such post itself is like a breath of fresh air in any day in steemit.

Now what else I would write, dont know because even though the post is specifically aimed for others to request for SP delegation, I am really confused whether it is fair to ask/request/demand.

I have no clue what way you choose to select one or two but I wish if it would be after visiting the profile then that is the best method.

With regard to SP, I am in such a situation like that I want to buy something for my girlfriend but no money, ie l want to communicate or engage but no RC despite another good and kind steemien gave me a delegation last week.

Whether I will be one benificiary or not, you are doing one of the best thing a steemien can do by this great approach towards low level fishes...

All the best and Cheers,
Have a nice day!

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I’ll take a look at the account, their wallet, blog, replies and comments. Will make a decision from there. Good luck.

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Thank you....Happy to know how it works..
Have a great day for you


This is a great initiative, I would love to have something more SP that would help me a lot... I live in Venezuela and Steemit changed my life. I have so much faith that the price improves and therefore helps me fulfill my dreams. Here we are a big family❤ gimme some SP

I am so glad to see you apply! I know how hard you have worked to build your account by posting every day and improving your English skills. Good luck!

Thank you. It has been a hard work, but I am so happy to almost have 2 years here and day by day make wonderful friends. I know that all my work here will give a reward

We’ll see how it goes huh? Good luck, and keep up the great work.

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Thanks friend

@denissemata, I have delegated 100SP to you which should be enough for you to gain your vote slider. I hope this small delegation helps you to engage more and build your brand here on steem. Whether you're looking to build financially or just a network of people to chat and interact with engaging is a key element. The delegation will end at some point however until then I hope it helps you a little.

Really, thank you very much, I hope this will help me to continue working and that my account will grow little by little

What a great way to celebrate dolphinhood! Resteemed.

Celebrating stuff is my thing...Life is a celebration is it not?

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@dkkarolien well done! Here is a fine example of a relatively new steemian that has all the right stuff! Engaging, clearly creative with a dash of the old tongue n cheek style I find refreshing.

I hope to see more of this delegation motivation gaining momentum. With no strings or expectations attached, and especially with the inevitability of the big bad HF21 on the horizon these offerings will be great for steem. I think the impact delegations will have for smaller accounts and the entire ecosystem has not been fully realised.

After 8 months I've accumulated less than 10 sp from my "curating" and this was helped by delegations, some of which I'm still grateful to have. However, with the opportunity to earn 50% the potential for accelerated growth in the lower and middle ranks is finally a reality. Most of the always powering up, organic, new class (post HF20) such as myself have accomplished what we have on the backs of engagement and manually curating content that speaks to us and inspires us to speak back.

I have voluntarily flung myself down the rabbit hole of steemecon and am on and off chain discussing all aspects of our ever evolving ecosystem day and night. I spend hours a day on discord in various communities or having dm's that are often mostly recreational and for the sake of levity but also always end up centered around enriching this little experiment we call steeming. Wouldn't it be great if we did more of that here?

I'm no cheerleader but I'm also not going to shit on something I see having great potential just because we're ALL experiencing growing pains. This is getting long winded so I'll close by saying I'm not one to ask for anything, but I wouldn't be upset if I had a bit more steem juice in my sippy cup either.

And more than any personal aspirations I'm happy to see this cut and dry very honest approach to doing what you can to improve all of our investments by delegating to active and engaged accounts.. Peace! And to the recipients spread the love!

@dkkarolien het te veel om te se! That’s why she runs out of resource credits and needs delegation!

But I feel you man there’s no incentive to curate I haven’t earned anything that’s helped me be more active by curating and with the onus on posting people just feel like they need to post regularly to earn which turns content to shit real quick!

I dipped into the market at 19 cents and don’t think I’ll do it again there isn’t much upside in investing in steem from a financial stand point! That’s why I rather invest in other alts

It’s kinda sad because this is by far the most fleshed our and used project of anything available!

Most of ETH is filled with shit dapps that aren’t going anywhere while other alts I like are all focusing on niche business cases and not for mass consumption like this

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Yes it's the best of what's around, and I can't see many of the top 40 chains being around for long with little or very limited use cases. Steem at wherever it is now? Near 70 maybe is due to our spinning wheels and the external communities not really having an awareness of what's possible here, because well, neither do we lol. So funny I forgot to laugh, it's actually not amusing at all and it is sad. Having a social front end for the public to interact with us is a no brainer. We are walled off from the rest of the world for no reason. If the Normies like it and we can catch them with our honey they will create accounts. We also need mobile front ends that are committed to leading the way and serving as the bridge between the US and Them disconnect.

It's amazing the insides of some steemians taking a shit 10 times a day haven't dropped passed their turd cutter and into the bowl yet.

OK... I'm here and watching this conference... @skramatters and @chekohler

Boytjie van die Kaap.... So né?? 🤔 Nou praat die tannie te veel.. 😂 😂 😂 #funny you made me laugh at least.

@skramatters you're one of my staunchest supporters which I really appreciate as is the young one from my home time up top 🔝... I appreciate your compliment and just thought you both should know.. @galenkp and I have a history about banners since this morning early hence my beautiful creation to beg for sp..😂 Being me I just couldn't help myself and I truly hope he enjoys the gesture as much as the two of you.

Should I worry about the HF? 🤔 I'm not completely au fait with all the terms and what's about to happen on steemit. I just pray it doesn't disappear as I'm having way too much fun on here. 😕

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Pretty please with a cherry on top don't fret about the fork or any of its details. Enough of us are over thinking this as is. Not knowing and not feeling any major changes will be the watermark of success. If this place is going to grow we need millions of people having too much fun to be bothered by boardroom and stakeholders luncheons...

Trust me I wish I didn't know anything but it's too late for me lol. And so cool you and the Jesse king are from the same place. No need to thank me for staunchy support I appreciate having someone to appreciate..

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With a cherry on top I won't worry just be here and ride out the wave with you guys by my side. 😎

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That's it! 🏄 surfing the seas of steem

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Someone’s surly putting her delegation to good use she’s all over the chain today in fact she’s off the chain

I wouldn’t say you have much to worry about with HF21, I’ve been through 2 already and they were both huge fuck ups and the site was down for ages and people left but some of us keep going

Really is just a personal choice

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😂 😂 😂 had to rattle my cage.. Just haven't had time to sit and catch up on what everyones up to in a while. 🤔😉

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The way I see it is these other alts will all be combined eventually the best ideas will be absorbed into the chains that survive and there will be a consolidation eventually like it or not

When that happens we will have more developers moving over to build on steem and we as the guinea pigs will get a smorgasbord of options to choose from

As for the big shitters I don’t have much sympathy for them if you trying to earn from Steem you need to look at yourself and think maybe it’s time I add another income scream or do something with your life and not shit on steem because you trying to pay your bills

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Consolidation seems inevitable. Nothing to not like about the potential from my vantage point.

I gotta get actifat off the floor and not "waist" the opportunity to exploit the get paid to post your cake and eat it too movement..

Token distribution will be weighted by steak and votatoes.

😂 😂 😂 Te veel om te sê... Probably the truth.. Island life makes me think and write and talk too much.. 😂

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I need the SP. Give it to me please.

We’ll see. Selecting on the weekend.

I could try to get creative. Wax poetic about SP, or something like that. I think I will not. I will just say that last time you delegated me some SP I tried to use it as best I could. If I get chosen this time I will try to do the same.
I suppose I should also add that this means I am asking to be included in the chance to get some.

Let’s see how it goes. Deciding on the weekend.

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Long have I desired it, yet the question follows the offer like the tail of a dog. Each time, insight strikes, lightning delivering enlightening ideas. But in short, what would I do with a delegation? What wouldn’t I do with it?

The plan is to grow, and in turn, raise folks of my own so the population of stronger players prospers. Figures show, with a series of plays, I can build myself and a handful of other accounts. It involves a consistent, increasingly eye-catching brand of personal work – film, in my case - the engagement of others – buying minnows votes, resteeming fitting pieces, responsive comments – and commitment. This is my dream. In a business sense, this is strategy, with the aim of economic development. It may not be the best, but if I had delegation, I’d figure out what to do with it.

A sample of a working blog concept, attached to show my conviction.

I’m selecting someone (or a few) on the weekend. Good luck.

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Live your support for people on steem👍

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Thanks mate. 😀

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Hey @galenkp!!

May I have a sip of your sweet-smelling coffee my friend? :)


Trying to bribe me with coffee? 😊

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Bribe? ha, If you only knew the work that cost me take away the original background where that cup of coffee came from with an image editor. LoL ;)

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A small delegation from you could more than double my voting power!
Me please! 😁

Deciding who to delegate to on the weekend. Good luck.

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Hi @mastersa I've just delegated 100SP to you which should help you engage some more. Engagement is the way forward here, whether you're looking to build financially or just a following of like-minded people. It'll end eventually however I hop it helps you in your initial stages.

Wow thanks!! Can’t wait to try it out!! Thanks again!!

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It isn't much but us better than none.

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"Gimme gimme gimme some SP
Gimme gimme gimme some SP
Gimme gimme gimme some SP
Oh yeah oh yeah
Gimmeeeeeeeee some SP"

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Nice song. I can tell you have rhythm. Good luck for delegation. I’ll let those who get it know.

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Glad that you liked the song.. 😀😁

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Hi @maquemali you just got a 100SP delegation which should give you your vote slider. It'll end eventually but consider it a small gift for now. I hope it helps you a little.

Oh wow! Really really????.. that is quite very generous of you.. I mean you said you'll announce it over the weekend..

I am truly honored to be chosen as one of your beneficiaries.. thank you for the trust in me.. 😊😀

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You're welcome. I hope it helps you. Engagement is a key factor here and lack of RC can make it difficult. This should help you somewhat.

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Yes it does give us a little push to keep on engaging in the field.. thank you soooo much! ❤

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Good Choice @galenkp

@maquemali was one of the first to upvote and follow Sammi Jo and The KrazzyTrukker on here.

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Just busting out the killer looks huh? Bloody show off. 🤪

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Looks like I might of found you just at the right time, Lol cheers mate.

@galenkp this is me being creative... 😉 Please 'gimme some sp'... 😁😎

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Hmm, you sure you haven’t begged professionally? Mighty good begging. 😝

Deciding on the weekend as I want to go through everyone’s blog, wallet, replies and comments to get an understanding of who they are and how they may utilise the delegation.

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Yes sir! salutes thank you sir! Hehe. Sorry I couldn't help myself. Thanks for even considering me. Have a great day 😁

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I’d love some extra SP please 🙃

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Will pick someone in the next few days.

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I'm shy to ask something from everyone because I was afraid to be rejected. There were times I engage much that my RC was drained if I'm on the mood. As you know I'm a moody person, I drama most of the time so if I'm on the mood of dramatic I only care about myself. But if I'm not I engage people, made comments, upvotes and resteemed. There something I realised also, comment sometimes is important than doing an upvotes.

I'm telling you this because I want to have a delegation and I'm telling you this so that you'll be aware if every you'll give delegation to me.

have a good day, good luck in choosing.

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I want SP delegation thank you good sir.

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I want some Extra SP! so i can engaging more community to support thank you @galenkp and i would love to tag this three couples to make some extra SP @dcrealyn, @chi-nie, @crystal-maiden they are little fishes same like me.

Thank you @galenkp for sharing this wonderful giveaways. I would like to thanks to @chrismadcboy2016 for tagging me. GIMME GIMME GIMME SOME SP thank you and may the god blessed as all.

Greetings! I WANT SOME SP to engage more STEEM ON! thank you for tagging me @chrismadcboy2016 this will help my account keep steeming.

Hi! @galenkap and thank you so much my love @chrismadcboy2016 for letting me know regarding this wonderful giveaways, Thank you @galenkp for your god heart by helping little fishes. I WANT SOME SP and let keep on steeming everyone.

Will done as i read the post i am very interested because of a good heart shown at #galenkp thank you for sharing this worderful gift GIMME GIMME SOME SP Keep steeming.

I would 💕 to have some extra SP so I can stay neighbours with @skramatters but since I just received SP for 1 month I want to ask if you can donate some to @win4inah.


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