Steem User Engagement is up over 300%

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Today, I have revamped SteemData Charts.

Here are some new additions


newplot (3).png

Content & Engagement Growth

The new post creation is up from 1k - 2k posts a day, to whopping 6,000 posts a day.
newplot (1).png

Community engagement via comments is rising fast as well.
newplot (4).png

The most popular STEEM app is still, with 100,000 new top level posts for the past 30 days.
Screenshot from 2017-05-24 23-43-29.png

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If you have an idea for a chart you'd like to see, please feel free to request it in the comments.

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I am commenting so much, my fingers are splintering. This is the time boys and girls. We need a big push to ride the incoming market wave. Steem deserves easy a top 5 position considering what the competition has to offer so far.


Steem to $2, linear voting, so minnows can give 5 or 10 cents. BOOOM! The only marketing we need. Steemit inc. will have much more problems to sign new users.


Steem to $2, linear voting, so minnows can give 5 or 10 cents. BOOOM! The only marketing we need. Steemit inc. will have much more problems to sign new users.

Spot on, @oldtimer


Agreed - cheers to a top five spot!!


I'm having high hopes for this too! Looking forward to linear voting.


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Is it an ethical way to encourage someone to follow you through a comment on @furion's post?


Yes, @kyriacos
Count me in.

Phenomenal. It really feels like we are experiencing some real traction here. Finally! Steem on!


It really feels like we are experiencing some real traction here.

Yes, we are @goldmatters


I know I am a new user. I only learned about the website earlier this week. I did not think this kind of social media website could exist. It's pretty exciting to consider the future.

Up over 300%? And here I thought marriages were on the decline... I guess you just cant fight true love.

User engagement increase I really love to see! Super that we are heading in the right direction.

SteepShot at number 5, this one could rise up quickly. I like the alpha release already. For sure more improvements are under way making it an interesting app while on the road for sharing moment.


yeah its simply amazing

Nice work, seems as though the community is really starting to pick up.

This data is mind blowing! Thanks for sharing, we are on a roll and a half here and everyone wins. Joy... Namaste :)

It's not just thats showing much more interest but the entire social sphere:

See my tweet today about Steemit, which has well over 500 Likes and 200 retweets within 5 hours...

It's insane!

Facebook and Twitter might be soon starting to look over their shoulders. Steem is a game changer imo while facebook may have been great, everytime I open the page, it feels like spam and the same boring timid posts over and over. I am over facebook! Bring on Steem


I agree!!


i agree, too. one of the great draws is the variety of topics to read/learn. my blogs have been over 1/2 dozen different subjects in just a few days.


I have noticed that FB seems a bit tired and less posting there, it has some great features which aren't here but they may come.

Great information, @furion
Is there is a way to have this data on the home page of @ned @sneak @zurvanic @andrarchy

it is nice to see that it is up and your post was right on the money

I must say that, proportionately, this lines up nearly perfectly with the sudden growth in capital entering the crypto markets.

Fundamentally, its a great platform, paying the content creators is the way forward!
Furthermore, there is a growing discontentment with other discussion platforms; twitter, reddit, youtube, facebook. More and more people will find Steemit, and, if the content continues to be of high quality, will grow to love it.

Excellent-- thanks! Super happy to see engagement rising like that... the fact that we are not just getting lots of new content, but people are interacting with the content bodes really well for the future.

where do you find these charts n graphs

Out of curiosity, anyone know how the steem supply has been going down recently? From a high of 241 million down to 233 million.


Yes, the price goes up so the STEEM required to back the SBD falls.


AHH, this makes perfect sense. Thanks Dan.


Tell or Force @steemcleaners to stop false flagging. He himself is profiting on just the publicity of it alone. Ironically this post is relevant to the post I made
I tagged you in the comment, would appreciate a response, thanks.


There are two numbers - the "circulating supply" which is 233m and the "total supply" which is around 250m. My understanding is that the difference between these two numbers is the cash held by people within or related to the company. Its explained (to a much higher degree) by @dantheman in the below article:


Dan explained below. Steem is held to validate the value of all SBD present, as it is pegged to $1 of steem. The higher the value of steem, the less is required to maintain that backing of SBD, so the total supply is reduced.


Its fairly interesting when you dig into it.. According to @dantheman "Steem Dollars are convertible to STEEM at the current price of STEEM. This means that all Steem Dollars could be converted to “common stock” in less than one week which in turn would instantly adjust the market capitalization of Steem."[]

Thanks for this! Maybe a dumb question... but why does the "supply" appear to be going down a bit in the first chart? I understand that it would have levelled out a bit during the reward pool regeneration, but on a couple of instances it looks like it's actually going down. Was some STEEM burned or something?


The coin market cap site I'm scraping prices/supply from has flawed data. I am looking to replace it with my own.


I wonder that as well.

The content growth reveals quite a bit; very informative.

With your data, is it possible to filter out transactions through the blockchain, like say filtering certain transfers only from members or certain claims? Thanks.


Yes it is.
SteemData offers both, database access and an HTTP API.

Good Job, I love Stats :) Are the Stats from Steemdata free to use?


Yes they are


Thanks, In case I will use it, I will mention of course :) and upvote for you...

Great info, thanks for sharing

Its amazing that steemit is finally on its way towards being popular. Few more months and it will hit the entire web.

Great to see the community grow! Honestly I think it there will always be booms and we will see a lot of these people interaction fall off as they see that interaction (commenting everywhere, resteeming everything) doesnt = money . However that just means they will soon realize content is key, and we will have a great new burst of content creators :)

great info, thank you

Awesome, thanks @furion I was curious about these very things!

Great information! Thank you!

Thank for doing this great analysis. im looking for steem power graphical progression. how it impact the steem as now as many poeple join the comunity of steemit. follow u to hear that.

I got into my first argument last week! :D

Finally some charts showing how much I live and breath STEEMIT lately lol...thought I was alone in spending so much time here lol. Great post, awesome information

this is excellent!!! exciting news!


The results are very encouraging... thanks for sharing the stats. We will keep on supporting steemit. Love it!

wow !! what a chart. thank you for sharing.
Upvoted :D

If we ourselves can see these numbers and are impressed by them so too can those waiting on the side line. it is only a matter of time before Steem go mainstream.

This is very promising! I think this is gonna attract very many people in the next years.... so much more satisfying than other social networks....

Awesome, I hope to see exponential growth in the future.

I agree, too


Great post. Thanks for the stats. Steem's future looks brights guys.
Steem on ! :)

This is amazing! Thanks for aggregating and making public this data.

I'm working hard to get more of my friends on here... Something has clicked for me in the last few weeks, I can see that blockchain is just at the beginning. Steem will be at 10,000+ posts per day before too long.

I followed a few of the Conservative YouTube guys across who have all seemed to adopt STEEMIT at the same time. I say this because this might explain a large part of the momentum which might then stabilise. Or it might take off. I am ok either way. Thanks for the info. SirKnight.

Very interesting.
Up-voted & following.

Good night @furion!!!

I want to tell you something happened to me 2 days ago. This is the chronology, at that time I was staying at and I opened two devices at once, by phone and PC. So i like hit by mallware virus (wanna-cry), my smartphone blanck and after few hours then my PC also Blank.

So, I want to ask, does this incident have anything to do with @steemit?

Congratulations @furion!
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Steemit is a wonderful platform for anyone to join. Anyone that has not started steemingit is seriously missing out.

great post. I follow you. Everyday steemit are power up!

Keep this up everyone. I am trying to promote steemit as much as I can.

Well... let see what will happend.. (^_^)

Great !! I can't wait for the next step..

Boom. this is G

A very useful and interesting post

Im following now @furion
Please upvote

Great post. As for steem/steemit, you ain't seen nothing yet. This is just the beginning.

thank you very much for the quick overview. Steemit is truly an awesome community. People of the colors of the rainbow are here and be all find our sub communities. Is there a way to see a chart/statistic to see where we all are? - Both location wise and steemit community wise. I really would love to know what # I still did not discover but is full of creative poeple. If this is even possible! - Thank you so much in advance!

Great info..

The first chart makes me feel really bullish about the Steem price. Considering that since the lowering of inflation last year the supply of Steem has levelled off, and yet the engagement and the number of users keeps growing strong, itś reasonable to be optimistic that Steemś marketcap is undervalued (unlike almost all cryptocoins at the moment)

This really is an awesome platform!

I just joined here and already see the promise of Steem. Actually rewarding people for the content they provide? Seems so much better than Facebook or Twitter. Happy to be a part of this exciting movement with everyone!

This is my comment, it has words in it. I hope everything is spelled correctly. I also enjoy Steem.

@furion, have you thought of starting a bitshares coin for steemdata? Would like to invest.

Makes cents and it makes comment sections better 😎

Fantastic post.
Last night, I wrote a post of a valoration of Steem based on the increase of active monthly users and in which steals market share to Facebook. You can find it in my profile as "Cryptocurrencies Analysis # 4: My target Price for Steem is $ 2.93".

This is some really optimistic data for Steemit community .. It is really great to see this popularity these days :)

jerrybanfield says STEEM will reach 10$ in 10 months. Of course his OPINION!!! If you did not know Jerry, VERY EDUCATED opinion. Very nice content. STEEM on.
1 By 1.


Is this steemit app currently only for iOS? on playstore I was only able to find esteem

Okay but what I want to know is if this has any corelation to schools letting out for the summer, because I know I can't keep up with the internet while in college, so maybe it's the samefor other Steemians? LOL

Upped ^^