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I've been actively participating in Steem(it) for quite some time now and it was never as exciting as now. I'm not trying to be steem-centered in this post, in fact I've tried one platform that is also trying to solve the issues that we are having here in steemit.

On the other platform:

  • no bid bots
  • no self-vote
  • nice UI

Everything seem right and everyone are set to an equal playing field in terms of earnings. I've been slightly active in that platform for a month now and today I've reached #19 in the leaderboard. It felt easy and smooth. I'm having a good experience for sure.

Is it exciting?

Not as much as Steem(it) :)


Why do I think so?

  • Steem(it) is challenging
  • Users has contrasting ideas
  • dApps that I like
  • awesome tools that I like

Steem(it) is challenging

Steem(it) is really challenging however, there are awesome users in this platform who are doing their best to help other users (newcomers).

Contrasting ideas

Even though, we have "contrasting" ideas, our goal is clearly aligned. To achieve success for Steem & the community. There are arguments on how we can make this platform a better place for all of us but I think that it's a healthy discussion and it's constructive enough for us to refine the ideas.

dApps that I like

We have more than 1 ways to earn steem and the best way to do it is through dApps. We have a bunch of it here in steem blockchain like:

Games: Steem Monsters, Next Colony
Gambling: Magic Dice, Moonsteem
Health: Actifit
Technology: Steemhunt
Science: Steemstem
Open source: Utopian-io
Travel: Tripsteem
Ads: Dlick
Food: Tasteem

These are just few of the many dApps that we can enjoy in this blockchain and if you want to know more, you can simply visit the State of the Dapps website.


The steem ecosystem has been a welcoming place for devs to showcase their ability to produce tools that are helpful to the users of the platform. There are a lot of tools that we can use but let me just mention the tools that I used quite often:

  • Steemworld
  • Steemnow
  • Steemreply

When I first joined the platform, I only knew Steemnow & and it's not easy to navigate the blockchain using only these two options. Even so, I adapted and grown to like it. Now, there are more tools & more frontends that anyone can use for free to experience the power of Steem.

That is the amazing part of my experience the whole time. We keep learning, improving, & innovating as we progress.


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