Australian airport becomes the first to accept Bitcoin (and STEEM !!!)

in #steem3 years ago

Brisbane Airport is set to become the planet's first aviation hub to accept Bitcoin - as well as a selection of other virtual currencies, including Dash, Steem, Litecoin and Ethereum - after signing an agreement with tourism company TravelbyBit Australia.

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This is great news for #TeamAustralia :D


Honey! We going to Australia!!

This is a terrific find.

In the middle of a time when the crypto world is filled with bad news, it is wonderful to see some articles about the positive things that are taking place.

The fact that there are places starting to accept crypto, especially STEEM, is amazing. We also saw another exchange pick STEEM up this week.

Things are starting to move on this blockchain and for STEEM. We all just need to keep posting, commenting, and upvoting.

Thanks for the update on this....

I think I might have to zap this sucker.

It's the best time for a business to begin accepting crypto. Their payments are fairly certain to grow in value rather quickly

Yeah. I thought that same thing when people were talking about Amazon accepting BTC back in Nov. At that time I was pondering how that is a great way for the elites to get their hands on BTC. Simply accept it, use fiat to pay their employees and suppliers, and keep the profits in BTC.

Over time it would only grow and give them a larger share of the outstanding BTC.

It was an ideal move for all of them...I guess it is good they do not think like me. LOL

WHat what WHAAAAAT???!!!

This is epic!

I encountered my first in -person bitcoin atm this past weekend, which was enough of a crossover into physical reality to convince my sister accompanying me to finally grab some, after I'd been talking her ear off about crypto all weekend....

Acceptance at an international port of entry is HUGE!!! Wowza....

It’s interesting that I might be able to afford a vacation with the steem currency I’ll acquire, before I could ever afford one with traditional currency I’ve had all these years. Lol!

This is a spectacular development.

Can anyone imagine what Steem would be worth in a few years time?

Wow. Let's keep building and adding value to the Steem community.

Hello @fulltimegeek,

I just saw your delegation to me and I was very surprised and unsure of what it means.

I never talked to you and don't know you so I don't know why that delegation happened or what you expect of me.... care to let me know?

Thank you, I'm honored.

But confused :)

I found your post on why you delegate.

Got it.

I can only thank you for the gesture, I am humbled whatever the reason, if you like my work, if you think I curate well or if you think I contribute to the growth of the platform.


Australia seems to be an awesome hotbed of crypto-goodness. Exciting times for everyone. Imagine the following scenario. You're booked on an "economy class" flight from Brisbane. That's in the morning when you wake up. Then, during the day, the price of crypto goes crazy. By the time you arrive at the airport, the size of your Steem account has gone up enough to afford an upgrade to business class or first class. You make a quick transaction on your mobile phone and then walk right up to the ticketing counter of your airline at Brisbane Airport and pay for the ticket upgrade with Steem...

then price crash and airline are shaking their heads in losses....


Plus Weiss Rating's news.

Plus being listed on Binance.....

oh crap, Steemit is going to moon and my SP will be worth a ton more... muahahahahahah!


hello @fulltimegeek - I find such encouragement in these kinds of reports because each one builds a stronger use case story for assuring people in general that crypto's are worthy to be trusted as a means to exchange value. Afterall - I'm only going to accept "data' for my real life efforts in sweat and resources if that "data" can allow me to exchange for the things I want or need. As these stories become more common place I think the skepticism that is still largely held by those outside the "crypto-sphere" lessens. Very cool to see one more log on the fire we're building here... thanks for sharing. Peace

While ago I obsessively looked other cryptos to make sure that there will be no missed boats, and then I finally realised that we are on the best boat that we can be. I deeply belive that in coming years we will be able to freely trade Steem for whatever we wish and it is going to be #1 currency.

That's great news for us ozzy's, however as the big four banks here are actively targeting people that try and use crypto's by freezing accounts etc - we still need to show caution in these early days, as more business accepts crypto's then we can start pressuring the banks to give our accounts back.. :)

This is awesome news! It won't be long before others follow! Perhaps I will be able to use Steem to attend Steemfest3!

me too hehehe dear @cecicastor

Yeah you are right man, this is a break through and others will follow soon.

Cool idea! I didn’t realize we could post a blurb with an href redirect to good content. I read good stuff everywhere all the time. Cool idea @fulltimegeek

Not only is it awesome that crypto is accepted, but STEEM! Wow! Great choice Aussies.

Obviously the Steemit community has value.

Yeah we have value and our dear steem is being rated high among coin for 2018.

I'm loving this great news. I know steem would moon once we get out of this dip. Binance listing and this is sure to get the coin some more publicity.

I'm excited to see how some industries are adapting crytocurrency as a means of payment. I believe with time even my country firms will start accepting our dear steem and SBD.

That!!! Is incredible news. The question is, do they cash out? Or do they hodl and power up?

And so it begins...

I am waiting for the day when we can all buy our groceries paying steem.

Perhaps in 2020? :D

This is really good news to the crypto world .
This is the kind of news a newbie like me wants to hear hehehe..not the negative media stuff of regulations!!!

Hahahah, @jaraumoses, you are not a newbie
Like you said this is really the kind of news we need to read about not those negative stuffs

I am just 6 months in crypto thanks to Steemit hence i guess am still a newbie hehehe.

I am advancing very fast though lol.

If at 6 months you are still new, what about those in one week with reputation less than 30

Yes, I read that in the news the other day @fulltimegeek It certainly puts Brisbane on the world map doesn't it? Wonderful news for #teamaustralia

Wahoooo 💃💃💃💃

That's an awesome news. I heard about the Bitcoin part from my husband earlier but he didn't mention Steem

Have you heard this one @choogirl?

I didn't know about the steem, no.

Just another reason we should all move to australia! lol :) Btw, when do I get the privilege of having you on my Tuesday show?

Interesting!!!! Great good news
Did you just used "nofiat" tag @fulltimegeek? Lol!
Australia has set the pace

Australia has started, I believe others will follow soon

That's sound good, a time will surely come when people will be buying groceries and paying utility bills and rent using crypto!

Oops, I still have to pay this month's rent (faceplm)

Hey @fulltimegeek you just made my day!

I am so excited to see my beloved steem on the list of currencies to be accepted.

Crypto is surely taking over the universe!
Thanks for sharing.


I really love this Gif
Nice man

Thanks for sharing this FTG. I've always wanted to go down under.

this is great news, irrespective of all the FUD in the atmosphere, cryptos keep marching ahead!!!

They accept steem👍👍👍
This is awesome

Litecoin,ethereum and bitcoin I’m not surprised as it’s easy via coinbase but steem is the big move here! Such good news to see this!

This is super good news.

This is good news for crypto enthusiast like us and for steem holder as steem gonna rock soon.

That’s great news! $10 Steem is coming!

I think it gonna surpass $10 soon, one the market is stable back

Good news! I hope, that other organizations will follow this example

Awesome! I think steemians should do a meetup tat the airport. :)

This is so exciting! I’m so glad to be a part of the new wave. Woot woot! Resteemed

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.

How would you extend the Steemit? Is it like a rubber?

Haha be kind @ghulammujtaba 😂😂

Oh SNAP now that is cool!

Australia is truly one of the progressive countries where crypto-currency is involved!

Yeah, Austalia is really doing well in this aspect, I believe other countries will follow and our dear steem will rock.

This is fantastic news, thank you for sharing! Resteemed;0)

WOW, Global plz :)
Keep it up, @fulltimegeek!

a small step for man, a big step for cryptocurrencies

excelente que cada vez mas las criptomendas tengan mas cabida aunque e Bitcoin baja cada vez mas jejeje

If so, then we see more stability and confidence in our Steem currency, so we have to continue investing.

this is great news!

This is great news. This is a wonderful advertisement for Steem.

so can you buy a plane ticket or just stuff in the airport?

Wow.. That's a great news.. It should make things more convenient for its users... Nice post... Thanks for the information.

That's amazing!

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We'll see if they regret or not...

welcome development there

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Thats great news.Slow and gradually bitcoin is climbing the ladders of success with each passing day.

Ugh this means I have to travel to Australia just to experience flying with BTC :)

oh my.... This is great news!

hope every airport do like Australia airport congrats #TeamAustralia

such a great news then for #TeamAustralia hope our airports do the same