Acknowledging Steemians and programs that make life easier for new members, working together we can achieve more.

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When I signed up on Steemit I thought of it as simply a platform to post good content and get compensation for it, meet and socialize with like minds. Little did I know that was not all the community had to offer. After signing I discovered that there are many things already happening and some are yet to come, I also discovered that there are many different ways of earning Steem, Steem- dollars, Steem-power including many rewards. I have seen great blogs from experienced bloggers, posts and different kinds of participation bring earnings to different seasoned steemians. This community proved to be more than what I originally thought.
As a newly signed up member the question was how can a newbie acquire the knowledge to earn given that there is no earning without knowing the HOW TO EARN! With every new opportunity paid teachers, mentors and role models are placed strategically to facilitate the learning and implementation of the skill acquired. Not so on this platform, on the contrary skillsets are taught or disseminated for free by people like you and I. They share their know how to help the new steemians utilize the opportunities available to them successfully. I can confidently say that many of us that sign up would not have known the how, where and the when of the platform had it not been for the awesome members of this community that have dedicated their time, energy and skills to teach and make steem a welcoming community. Today, I take time to recognize the heros that I have encountered on my learning journey here on Steemit. I am happy to say that I have learned and continue to learn many things with ease because of their help hence the need to acknowledge and celebrate them for making this platform a delight for all of us.

@jerrybanfield I thank you for the numerous tutorials that you have made and posted free of charge on YouTube regarding Steem and Steemit. Thank you for going in depth on how to maneuver the platform and make some money. You are a great marketer of Steemit and have brought news, education and exposure in general, for that you are greatly appreciated. Keep doing it.

@Sweetsssj you are such a detailed person, your posts provide mentorship and inspiration to aspiring writers both in content and layout. Your posts are mind blowing, you have exposed many of us to many parts of the world through your travels. I personally love to travel and truly appreciate the detail in your photography and explanations. You take time to engage your followers in conversation on the comment section which is truly a great way to gain and retain your following. You are a good example of what we steemians should be doing.

@jeffberwick thank you for being such a strong witness for cryptocurrency which includes steem. It was in one of your videos that I was recruited and converted to a steemian. I also want to appreciate your blogs on healthy, happy living, I am following and have made a decision to eat less meat, working up to a healthy lifestyle and hopefully one day a raw vegan. I love your dog walks the scenery is amazingly beautiful. Thank you for exposing many to cryptocurrency! I urge those interested in increasing their cryptocurrency knowledge to look up and follow @dollarvigilante . Keep using your influence and platforms to help Steem and Steemit grow, we appreciate you.

@blocktrades your system is simply beautiful, it enables us to use our cryptocurrency from other platforms to purchase Steem, Steem dollars and Steem power. I find it to be convenient and operates in realtime enabling us to buy Steem when our cryptos are at a high.

@reggaemuffin, @cryptodrive, @steamsport, @whaleshares I think @minnowbooster is a brilliant idea. Steemians with low or no Steem power can be WHALES and DOLPHINS for the week by leasing SP. visit @minnowbooster and explore delegated SP leasing. Those with Steem to spare you may be able to invest STEEM in the bot and expect 100% return per year. Thank you for making Steemit a fair playing ground for all.

@aggroed thank you for minnow support project bot

@discordiant you are a delight, I have never met someone on social media so willing to help a stranger for free like you do. Your energy and enthusiasm on @pal within the @discordchannel makes the chat a welcoming environment for newbies to learn and socialize. Thank you for interacting and communicating with newbies and teaching them how to succeed in this community. When I first met you, I thought your are paid to teach new people, I was surprised to learn that you do it for free and love doing it in such an honourable way, you are an asset in this community, a great witness and leader and we appreciate you. Thank you for my first SBD to allow strangers to start.

@hendrikdegrote for those invested in dollars or cryptos that are not performing to your expectations consider investing in Steem, I believe it will turn out to be the greatest social media platform of all time because of the concept of sharing earnings with the contributors who are you and I. Unlike Facebook, twitter, instagram, Snapchat who keep all earnings and never share profits with its members, Steemit pays you and I for our participation! What an awesome company, it is a no brainer! the more people get exposed to it the more membership and growth meaning more $$ for investors of course all steemians included. LET'S GO STEEM!

@arcange thank you for the daily analytical report you are appreciated!

@jga you are a gem to the minnows. It is one thing to write good content but it is another to know the best time to publish and reach majority of our following. Thank you for developing @steemactivity a tool that allows steemians to check the voting activity of their followers in order to know the best times to publish their posts for maximum visibility.

@pastorlea what an awesome man that has devoted his time and resources to share Love here on Steemit. We appreciate you for allowing the Father to use you to reveal His love to us that follow you. We appreciate you for daily inspiration, such awesome revelation on God's thoughts concerning humanity. It has been sickening for me to listen to church leadership teach condemnation, it always left me wondering if their God was only interested in punishing his beloved creation and yet be referred to as a loving God. Thank you for clarifying through scripture that God is a God of love and loves humanity unconditionally and has nothing but good thoughts and plans concerning us. We appreciate you here on Steemit for helping our minds focus on positive rather than negative things. I continue to follow, up vote and resteem your content because I think we all can benefit from it. Thank you for the LOVE WORLD PLATFORM that you created. To view, participate or just enjoy the Love world click on the following link

Dear steemians let us continue to introduce our friends and families to Steemit and share the possibilities and opportunities that we enjoy here, this will enable the platform to grow and the Steem currency will become stronger hence bigger rewards for our efforts. Let's continue to afford the newcomers the same beautiful treatment that we were afforded by those that have helped us along the way. Help a stranger have a delightful experience here on Steemit.


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WOOOOOOOOWWWWW I don't know what to say about this amazing expression of thanksgiving. What I can say is You are blessed and I am personally honored to be here to share the Love of God. I appreciate you as well and from your writings I have no doubt that the seed of God's love and grace shines brighter within you. Thank you for being here with us, we love you and appreciate you. I think this platform is blessed with positive people that add value like yourself. I have followed you because I want to be able to enjoy more of your posts. I have upvoted your post, If I could give you $1,000.00 I would :)

@pastorlea thank you for your kind remarks, following and upvoting. I appreciate it. You are a blessing and you are appreciated

You deserve it all dear. you are blessed in Christ

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Thank you!

Speechless! Stunning post :)

@the-housewife Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed. I do enjoy yours too especially the BRAAI ;)

Haha thanks!! I need of a braai again, I am craving just simple boerewors rolle!! LOL

Ahhh another amazing on steemi! I have scrolling over and over for me to find out that you are real. Well, I am impressed! another helpful soul on steemit.

Thank you for dropping by my page the other day.. I am reluctant to comment back, I noticed some spammers in this community... not good..

Am not good with English compared to everyone here but, I do love to read and I am very observant.

I haven't read all your post. But I will take some time.. little by little.. I am so overwhelmed, I love this place. Many good souls :)

I'll see you around.. how do you want me to call you? Just fshllc? Sure you have a name :)