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RE: Thanks for 150 followers

in #steem6 years ago

Considering the amount of spam you're producing, the results isn't all THAT great now, is it?

You've created almost 1000 comments and convinced a mere 112 people to vote for you. But 16 people also decided they'd rather flag you instead.

Your @tomole444 bot-account has ~40% of it's voting going to your main account @tomole.

So really, what is it that you are trying to accomplish here?


Agreed. The spam is getting out of control.

That is because I only published 2 posts ?¿

I want to create a voting like there are many others out there :)

You're trying to create a voting bot, like a postpromoter thing?! From a free steemit account and without funds?! Well, good luck!

Anybody can be free and do as they please here. All I can do is share my impressions and opinion about it. This bot looks like spam to me.

Don't have it write "I upvoted" on random post when it actually hasn't, that's just silly!

I upvoted all of these posts !

Nope! Your bot is set to 10% voting and that usually doesn't cut the dust-limit. I'm going to give you the benefit of doubt and assume your bot does at least try to vote but the votes get "rejected by the chain".

I just checked the latest 3 of your comments... no votes!

I also noticed @spaminator has picked up on your shenanigans, too. Congrats!

Listen, I gave you an honest feedback... and I am obviously not the only one annoyed by how your bot works.

Just think about it and maybe be smart before someone less diplomatic gets annoyed by your spam.

P.S.: I just check your replies and gave upvotes to everyone who called you out for not voting during the last few hours only!

I upvoted all of these posts !


An upvote is an upvote.

Don't be silly, there is hardly any votes... you're mainly leaving comment spam...

I see someone has already punched your reputation down to 13 in the meantime... You want to go even lower? Is that why you started flagging me?

You don't get it do you ?

Well... I am still glad you did understand and changed your bot's mechanics.

you're welcome ;)

And to the voting of @tomole:yes that's my main account and the self voting was before I started this bot so it was before I got any followers

see... all it took was slowing your bot down a bit... now the 10% votes go through and one comment every 15 minutes is so much more reasonable, too!

I'm glad you finally switched on your brain!

Now why did you see the need to flag me, though? Shouldn't you be thankful for my feedback actually!

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