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RE: 3-step plan to help save Steem: Extract STEEM from exchanges. Power up. Vote your witnesses.

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I can hardly believe that it is happening. I voted for those 4 in the morning when they were below the 20th place and now they are at the top. For me it's the first real proof of the existence of the community!
Interesting and exciting times :)
(Even if this ends up badly)


Thank you for helping by voting! This is what has been happening:


A HUGE surge in witness voting over the past 2 days. It's amazing we can get so many Steemians to vote. Let's see if it keeps, we don't know how far Sun is willing to go yet.

Really impressive!
I am sure though, that more surprises are about to come...

We'll see. It's hard to keep a normal sleeping pattern right now.

Tell me about it! :D See you later sleeping and eating routines!

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