How to make 4.000$ in just 3 hours with the help of 136 people

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How to make money on SteemIt

Wow. This is impressive and huge.

User @guerrint only posted her blog article 3 hours ago and already cashed 4000$. I was expecting her video to have.. well at least a couple thousand of views. But nada. 119 views.

Video Views Makeup Tutorial

So this got me stutter for a second. I know that youtube views are not live but still you would imagine that video to have more views. Then i realized that her blogpost got only voted up by 136 different people. Which results in an amazing $4039,77.

So here are the steps to make 4000 $ in 3 hours with the help of 136 people

  • register at
  • make a creative content contribution to the community
  • it should be creative enough to make 136 people upvote it (you are allowed to ask your grandma to upvote your post)
  • wait and pray

Hints for experts:

  • write your title in caps and put in MULITPLE EXLAMATION MARKS!!!!
  • mention the first, best, craziest, cutest of something in your post title
  • it can help to be a pretty girl (see @guerrint's introduction post) , but if you are a handsome guy feel free to try it also
  • don't try to get rich in 5 minutes. you will have to put effort into your content. @guerrint even created a #steemit branded t-shirt for her video. creative marketing!


This post is of course a bit satirical. It is just an unbeliavable amount of money for such a small audience. Think about it. It is just 136 people that voted for her post. You can do that also.

So go to already and write your posts up. Who knows maybe your blog is the next big thing on SteemIt. Good luck.

The original post of @guerrint -> First Makeup Tutorial on SteemIt

#steem #money #motivation #beauty


I upvoted the post because I want to encourage more people to create steemit-branded content. I am picturing steemit branded reviews, steemit video blogs, etc.

She actually made and wore a steemit t-shirt.

This is above and beyond and could start a trend of a whole lot of steemit-brand content. Eventually competition will pick up and something like this would get less votes.

hey dan, thanks for your comment. yea i only realized that after watching the video for the second time that she actually did wear a steemit branded t-shirt. @guerrint really did everything right.

an easy way to get more people to create branded content - and i saw a couple of people tagging steemit on their pictures - could be to send out free stickers. not sure what the actual cost of that could be. but it would enable people to brand their content and spread the word.

if the above won't be an option due to cost one could provide the steemit logo in in certain variants ready for people to print and use in their posts, videos, creations.

I was impressed with the branding thing too. There is no doubt in my mind that once the steemit community finds it's legs it's going to head in a very new and interesting direction... but also a specific one and that is steem'centric material. I almost don't even know how to conceptualize what this will look like but i'm excited for it.

Hmm this gives me so many ideas for better content! I'll get back to you tomorrow, dan!

Im glad you just made these comments @Dan now I have a better understanding of what the elites want from the steemers. TY!

Hi Dan, I made a steemit song - please tell me if you think I'm on the right track! Should I make more music like this?

Youtube's view count is not always accurate in real time. Some times it accumulates views and displays them in batches.

Yea, that's what i mentioned in the posting. But i'am monitoring the views to see where this is going and how many people actually watched her video.

If @guerrint is into video making what I could imagine her to do that would probably gain some traction is videos about steemit, explaining it for dummies:

  • how people make money by writing posts
  • how to make good content
  • how the internals work in short
  • how spam can be prevented
  • ...

Really endless opportunities. She could probably even make a video just reading the whitepaper I dont think all users here did and also for me there is still a lot of open questions regarding the platform. But I guess let's see where this is going and we will figure it out soon enough :)

Steemit is pretty amazing!

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