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RE: Keeping Our Priorities Straight

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This is the reason I focus on minnow tips and have since I got here two years ago. We need more people. Not the zillions right now - as you say - but we still need worker bees who can negotiate this place, learn and test dapps, create a presence, create examples, and be future leaders.

I help new people to try to cut our 95% kill rate. 35 whales does not an ecosystem make. We can't all be investors, but someone has to be here to make the wheels turn.

EVERY ONE of the maybe 25 content creators who came here in two years because of my example on social media is gone now. My posts look great, I'm doing well and like it here, so my friends think they can do it too. But they can't. It takes a certain kind of drive/lunacy/commitment/passion to make it on steem right now and most people do not have that.

But during the same two years I have helped I do not know how many more "strangers" to succeed. If someone is posting here with 7+ posts a week - they want to succeed, and can succeed. I can give you lists of promising redfish and small minnows in various niches who are trying hard and not giving up. They just need to learn 500 things as they go. The people I work with down here are willing to learn all of it - or at least targeted parts of it.

We have so much good here. The development in the infrastructure is far ahead of when I got here. Babies now have curation support from people like you as well as curation projects. But we sure cannot handle a flood. A little better trickle of enthusiastic newbies would be good though.

I'm so glad to see this post today. You are a real bright spot here for me and for others in so many ways, Dan.


How does one delegate to minnow tips if one was so inclined?

Wow. Well, it's me, myself and I. You can see what I'm doing on the bottom of any of my posts like this one:

That post is Part Six of the "Minnow Tips Updates" I've been writing for April 2019, but will now spill into May. Soon I will give a recap and just keep going, since this is just such a vast vastness of "Things you need to know on STEEM."

At the bottom of the post, you can see all the rest of the Minnow Tips I give people as needed, when they ask me, or when I find them. It's what I've been doing since I got here and will keep doing no matter what.

I'm an accountant and had to do these tips for myself to stay same, so I started publishing them about a month after I got here. People still find some of the old ones or get referred to me or...