Let's Talk—How I'm Making The Most of My SBDs In a Crashing Market!

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I know many of you are hodling your SBDs in hopes that it will go up. But chances are that it might not go back up over $10 or some insane figure you are expecting it to do. When SBDs first pumped up couple of months ago, the circulating supply was very low.

It isn't the same case today! Infact the supply has more than doubled in the time frame owing an increase in price of Steem. As Steem continues to rise in it's value, higher number of SBDs are printed to be distributed to the users of our platform.

These amongst other factors is what has resulted in SBD value reducing back towards it's original peg of $1 value. It was created with the purpose of being a stable currency but in recent times it has been pumped up massively. Ofcourse, it has benefitted all of us, especially those amongst who are earning here only to encash %100 of their earnings.

But, for some of us who are actively trying to increase our stake, buying into Steem has been very valuable.

However, we also have bills to pay amongst a whole lot of other things for which sometimes we must sell the liquid portion of our earnings to fund our life expenses.

This can be difficult in a tumbling market. Today, as I logged on to trade I found myself with a stash of SBDs. Since i've been in and out of flights and airports lately I hadn't the chance to get rid of them sooner when the price was a bit better. I have already booked my profits when they were over $10 so I don't need to necessarily encash them for Rupees.

But Steem is what I want and even though Steem is at a higher rate, I sold all my SBDs today for Steem.

Simply because Steem is volatile. It isn't a pegged currency. It is what drives this platform and is the better currency to be holding over SBDs. Steem is more likely to appreciate in value. When it goes over a mere 30% I would already be in profit. If it pumps over $6 I've doubled up my profits. The point being I can sell Steem for BTC/ETH and buy it back lower therefore increasing my holdings.

My goal was to get to 50K SP by end of 2018. I was at 33K SP when I set this goal for myself. I'm now at 41000 Steem Power and I'm not going to stop when I get to 50K. I will continue to invest in Steem anyway I can.

We all complain of distribution. Now is the time to be wise and play your cards right and adapt to the changing market conditions. This is no trading advice but just my personal experience.

Steem is the fastest blockchain today and powers some very useful applications on top of it such as Steemit -which is also rapidly growing towards being one of the most popular sites in the world.

As a stakeholder I'm betting on Steem.

So Let's Talk,

How are you making the most out of this on-going market correction?

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Let's face it: the SBD pump wasn't going to last forever. All of us got to acquire more Steem due to the elevated SBD rates, so everyone on the platform benefited from the higher prices one way or another.

However, the problem will be if SBD goes under a $1 and stays there.

If it goes under $1 then it will be time to use the "convert to Steem function" (currently disabled in the Steemit wallet).

The ride was fun though. 10 Steem for 1 SBD at a certain point.

All of us got to acquire more Steem

Unfortunately, a lot of people are being forced to HODL, watching their 'earnings' bleed out, with exchanges 'conveniently' having 'maintenance' issues, while inviting new users to sign up. If you research, a lot of exchanges accepting STEEM have brought this crypto down for 'maintenance'. Smh...Anything 'earned' is monopoly money for many who are new to crypto; aka, planktons/minnows.

Those with the most experience fared better. In retrospect, it would have been smarter to Power Up some, and diversify some. Simply powering up, getting caught in this 'event' has taught me a valuable lesson. And, that's why I'm here...to learn. Of course, I knew better than to put all eggs in ONE basket (lol). So far, this lesson has cost me about $1K and counting. It's one thing to lose because of a 'bad' investment; and, a whole other to know you're locked in, forced to watch your 'earnings' leak air like the slow leak on a bad tire.

Best regards!


God bless you for this piece of information, I. Personally was hiding my sbd but you have give me a clearer picture of what I should have done. It not too late to get steem with my sbd. Im resteeming this post. Thanks once again. I've never regretted following you

I just sold some SBD for steem that I powered up to SP just recently. Not sure whether it's the right move, but I'm just looking to increase my stake in Steem and even if it isn't a positive ROI financial move, it will be positive ROI for me on Steemit.

Once the adoption rate of this platform picks up this stock will skyrocket... 5 years except 200+

That's what I'm looking for...the long run...I don't care really care what happens right now with regards to market dynamics...eventually, getting in on the ground floor with Steem will be a wise move...especially for those who invested nothing but time...

ok...but what.... when millions and millions of people join, won't the individual rewards go dramatically down, to prevent hyper-inflation of STEEM? Or if not, the volume of STEEM in circulation will go dramatically up and decrease STEEM price?

Yes, the reward pool will stay the same, so we are more people who have to "compete" for the same amount of rewards as we currently "compete" to get. So more people = less Steem for each author. The thing is that the value of Steem will also increase, so the USD value of the author rewards will likely stay the same or even rise.

You're running on the assumption that every new account will be owned and operated by someone who is going to engage the community on a permanent basis...I clean out my "following" list every month because people get busy with other aspects of life, or they simply quit using the Steem network altogether...hell, I've taken months long sabbaticals myself...and you have to take into account that out of the millions and millions who join...less than 5% are going to do anything worthwhile on the blockchain...most are going to jump in to try and get their feet wet, and when they realize they actually have to work at it, they'll lose the struggle within themselves and return to earning a fiat existence...one problem with this blockchain is that we have millions in Steem/SteemPower/SBD sitting around in vacated accounts

Yes thank you bro :)

Awesome. I love reading posts like this because I'm still new to cryptos and when the market changes like this sometimes I'm not sure where to invest, so to hear what people with the experience like yourself have to say or what they are doing, is a great help formyself, and it helps me understand more.

We all complain of distribution. Now is the time to be wise and play your cards right and adapt to the changing market conditions. This is no trading advice but just my personal experience.

I think i should follow in your footsteps and get rid of my SBD as it is pegged to be $1. Time to get some STEEM!

Agree with you.

When you power up it shows you in are in for the long haul and will be rewarded over time for sure!

I've heard so many tips about what to do with my SBD. I've heard it's best to HODL SBD, I've heard it's better to switch back and forth between SBD and STEEM. But I do think it's best to sell to STEEM and power up to Steem Power. I just think it's more bang for your buck.

SBD has bigger spikes, but is supposed to be pegged to $1.
So holding steem in favor of SBD makes more sense.

Investing and holding steem dollar is poor choice. Rise of bid bots have surged in recent weeks, SBD has become a rejuvenated internal currency within Steemit armed with increasing utility but still it is pegged currency witnesses are discussing to enforcing it to 1$.It is very risky to hold steem dollar now a days.Thanks for such an informative article.

I also thinks that hodling SBDs is not a good idea..those pumps in SBD is due to high bids in korean exchanges like upbits...its better to covert all your sbd into steem.

I respect your point of view but I think that or if I had steem I would convert it to a sbd

You never know, I think, another pump is coming , because right now I see, SBD is slightly over steem :) Who knows, there may be another magic.

Steemit is a force that will change the social media arena forever. With the number of users increasing per day, investin in Steemit is the best bet so far.

I have been holding SBD which turns out to be a mistake. The question is, do I co tongue to hold or sell for Steem to power up! Decisions!!

Steem is the first blockchain that allows you to build apps that don't feel like it's a blockchain

Thanks for sharing your ideas about this fluctuating market. Everything is going down and I know a lot of people are freaking out, but as you said we have to make the most out f this market correction because I know a lot of people are getting burnt by the minute.

Very complex is not it?

I totally agree with you, I am powering up! Almost at 60k

Definitely don't hold on to SBD. Either circulate it through bidbots to generate more SP, or just buy more SP with it. Witnesses have been talking about pegging the price back to $1 and with the corrective fall in price it will make it much easier for them to do that without rocking the boat. So you don't want to be holding SBD from when it was $7, let it go down to 1 and hope to wait it out until it goes back up.

I am new to the platform and learning my way around. However I am not new to trading or crypto. I agree with you regarding holding or investing in "platform" currency, which STEEM is.

A lot of us profited from the high sbd price but we all knew it will go back later or sooner. so my opinion is as long its about 1 :1 ratio , the best thing is to convert into steem or sell sbd directly into other currencies or usd

I am so confused that what should i do. The market is very bloody and which option is better, Hodl or sell ? I don't know. But i ma hodling from last 2 months. I have seen the market at ATH and its Bottom, like today. Is by holding, i made a worse choice and missed the exit time ???
I have almost lost my portfolio and exit today will not going to make me satisfied. I have only one choice left, Hodling and I am Hodling. Let's see where i will go.
By the way, you have given me an idea by this post, Thanks :)

Thank you for your sharing about your talking..
Success is always for you @firepower...
Has been followed and upvoted....

Where or How does one sell the SBD for more than 1$? I really just want to turn it back into steem. I'd rather get the best exchange rate possible

In your Wallet, you can click on Market by SBD triangle; and, buy Steem at the current rate. Of course, if the value of STEEM is more than the SBD, you will lose money.

I hope this helps.


But you make this post as if the markets are up and running bittrex and poloniex have been down not accepting new sign ups since Ive heard about them. So withdrawing steem to trade in BTC/ETH is impossible for anyone a month old or less on the platform, thus the only thing to do it trade in SBD and steem.

So withdrawing steem to trade in BTC/ETH is impossible for anyone a month old or less on the platform, thus the only thing to do it trade in SBD and steem.

Have you looked into Coinbase? Also, you can buy BTC with Steem using blocktrades.

I'm aware of the 'impossibilities': as noted about Bittrex; and, also OpenLedger has had STEEM funds tied up for weeks...smh...Thankfully, banks are far more reliable...crypto is monopoly money if we can't use/trade with it.

Best regards.


I have tried Coinbase for a few weeks even before getting onto stream and it's not so friendly with Canadians or our banks arnt either way not so easy, but I have checked into blocktrades an will try it out thanks for the help I appreciate it.

To save you some time, before you can use blocktrades, a BTC account is necessary. That's partially why I recommended Coinbase.

Best regards,


Great post and great advice. Everyone should read this and consider the long term. Cryptocurrency is not going away. So build your investment when it is just emerging! Thanks much.

@firepower It's time to buy steem , am I right .. 😋
Resteemed your nice blog ..

Right now is the best moment to buy STEEM(or SBD and convert it to STEEM) and then convert it to STEEM POWER. Basically its not market crash. Its Steem power on discount.

A stable/slowly decreasing price isn't necessarily bad, since active users also get more SP and SBD at the same time.

Nobody is worried about EUR or USD staying at the (roughly) the same price either.

Nice post..It's seems very important topic and useful post for us . I just today join steemit ..hope you supporting me to get more knowledge about seemit. thank you sir for your valuable information.. @firepower

This seriously open my eyes to the reality of this blockchain. Have been holding my SBD as the only valuable coin. Thanks very much i guest i have i will have to sell off my sbd now

I am going to HODL and look for deals, buy the dips.

Why did not I think about it before?

I am quite new on this network so just taking whatever it throws my way. But I just hope it recovers soon cause my wallet has depleted.

hmmm thank you for this. I was holding in hopes of it going back up, but the market cap and increase in quantity of printed SBDs really changes that! Thanks for elucidating that for me... As the ratio is just a little off from 1:1.15 it does still make sense to power up. Heaven forbid it drops to less than that!

Just sell them and buy steem when it's under a dollar and then power up over time.

Well that is the same goal here. Even though am new on Steemit. Powered up all my earnings in the first one week. There's much more potential in Steem for those who have long term interest in this investment. As sbd is lower now, the dips will afford me the chance too to buy from hasty traders at low price and hold.

thank you sir for your valuable information...

is this right.... i hope it will be get up.... but thanks for sharing your valuable post... carry on....

Thanks for sharing. Nice post

That’s the way to do it!!! The STEEM token supply is mostly in circulation already. It’s going to take off eventually

I'm a beginner
Please guide me

I think it's not a safe assumption to assume that we could see $10 SBD again... We are in a simple pull back, this happens every year around this time, nothing to be afraid of and in fact I would hold on to whatever SBD you could until about April. There's so much misinformation circulating out there, I definitely wouldn't sell out right now. As a person on steemit, I look at my SBD as a long hold position anyway, wish more people would look at it like that because it really does have a lot of intrinsic value! Great post however!

I think that while BTC is cashing. We will need to wait before the price truly stabilizes.

Oh yeah definitely thinking a few months but no more than three. Things will definitely stabilize probably around 2 and 1/2 most likely. Every year the markets do this and then come May everything gets back to normal, same old song and dance :-)

yes bro that's Awesome Post :)

I'm going to take full advantage of this market correction, I have BTC on hand and im going to dollar cost average my way into buying more steem.

Thanks for the advice @firepower. Buying Steem from the $100 SBD and powering up for a better future.

I still have hope,great work

i think you talk about a important topic....your thinking is great....you will running create this type posting....i waiting for your next post..

Thanks for sharing this useful information

Good post, very useful

I'm hoping the ratio between the two gets a LITTLE better than right now so I can convert to Steem. I'm holding onto some SBD but now both Steem and SBD are pretty low. Its so hard to make a decision here on what to do. Last time the ratio was this low it did bounce back to 1.6 for awhile

Thanks for your encouragement on investing in Steem I think that the market is just leveling off. Soon it will rise once again and be great.

Your have received a 99% upvote from @nicestbot. Courtesy of @nicestbot

Thanks for sharing such a valuable lesson about how to benefit achieve by using sbd to power steem power. Your every suggestions means a lot for us, definitely follow your advice dear. Wish you a very beautiful time ahead.

i like the volatility of steem..just as bitcoin started out..unpredictable..I'd rather stock up steem

I'm pretty new to Steem but I am also investing in the future of Steem by buying steem to convert to steem power. I see your point that the price will not increase as much due to the rate of Steem being produced by Steem Creators. I don't think the recent price fall of BTC has helped either.

I am waiting for the exchange rate between sbd and steem to be a little bit better and receive more steem for my sbd but I am not sure if this is wise.

What do you think?

Yeah, I guess it's a good idea to trade SBD for Steem, because there's not a lot of chance that SBD will go as high as before. It might go a little bit higher than it is right now when the whole market bounces back, but it's gonna be at 1$ at some point because that's how it's suppose to be.
It's best to leverage SBD while it's above 1$, cuz it's not gonna be like this forever!

Wow! This is really us really helpful information you have share am really inspired if you don't mind i will really to be mentored by you!!!!1

Thank you so much for your post I also enjoy cryptocurrency alot so I will be following you, I was told to hold all my sbd but after reading your post an taking into account the price of steem is low if I sell mine for steem then the price goes back up I would of gained that much more,Thanks

I've been moving mine over to Steem as well. Best to power up while we can still get 1 to 1 I guess. That 3 to 1 or better was nice while it lasted!

This is a win-win situation for you. Cool. Yes, it is crashing real big because it is now more in circulation like you pointed out. Steem is the future and it's getting exciting. You have deep knowledge and you are way smarter too. Well done.

Thanks for sharing this @firepower, I agree with your views. SBD is a pegged currency that was made to represent a dollar value, while STEEM has the potential to grow a lot (and I think it will to be completely honest).

Currently, I did not take advantage of this market correction. I've been buying the lows for some time now, and I am quite happy with my portfolio in general - I am now focusing my time on a new project, which I am calling the Steemit Success Initiative.
The aim of the project is to increase the amount of accounts created on Steemit, as well as the amount of daily active users. I plan to do so by implementing the following:

  1. We run advertising campaigns for Steemit that are done professionally, to bring in more users.
  2. We provide a guide for all Steemit beginners on How To succeed on Steemit (putting this together by talking to many successful Steemians about how they became successful).
  3. Provide a manual curation service for 5-10 undervalued posts per day
  4. Provide a bank of free graphics for all members of our incubator, and once a month give 1-2 Steemians access to a graphic designer for free. I already have a Graphic designer on board for this.

I am currently looking for support on the porject in terms of advice, SP delegations, and any other way that people feel they can help. I would really appreciate your support on the project!

Hmmm interresting , its awsome to see this work and thoese important information for free lol😅 it s obvious that you are an expert, well done glad for u wish u the best, im sure u could progress more in steemet and on ur work

Thank you so much for this post ... I have been wondering what to do with my sbd.. but you just gave me a clearer picture of things... thanks so much once more

OMG...It going down and down. Why down of SBD day by day... When improving the SBD...?

As a new Steemian it’s intresting to get a little history on the SBD pump and the logic about SBD/STEEM transfers. I’m still trying to find my place in this community and understand how the ecosystem operates. Would you suggest transferring all earned STEEM in to SP for new account?

My plan is to write a magnificent post about my weekend in Saba last weekend, and use all SBD (which is only like 20 or so) to upvote the crap out of this. This will give me SP and SBD and more followers hopefully so this is a minnow-investment move ;)

Thanks for your explanation on what you are doing and why

Dang! Your Steem Power!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice article @firepower. As we can see steem value dropped as ...
In my opinion value will back to $10 in maybe one month..
I can’t believe in that it can drop to -30% it’s really unbelievable for me. What is the reason? You are very interesting steemian and investor. I am writing on my profile articles about this cryptocurrency phenomenon too, if you want you can check and judge my articles. I am grateful for your really important content. Upvoted, and followed. Regards!

Good,nice job. Keep it up

Thanks for the explanation of the supply of SBD, I could not understand if it was pegged to the dollar how it became "unpegged". I did take advantage and powered up and will continue to do so.

I wish I was already generating as much as You are in rewards with my posts... but I am still far from it. But I can see what You mean with this post and I actually agree with You. The way the market is we never know where sbd it will stop and if it will get back to the supposed value that should have always been! I might follow Your example.

Bagi saya tutorial yang bermamfaat

This true @firepower, I have been holding my SBD for weeks now hoping to have a price increase so I can withdraw but sadly prices have continued to dwindle. But I think bitcoin prices have direct proportionality to prices of Cryptos.

I miss my 10 dollar sbd

You are absolutely right and i am happy that i sold some of them at 12 while sbd is on12 and I still remember that for 1SBD i got 6 STEEM and its a golden period and i am also sure steem feature is good so batter keep holding or convert to steem.

This was my instinct and I was feeling this definitely today! Glad to have you confirm it.

HODL is what I have decision to my SBD for now sir @firepower but my big Q is., does SBD will raise up again? I hope so at least more than $5.

My goal was to get to 50K SP by end of 2018. I was at 33K SP when I set this goal for myself. I'm now at 41000 Steem Power and I'm not going to stop when I get to 50K. I will continue to invest in Steem anyway I can.

I think i should set a target for myself as well, thanks for sharing it was worth reading.

Information like this on how to increase in Steem is very valuable personally I was only thinking of keeping my SBD until it goes higher. Now I'am more aware of the value of STEEM! Super thanks for sharing this logical analysis @firepower! More power...

Man! I really have a lot of catching up to do AD0F33DD-D7B6-446F-A16E-8D163D4E2D31.jpegon this steem! Thanks for turning me on to this firepower I had to subscribe to you. Now it’s time to binge.

Rising my share never stopped being a goal at steemit, but when life happens some times might cost a steem or two.
keep up the spirit firepower.

You master steemit

Thanks for this suggestion.

Yeah, come at meeeeeee holding that Steem, I've been doing just that anyway

Am optimistic it will rise, i so need the sbd to rise to sort other personal needs

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

thanks. I was thinking of investing sbd to bitshares and then to open eth but I will do as you advice. Thanks

Thank you for this!.. Finally i understand why SBD supply has gone up so much.. Now i see why it must return to where it came from sooner or later!

Also, I just wrote a post about something 'interesting' I did in Rishikesh.. u May be interested to see ;-) The video in the post is really worth watching...



A very good advice, I now realize that it would be better for me to hold Steem than just SBD.
Thanks for sharing, very valuable info especially for people like me who plans to be with the Steemit platform long term..

I'm still pretty new to all this, so I found this very helpful. Gotta decide what I'm going to do next now! Thank you! Resteemed!! :D

I am new to all of this but this sounds like a good idea. How do I convert my SBD to steem.

Thanks for the info. I'm pretty new to steemit and all it's capabilities and functions. It can be a bit overwhelming when trying to figure out how to adapt to this new currency and such. Thanks again!