India fought the RBI's crypto ban and WON! It's time Steemians fight the hostile take over attempt and show the community is king!!

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Supreme Court of India has struck off Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) banking ban against #Crypto. The Court held that RBI Circular dated 6th April 2018 is unconstitutional. A big thanks to Asim Sood lawyer repping IAMAI, Crypto Kanoon team for timely updates and the entire crypto community of India for pushing for this to happen.

We, the people came forth and fought this battle and this was no small feat. Congratulations to all of us!

Edit: Here's the link to the 180 page judgement. I'm still reading through it and will have more points later on.

Now please go and vote for the correct witnesses for our blockchain to prevent a hostile take over of our precious blockchain by Justin Sun and his lackies!

It's time to win this battle!


Vote is necessary ? I have no idea on these voting .

yes. Kindly visit to cast your witness votes. Before doing this please check my other post to learn whom to consider voting and whom to avoid. You may also consider voting me proxy if you want like some other users from India. I run a witness of my own. Please don't forget to vote for witnesses, it doesn't cost you anything and helps protect this network. Thanks :)

I voted for your witness .

Congratulation to all of us :) So we can expect direct bank transfers from exchanges like zebpay. It's interesting!

Yes! But im not looking forward to Zebpay. Their prices were shit. They weren't a true spot market and they also left Indian and charged high withdrawal fees prior to exiting. I'll stick to the current ones that braved through this storm.

This is a great victory for the Indian crypto community. :-D

Hi Firepower,
Thanks for the update, I heard the news in the afternoon, and came here to read the update through you. The ban had taken me to the backfoot, and I am sure many like me left the crypto world a year back. It felt over for the first time and small investor like me. But I moved to the stock market and tried to learn some investing with small money there.
Now that crypto seems to be back, can you please make a post about the current wallets that you use for transactions, specifically for Indians. I am sure many like me would make a comeback soon, and they will be looking for an article like that. Thanks!

Yay.😀 Now we can use ₹ to buy Steem.. awesome news

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Lightening the mood in the middle of the Steem crisis.

Steem Wars part 1..The Empire has a hissy fit.


Together we can show the world the power of a community!

Together we can
Show the world the power of
A community!

                 - bagofincome

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Congrats to all of us :D
A long wait, the RBI ban did affect me. Hopefully, things will get back on track in Indian crypto community.
Not been much active on steemit, got to catch up lot of updates and support this community


Great to see you back though. I hope many users who left in fear will come back.

Good Day for Indian Crypto. Cheers to ALL !!!

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