Announcement: Steemit Meetup in Mangalore - 27th Jan, 2018

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Mangalore is my hometown and that’s where it all started for me! For the third edition of India Steem Meetup I’m taking us all to my city! This is also where I first started onboarding users. I felt it would be easy to get my friends to join this platform. But in reality it wasn’t. It took a while convince anyone in this small city about our revolutionary platform. Soon, one by one, many of my friends joined us all here.

Here's an awesome video on my city. This will give you a feeler of what it's like out here!

Mangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in India. It is probably the best Tier 2 city in the country. We have manufacturing units, oil refinery, one of the largest ports as well as thriving local arms of a few IT companies. There’s a lot of development here and yet life is simple, peaceful and pretty damn good!

This is just the start, maybe in a couple of years or more of spreading the word about the Steem blockchain, we could host a Steemfest somewhere in the country. But it's more important for me to see millions of Indian users using this platform and its various features, as well benefit from the Steem cryptocurrency in the years to come!

Discussions will take place around Steem blockchain, Steemit UI and other interfaces built on the blockchain in addition anything else that the participants want to discuss. I will also review the progress of these users from my city on Steemit.

India Steem Meetup #3 in Mangalore

Location: Spindrift, 27th January (Saturday)
Address: 5th Floor, Bharath Mall
Time: Post Lunch 3-6PM
Seating: Limited. Therefore attendance by prior confirmation only! Last day for confirmation is Friday 26th Jan.
RSVP: Mandatory. Please check with me on Steemit.Chat in the India channel to confirm.

I’m aware that there are many users in coastal Karnataka and I hope you will see this post well in advance!

Delhi, Delhi, Delhi! Expect a meetup announcement very very soon! ;)

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I belive in India 🇮🇳 smart IT population can really bumb steem platform
I am not Indian, but India 🇮🇳 is gr8
Respect ✊ 🇮🇳

Luv you @josteem For these word

Love you too .. and followed you @utkarshvarma


spread the power of steemit! godbless!

Steemit Meetup in Mangalore... wowwwwwww thankss

Luv you @josteem For these words

Luv you @josteem For these word

Hey buddy, I'm new to steemit and was introduced by @wandereronwheels
I wanted to know If I could also come there..Just wanted to know more......a lot more about this community....
And also wanted some tips to be honest...

You are famly that romantisme.
Verry Good

hopefully the people in the village can join the brother's expectations. thanks all friends steemit may always be healthy. please visit my blog and do not forget the votes.
greeting [email protected]

I should be the first person to be called @firepower!
Please tell me the date on steemchat personally! I will do a blog post about it on Quora too and bring my followers!
steemit questionsss.JPG

I am already hosting questions on Quora about "Steemit" and just look at the sheer number of questions!

Haha! It might not be possible to accommodate everyone. :) Appreciate the enthusiasm though. Perhaps a bigger event later in the year.

im a steemian from dallas, tx and just touched down in Delhi to visit family and explore!!! i was hoping to do the same while im here. meeting people internationally through this platform is honestly a surreal thought in itself. any chance u might be in delhi before feb 7th? i would love to meet up with you or anyone else in India, interested in collabing!

I have follow and upvote bang follback

It's really thoughtful of you taking steemit home to friends and family
You city looks so beautiful...i'd love to visit someday :)

It is funny how resistant some people are when I tell them that they could be paid for what they are already doing for free on other platforms. I was banned from several Disqus groups for discussing it. Have fun at the meet up!

nice meetup! Waiting for next one. I might be there:D

That sure seems great buddy as the community is growing bigger day by day hope the meetups gets bigger in numbers of Steemians in the coming time !

@firepower good work keep it up good luck @india

Steemit Meetup until Moon..!!! great

Crazy stuff going on. Good Luck!

Goodluck to all the organizers, we’ll be having here in abu dhabi as well on saturday!

Beautiful city with great culture!

This is awesome @firepower!!
I'm from Mangalore too!!
I stay in Mumbai now. Good to know something like this happened there.

It is very interesting for me to have a deeper look into India. We hear and see really nothing in our corporate media about India. But therefore we have today Steemit to have a closer look into differents spots of world what is really going on there. You work for the future of your country which will be quite bright if the cryptos replace the old money in India.

Good post, please follow back

Awesome to see you setting up meetings like this. A lot of our Indian users seem to be so great about all these Steemit meetups! I'm sure you are very excited to show everyone your city too.

Wow I want to meet fellow steemians too from other places 😁

good work, i wish i could join it

Waiting for next

A very beautiful place. Wonderful that your city grows and develops. So cool that your friends join Steam it! India is a great ancient country. I think the best years ahead for her. I wish you good luck and prosperity.

This is really encouraging for the new users or existing users of steemit. It will definitely raise their confidence to the much higher position.
By the way, Bangalore and Mangalore are same?

@hafiz34 Both are different cities in Karnataka, India.

Cool!.Im so jealous

I just followed you, I’m new here 😊

Great Work Bro

I so wish I was in India right now.
I'm really up for a Steemit meetup

Yess good communty steemit

This is so awesome, when all steemians in Mangalore will meetup and see the way forward. I wish you the best of luck on the meetup day. Mangalore is a beautiful place.

Keep growing the ecosystem and spreading the good news, you should be a witness

maybe this is a sign to success @firepower

What a beautiful country you live in.
I have never been in India but would love to go one day.

That must be really nice to live in one of the nicest and fastest growing cities in India and you are doing amazing job inviting your friends to this amazing platform. But I know how time consuming that is because I'm trying to bring people in but not very much luck yet.

You guys are one amazing group and I can just imagine the great things you will achieve here on steemit.

Nice move really indian people are great and we can rely on them.
Respect 👍🏼

well done - I hope your event is standing room only!

Steemit is growing

You are doing great job and keep supporting steemitian

Thanks for sharing .I like it

Wow we share a common state.this meetup thing is quiet encourageous for me like steemians.
I wish to make up there,but may be in future I'll be definitely there .
I am the Kashmir and you are the kanyakumai of Karnataka though ☺️😊

I think we can solve the problem of unemployment of our country by making awear of the people about the working of the wonderful community. We can build a strong community in every nook and corner of our country, as educated unemployed are wasting their valuable time in face book page, we can build a great networking site by involving them in the positive way. I know that you can do everything for the development of steemit community and also the development of the human race. Wish you good luck for your mission to promote steemit community in our country. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post, good luck my rising star, I want to share with you, by getting the great supports from you, my eyes feel with tears, but it is the tears of happiness and love. I would like to thank you from the core of my heart and wish you success in life.

i want have one community in this platform
looks like family in there

Mangalore looks amazing!
enjoy the meetup in this beautiful city
i'm dreaming of visiting india in the next time :)

Nice! It is always good to hear good things about India.

Good to see you do meet ups guys. Are you coming to Surat anytime? I would be glad!!

I am new in steemit please help her how to start

so finally you remember home town..
Don't take my comment seriously

Luar biasa saya dari indonesia

Good Work! upvote!

how to get update about next meetup any group or fb profile

thanks ^^

que buena ciudad es muy bella :D

It has always been my dream to visit India and know the people and culture. I am a filipina and new to this platform. I love your little town. Thank you for sharing! Followed you.

Jaypur meetup such a great experiance for all join meetup . And all time get a new tricks to earn GoodBill.

I am very glad that you will come to Delhi soon.

Hi @firepower...... Nice post. I wish I could be there with you.
Today I m very much happy as I achieved reputation 50. It is only due to all the steemians.

Finally I became a big fan of you.

Thank for this idea of going back to promot steemit in you home town. Am also going to go back to my home town of mutugga in kampala uganda
And teach the people I grow up with steemit

amazing post. in a word outstanding .

My Delhi friends be ready next turn is yours! Congratulation in advance.

Firepower is really on Fire one after one meetup !!Great job !!

I love your writing, and I keep following you.

Good business friends, maybe we have experienced the same problem, at first people will be hard to believe with what we offer. However, slowly but surely they begin to realize and accept steemit can make a difference to their lives. Always success...

your post is very good friend, I like the story in your post.

you are a great chance for india

You are doing nice work !
Please tell me the steemchat personally!
I am Arvind from India! Please direct our way to Sir ! How do we work on steamit ! I want to join your group.

Looking forward for the meet-up to be happened in Chennai. I m too late to know that you are hosting 3rd meet-up in Mangalore. Anyways congrats @firepower you are doing a great job to reach steemit In India. Eager to read the post on what you people going to do in Managlore meet-up.

your dollar man,..
please share to mee
how do you get so many dollars

My latest post is very similar to yours @firepower. You took steemit to your city, well i'm not that big yet but i was able to convince my own colleagues at work too. Its nice how this steemit blog is spreading like a virus. Keep the publicity job up @firepower.

We are hoping to arrange a steemit meet up I. norway before the summer:-) Norway is a small country compared to India, but we are a lot of Norwegians that has become members here and we grow each day:-)
Best of luck to you all
Best regards @everydaycoach

i also want to join steemit get to gather but Sorry i'm not able to join this time.
But it's a good start.
i will be next


Amazing Community !

Hi! Please announce a Mumbai Meetup soon :) @firepower

Amazing video. Loved it.

hope enjoyed your honeymoon !