"Die in a steem fire" report - #gaming is under attack, whales ignored as usual

in #steem3 years ago (edited)

pt @marfonso's posts are spampasta. literally copies of each other except for the description-less pictures. still, he gets an average of $7 for each of his posts. that motherfucker

gaming @mmmmkkkk311 decided to downvote people with legit content, specially within #gaming. for literally no reason. the other polish users who he votes for can join him in a fire

misc @camillesteemer has grown to 90 SP which is now a threat to newbie users. I don't know who pissed him off but, considering how the power users are like, unfortunately he probably has good reasons

misc @worldcapture doesn't like #newsteem's policy of people being able to downvote freely without consequence. that shithole decided to complain at people who are delegating to my other account, @posthero. unfortunately for him, those delegations are paid-for and unprofitable, so if anything, that shithole is actually doing me a favor. lol

some people have began advocating for a complete 1-month power down. signs of them wanting to leave in a hurry? or maybe they want to find more ways to abuse upvote trading. whatever



Hi friend @felipejoys. Or will be @posthero? 🎯
I will answer in single words, because now I am working.
You, as usual, are very "aggressive in words", don't you think?
From where you knows me to say that words you wrote from me?
I don't ask for votes, neither I am aggressive for those who give me downvotes 🍻
I like what I do on Steem, but don't live from Steem.
I also made some questions about you in brazilian community, and many told me that you like confusions 😉 why? Any nonsolved problem?
If you want, with time and calm, we can talk better about these your behavior.

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You are a joke.

You are butthurt.

I hope the downvotes are satisfying you. Keep em coming! <3

why are you so fragile. annoying... muted

Hey @felipejoys, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

Join Steem Power Up Day at the 1. of December and power up BEER

@mmmmkkkk311 is downvoting users who gets upvotes by steembasicincome and other delegation services.
Which is in his right.

I dont know about the others

in practice, no difference... well, even worse.
fuck him, his supporters and whoever he supports

Which is in his right.

shittiest "reason" ever. whoever says that only aggravates other people's anger

Are you okay my dude?
He was the right to use his downvote power as he pleases, just like I have and just you have.
And he and we also have the right to use your upvoting power the way we want x)

Why should one thing be okay, but not the other?? :)

This guy seems to be mad at life in general. So much anger, jesus..

Ye. His life must be really sad xD

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