BTC to SP... powering up thanks to Bitmex

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A few months ago I got to trading BTC on Bitmex.

In our meetup with @cryptoworldzug that we host every week in the heart of the Crypto Valley we had a few professional traders that came and joined and they even thought us some things.

They did not give out trading tips in the sense that they would say buy now or sell then but they did advise on how to go about it. For a few weeks we even has a crypto trading school for beginners (me among them)

So after a while I took part of the action and opened a Bitmex account. I deposited some BTC (a fraction of one) and started putting the lessons into practice. The platform allows to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with up to 100x leverage (something I would not advise to do, 3x or 5x is plenty)

And it turns out that I have been quite good for a beginner or it was that I got lucky over a few months of time. I have made some good reads and even a few very good ones but also some bad ones but luckily I covered myself with decent stop losses.

So during this time I have built up to a few BTC and now I have taken the advice of one of those traders.

Take out a bit and spend it.

Buy yourself and your wife something nice.

So that is what I am going to do. I took out 0.8 BTC which will be around 5k in Swiss Franks.

Half will be used to buy Steem Power. That means I hope to be adding 2500 SP to my account soon taking advantage of this low steem price. This is a bit of a gamble but most of this crypto stuff is anyway and I had never expected to see sub dollar steem again so this really is the time to buy the dip. I would just like to be able to give my followers a bit bigger vote and maybe delegate a bit to some worthy projects.

The other half we will use to treat ourselves a bit. My wife is starting a course in further education to become a coach and so I will use 1000 to help her out there.

Last week I wrote that I had lost my sunglasses during our amazing lazy river float so we will go out and look for some new nice sunglasses because I have the feeling this summer is not completely over yet.

Then maybe have a nice dinner and put the rest in the savings account.

In the beginning I just wanted to use that BTC for further trading and future gains. But he was right, sometimes you just have to experience what you do all that work for. Sometimes you have to feel that you are not just playing with fake internet money.

If anyone wants to go ahead and try Bitmex then please use this referral code to open your account

This will give me some bonuses but will not affect your profits.

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is coool to see a friend doing fine during the bloodbath, keep the good work!!!


well, lets hope that LAPO will make us all rich :-)
or at least a lot better off then before

Hi @felander!
What indicators do you use for trading BTC? Are you following any particular traders?


well there is a new ico that I will be testing and they are launching a programme where traders will be able to be followed and will be rewarded for good trades
but personally I do not "follow" anyone but I do listen to a lot of people. I use Fibonacci and volume and sentiment, very basic actually


Thanks for your reply.
Are you expecting a touch on the 2018 lows around 5,8k$?

I find this is something a lot of traders fail to realise.
We are making these profits to make our lives better! Take some out and go enjoy life.

PS. BitMEX has been exceptional for me the last week. Solid gains and my account is looking super healthy. I'm going to take the advice of your article mate and go spoil my lovely lady.


I hope she enjoys it :-) and I hope that upswing did not take you by surprise

really good post...very nice

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