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RE: Steem Is The Most Used And Undervalued Blockchain Of All Blockchains

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Totally agree! Steem is the most undervalued ecosystem out there! I think retail investors didn’t realize very well what Steem is and what potential it has.

Bitcoin attracted a lot of attention lately, this led to more people getting involved and buying the top coins...Steem is right below that level and not everyone have noticed it yet.
But I think 2018 will be literally explosive for Steem with the SMT and future implementations, the revolution of decentralized social media is coming!

No fees and 3 seconds blocks time is the best solution for a p2p payment network even for micropayments, with over 1 million transactions a day the blockchain’s capacity doesn’t even reach 0.5%, it’s insane! Happy to be part of one of the best blockchains in circulation 😁


hey, can you pls explain a newbie what SMT is? :) Thx mate

Sure, I will use the developers words as it is easier to explain:

“A Smart Media Token (SMT) is a native digital asset on the Steem blockchain that can be quickly launched by anyone to help monetize online content and create incentives to encourage desired user behavior.”

It helps publishers to monetize their contents through these tokens, plus it is a p2p network of course so no third parties in between, it is a big thing, it could bring a lot of attention to the Steem community from businesses. 😁

thank you too for explaining it to me :)
Do we know the time it will start to operate? :)

Interesting, i throwed in a question and immediately two people rushed in to answer it :)
I love this community ^^

Get used to finding help from people on Steemit. That's how we roll. The Smart Media Tokens will start rolling out in 2018 and has the potential to change the way we interact on the internet.

It stands for Smart Media Tokens. These are coins that other people can launch but are built and backed by Steem. You can read more about Smart Media Tokens here

Eventually, any website publisher will be able to add the same functionality to their websites that has and reward people for interacting with their websites.

Because every new coin that is issued is backed by Steem, these website owners will have to buy and hold Steem to issue their own coins. This increases demand for Steem and keeps it out of circulation reducing its supply and increasing its value or price.

Very good time to be holding Steem and Steem power.

Omg that sounds fantastic Oo
I'm getting super excited of the future after reading all of this hehe.
I think i have to do some research right now :) thank you

Btw i've earned my first 15 pennys because of your upvote. A thousand times i want to say thank you mate :) After i have noticed it i danced in my room for a minute to celebrate generating money in the internet for commenting. Thats just awesome <3

It is exciting watching the show from the front row.