The Fundamental Problem With The Concept of Blockchain Technology?

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I happened to come across an interesting interview yesterday as Bobby Lee (Yes, THE Bobby Lee) made a bold proclamation that blockchain technology could never really adopt real world use case status, given the inefficiencies of the “human” element backing them. Such as a hospital, for instance. A doctor may record a patient’s disease to a medical blockchain by reason of the symptoms they display. This may well turn out to have been a misdiagnosis, thus leading to possibly one or more ledge entries containing wrong information or data. Hence, from my standpoint, his argument appears to carry some validity.*

I never really thought of it that way before. Also highlighted was the fact that cryptocurrency is, by its nature, not reliant on the actual “mechanics of the machine” to run via user input and is therefore the best implementation of blockchain tech that we can hope for in the near term. I guess this makes me (as well as countless others invested in the crypto space) feel somewhat secure, but also opens up a multitude of issues that might hinder the ultimate progression of the “Blockchain” itself. In fact, many proponents in the field cite this underlying revolutionary technology as where the “real” intrinsic value of cryptocurrency is stored.

Now, I understand why the “distributed” model is what makes blockchain such a tantalizing prospect for most. Primarily being no intervention from third parties, who in the past have profited greatly from this mandatory role. But can these middle men be eradicated completely? I suppose the answer is no, given that many business structures will still require people to transcribe sensitive data to their systems and humans will always be prone to error. There is no getting around that fact. So, in essence, you will have company-wide blockchains whose data validation will only be as reliable as the person who inserted those particular entries. It’s fascinating stuff and just goes to show how earlier we are to the game.

At the same time, “AI” is being improved upon in leaps and bounds. That in itself in another form of disruptive distribution, in that the powers-that-be hope to one day automate many of the jobs we take for granted today. The introduction of driverless cars being the largest worldwide upcoming application of this. Thousands of jobs will go redundant overnight. Couriers, taxi services, public transport. These market sectors will be the first to go extinct. But still, the above is still just a crude implementation into the vast arena of “AI” and so it should also be safe to assume that this technology will continue to improve over time too.

So, it stands to reason that combining AI and blockchain, would be a match made in heaven. Don't you think? AI routines will always be far superior to any human brain out there. The low tolerance room for error, as well as the speed of which calculations are performed, will render the need for human intervention moot. However, we are still some time away from a world I’m describing. I’m thinking that this is the direction things are heading. An autonomous world where AI assumes command in regards to taking care of our daily living requirements and that blockchain technology will eventually fall into the hands of vastly superior robotic intelligence systems. For the greater good of mankind, of course (though not according to Prof. Stephen Hawking, lol).

A little something to ponder over, lol! I’d be interested to hear what you guys think, especially in relation to Bobby Lee’s brazen, yet thought provoking comments.


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Hospitals could use an internal blockchain.

A highly reliable one, yes. :)

Really enjoyed that. I think that security will go 1st before the industries you mentioned. It is in the interest of the dominant to secure their assets and their families in my mind. I think we're slowly going into the world of Wal-E where all we need to do is wake up.

Lol, nice reminder of our future through the eyes of that awesome animation. :)

Yeah. I have many thoughts about how close we are to these realities now that I'm obsessed with blockchain..

Like I imagine Mr Kim secretly communicating with the South through blockchain devices, easy.

I believe Poland recently switched their entire land registry system to a blockchain model. There are use cases outside of cryptocurrency, but you're right: there's always the element of human error. Honestly, the way Steem does it, with a seven day correction window before entries become immutable, might be the near-term solution to this particular issue.

Good point regarding Steemit, buddy. As the social media content is based on our own "subjective" viewpoint and therefore in your control, it also serves as a great use case for blockchain tech. Big institutions where the data is very sensitive to change, may be another matter though.

AI is prone to the same weakness of the human element. AI is only as accurate and can only do what a human has told it. AI can only be as smart as we humans have coded it to be (albeit, machine learning..but that's another topic)

AI is useful in many circumstances however the need for humans will always exist as an intermediary between information and data storage/processing. Using an AI to parse data entered by doctors and return relevant possibilities would be a good use case, you can train the AI to look for recurring symptoms and treatments and present those options to the doctor for review. A single bad entry is not a problem specific to the blockchain, as that exists in databases today.

I beg to differ, bud. When AI becomes a learning, self-sustaining program capable of abilities that improve upon that of their inferior counterparts (us), it only makes sense for that improved system to replace ours. I'm not saying tomorrow or the day after. AI is still in its infancy, but given enough time, I find the end result I propose, quite plausible.

you're describing machine learning, that I already spoke to.

AI is still created by humans, the code it runs on is human made. It is still prone to human error. Until code is being written by computers to run other computers, this will be the case. But of course, the code to make computers write code for other computers...would also be written by humans :)

I fear for my children's employment.

If the position doesn't require imagination, then it can be replaced by AI. If you add blockchain to the mix, then even more roles will be cut.

I predict that govt's will get involved are going to get involved to prevent low paying jobs from being replaced... but for how long?

Thre was an episode of "Black Mirror" where unemployed humans were used to pedal stationary bicycles/generators as a form of income. This solved two problems. Unemployment and improved health ...

Future roles will most certainly be endangered when the option of using AI supersedes a human one. It all comes down to cost, reliability and work output. AI could trump all three very easily. :)

And yes, that Black Mirror episode was awesome. :)

Though!! Bobby Lee has a point there but I actually agree with you that combining AI and blockchain will be a great step in the right direction. I choose to see things more from a positive perspective as nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it and tackle whatever problem or challenge the situation poses to us. Thanks for the post @ezzy

We're on the same page, buddy. The next decade or so will prove very interesting to watch unfold.

First, I really enjoyed the post
I acknowledge the fact that we are far from the world we are supposed to be, but we stand to enjoy so many benefits from the combination of AI and blockchain. Infact the speed at which things will go, information validity,data reliability and much more.

Thank for for your kind words, buddy! I reckon both technologies could well merge in the future to assist in mankind's continued evolution. Let's see. :)

That's some real analysis. With everything getting onto AI it sometimes scares me on lack of human involvement and feelings. I'll let time decide but since you picked my favorite topic it's my time to repost and share it with my followers. Cheers and keep sharing.

Thanks! I can see why you might think it could be a "scary" future. 1984, anyone? :)

good job - let's fight the forces of evil, in cryptocurrency we trust.

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Great insight on the future of blockchain tech. Thnks 4 sharing this info

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