RC Delegations to Push "STEEM" in the Right Direction

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Progress is unfolding in a timely manner. I know it seems to be taking an age from our point of view but "patience" and "STEEM" are two words I've grown quite accustomed to. It will be a long and drawn out path to get where we want but the most important thing is development is still pushing along nicely. The latest annoucement from Steemit Inc. providing a great example of that.


They have a functional version of "RC Delegations" up and running. Amazing news since this is the underlying backbone required for new users to operate on the STEEM blockchain. Onboarding has been a major issue for some time now, only exacerbated by the fact that created account come with a cost.

Now, I've managed to accululate a decent amount of stake on this platform. The amount of RC's I need to post and curate as well as interact with any of the other Dapps on the platform, is minimal compared to what I have left over. It's overkill, in every sense of the word. So I'd be more than happy to lend out all the extra RC's to accomodate for new members joining us. Not sure in what form the "middle man" will come, but these are the first tentative steps toward that final goal.

I view this blockchain as a jigsaw with pieces being filled as and when neccessary. The ultimate vision is born when all or most of the picture is completed. I, like many others, were hoping for things to be a little farther along in terms of progress at this point, but as the saying goes, better late than never. I do see "RC Delegations" as a big deal givent he overall objective and therefore am pretty stoked with the news update.

To be honest with you, the only thing getting me down right somewhat is the price. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be auto-corrected via everything we have going on. Now we just have to hope that HF21 works out the way it was intended too. Not long to go now...


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)


I 1000% agree with you I’m not even a dolphin and I have more than enough RCs to do everything i want to do daily and more I could barely make a dent in my RCs

Whenever I see newbs get bombarded with messages they can’t reply to I get so bummed out would love to just be able to call a bot and dump some RCs on them Whenever I choose like !RC 50 or something lol could that be the dream?

Looks like the dream is about to come true. You'll be a great service to this platform with your stake. :)

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 9.16% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

Great to see another option for all that RC we have! I have accumulated over 100 claimed accounts so I am looking forward to doing something different with them; hopefully something that can help growth, retention, and value creation!

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