An Update on @EZVote and the collective going along with it! HIGHER RETURNS NOW AVAILABLE! Over 14K SP now available to vote with! :)

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Extra SP?Idle SP?Want to earn?Need promotion?

Delegate/Send 0.1SBD/STEEM to "EZ" Vote! (@ezvote)

Updates | What's to come

After a very successful round of delegation requests and SP acquisition, we are happy to announce that a full vote with us is worth $0.22 and that sending the minimum amount of 0.1SBD/STEEM, with around a half power vote, still returns about $0.10 worth of a vote! If you only sent 0.1 STEEM, that would mean you spent $0.02 and received $0.10 in return!

A new feature! If you send 1SBD/STEEM+URL and above, to @ezvote, your content will be promoted to the @ezpromote account! This account will be hosted directly on the main page of the upcoming! :)

The account @ezgaming has been created as well and will be where videos of matches as well as other gaming-related content will be posted, shared, and promoted! The different accounts are to keep things separate so that nothing becomes too cluttered, as it may in the future.

As an added measure for onboarding, we are collecting account creation tickets as well, so that we may instantly create accounts for new users we may wish to invite to the blockchain. This will allow them to get started instantly and allow us to make the process of joining the blockchain even more diversified, without needing to rely on faucet delegations and thus, demanding more from those already doing enough.

Currently, we have more power than both the @MinnowVotes and @MinnowHelper accounts and are quickly approaching and about to pass the power owned by the @VoteMyPost account, so if you're using any of those vote bots, you'll be earning equally or more, using ours! If you delegate to larger bots for earnings, you'll actually earn more with us, because your delegated SP will be a larger portion of the overall stake, than it would be if it were to get lost in the vast sea of delegators that large vote bots possess.

The return for delegations has been upped! :) This means more return for your delegation in daily payouts! The bot now has over 14k SP to use for voting and more delegations are awaiting fulfillment in the meantime. They are offering over a 24% APR, so they should fill in no time! Go to's market to check out the offers we have standing!

We are offering a very high %APR through DLease!
The higher return offers will surely go first, so act quickly!
In addition to your payment through DLease, you will receive delegation returns.


Do you like Minecraft?

Our Alpha server is currently running and is whitelisted in the meantime! Just request to be added to the whitelist!

(The Alpha server is for testing purposes only. Release will allow earning.)


How about Starcraft? Fortnite? MTG? You will be able to COMPETE and EARN!
Soon, we will announce application to the tournaments we will have structured!

So you're not a gamer, but a fan of art/an artist. Want to earn for works/critiques?
We will be integrating with art communities soon! :)

Love trading strategy/predictions? How about rewards when you guess correctly?
Rewards for Daily/Weekly guesses on various cryptocurrency prices will happen soon!

The options are limitless, the community will decide what's in demand!

This is just an update mostly to explain the release of the Minecraft server. The other plans for the other games will take a bit more orchestration, so it will take a bit more time to have a solid structure of how those will be conducted. All in due time! :)


As of this moment, the main website is under construction for This will be the website where all promoted content is shared on a wider scale, and where most of these competitions/contests will be updated from/promoted from. There will be an iframe pointed directly to the @EZPromote account that this account posts resteems to! This means that if you're promoting with the @EZVote account above 1 STEEM, your post is being resteemed and, as a result, shared on the other website as well.

The website is still a skeleton of a structure, as we are working on it and have just begun, but as you can see, the iframe will display the content easily for all to see, directly on the main homepage. :)


Not only will the website be designed to promote the STEEM blockchain and content on it directly, it will also be responsively coded, so that it won't look like absolute shit on mobile devices! :)


As you can see, the mobile view scales down quite nicely and everything fits well, with nothing being too hard to read.
Obviously, the theme of the website can be modified, but I think I like the "Matrix" colored, "90s Feel" themed, simple and easy to use, nothing complicated, feel of the current theme! ;) Maybe that's just because I'm the one working on this part of it the most, but I digress... :P

Many features of the website will work directly with the STEEM blockchain and the blockchain as well as members of the community, will be promoted through this site. It will be another tool for onboarding of new users and hopefully bring some added value through the initiatives it brings! Here's to the future!

Voting | Promotion

The prices for votes will NEVER change in the future, as stated in the original post! They are set no matter how successful the bot becomes or how much the vote becomes worth. The idea here, again, is not to focus on profits, but to focus on promoting as much material as possible for as many steemians who need a boost as possible. This could mean you, this could mean a friend, either way, it helps in the long run to be promoted!

Voting Cost



PostsCommentsBoth acceptable for promotion!

Sometimes your comment needs a little boost too!
It can be hard to have your words seen; This definitely helps!


hey @ezvote, small tidbit about the dusting: it may interfere with the bot voting on some target if a dust vote exists already. Not sure if the dust vote are manual/auto(?) but, if it causes any problems with the normal bot vote you can safely filter champion's gate posts for that purpose since we will probably be using it for most of those anyway.

If you're not sure how the bot reacts to overlap onto a dust vote, we got a test incoming:
(looks like maybe it breaks the bot vote, hopefully this test didn't cause major errors)
alphacore got this:

alpha got a few more from the 'vote overlap' problem:

as reminder, this comes from the small dust votes being placed onto posts before we get the chance to use the bot.
some possible solutions are, allowing the bot to unvote-revote if existing vote is tiny, or simply avoiding dust votes into champion's gate itself since we will probably be using ezvote for basically everything people are posting there.

In case of non-use of the bot, I added some of those accounts to the curation trail to ensure a little bit more value added to their posts, seeing as how you're essentially the most consistent users of it! This is an initiative to provide a slight benefit of added value in cases where you don't use the bot when you post. If you wish to front-run this, you should send a bid before 30 minutes is up, as after 30 minutes the bot will place a vote to give a slight increase in value. :P

@ezvote please check your wallet, you're in a botwar with dlease each sending "invalid memo" back to each other all day.

Thank you, we simply forgot to add "dlease" to the "non-return" list. :P Should be no more issues in the future. It might have affected vote weights, but that should have only been temporary and shouldn't happen again. If vote weight somewhere was compromised and a return was unprofitable, please let us know! Thanks again!

We thought the invalid memo war between you and dlease was hilarious LOL!

I think the adjustments maybe tilted, a couple recent people I send ezvote to have this:

6.28% | From: @alphacore!

well, it's not a major loss to me or anything, but this might be a bug?

I think they went thru earlier and got all of the ones that gave wrong amounts, despite the comment staying the same. Also, the % of vote is varying right now, because we had it set to 48% while at lower power, to return better, but now we have about 4-5k more SP delegated to the bot, so we have adjusted it to give the same return amount, but the actual % of the vote will be smaller. As time goes on, we want to have it to where the bot will be able to vote every 5 minutes and provide a 1 STEEM upvote value. This is just a dream of ours as of yet, but we will see. The future is still bright and we are seeking more delegations daily. :)

As for any truly small vote %, that was likely caused by bids getting stuffed up while waiting for the bidding round to end during that funny little memo back-and-forth. :P Everything should be cleared up now and voting should resume back to normal once voting power hits 96% again, as it went under that to correct votes given wrongly. Thank you for sticking with us thru this, we're definitely not going to just let the bot go to shit lol. It's a project of ours and we're not quitters. :) If we can help you with anything else, let us know!

Also, not sure if you'll notice a tag or not, but I mentioned you On this post because someone was seemingly asking about profitability of the bot and I was hoping you could attest to not only how profitable it now is, but how quickly we manage to respond to you if you should have issues. :P If not, understandable, I'm not going to expect you to take personal time for our feedback, but it would be much appreciated!


Much appreciated! :)

Also, so you should know in advance, tinkering with different vote settings, so power may be wonky a bit and may need to recover at times, so the voting may not return instantly. I'd suggest waiting between sending until it does vote, so that you get the full value for each send. It shouldn't take long, minus the initial restoring-of-power back up to the ideal range. (92-98%. As of now I've tested letting it drop to 84% and I'd prefer it be higher to give bigger returns more quickly.)

You are definitely the most avid user of this bot, so we're surely going to be quick to respond to you should issues arise, as you know. :P Best wishes to you! Hope all is well today!

As in, it will be recovering right now up to 96% and then, from there, it will vote again to the threshold of 92%. It will take a handful of hours to get back up to 96%, so be a bit patient if you don't mind. :P After that, you'll be able to fire off multiple votes for a nicer return, consecutively, before it hits 92% and has to recover again. Thank you! :P

I made a transfer but upvote did not come. Can you solve the problem?

Yes, the vote has now been cast! Sorry about that! See the comment on the post for further information! :)

I am using a 'Roll Call' as stress test for ezvote's instant-vote version. It made it about 6 votes in across an hour before any delay/problem started, but that could also be caused by what challengethegods mentioned (the invalid memo botwar, LOL).

Assuming there was some threshold set early on from the bidding rounds system, I think it might make sense to either have some queue mechanic (maybe you already do?), or to just allow the bot draining itself down to lower voting power as a pseudo-market autobalance type deal.

Also, I have sent a duplicate bid for the last one, so it will be interesting to see how the bot handles that after whichever delay is finished (I'm guessing same as duplicate vote behavior, but this seems like a slightly different scenario to test)

edit: it may have determined the duplicate URL could be considered as a stacked bid of 0.2, which makes sense, but it may have cause some weirdness in the process because that person got a smaller vote than everyone else from the double-bid scenario. Thinking on it now, I'm not sure I have tested anything except minimum bids, so I'm not sure if this is from the duplicate memo, increased bid size, a recent change to the bot, or combination of these. Anyway I thought this extra tidbit might be useful to know.


It seems that by constantly "getting bids" it was delaying the voting rounds from happening as it thought there were constantly more bids coming in, despite it being the dlease txs meant to refer to delegations. We simply added dlease to the "non-refund" list now, so that should prevent any future issues. We use dlease heavily for delegations, so it makes sense that eventually there'd be some sort of issue considering we forgot to add them to the ignore list. lol. All should be fixed now and if there is anywhere that value wasn't properly applied, please let us know and we will be happy to fix it! :) Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

P.S. - The bot is set to vote until it's under 96% and it will not curate anything unless it's over 99%, so votes are always available (Unless it should be used to go below 96%, then a minor wait would occur. The wait should be no more than 40~ minutes or so tho, which is why the bot is not set to vote at 100% power because it would have to wait 2.4 hours then. We are able to consistently provide profitability from small bids, while being able to vote more often and essentially instantly when people request one.

Hey, I was probably among the first to find you, and at 1st it all seemed a little shady and I titled you [broken robot] in champion's gate, but now you are [dryad sapling] which is much better.
(although all bot comments are still muted by default)

Actually, I use ezvote and a few others for dishing out rewards to people, since my own voting power usually cannot handle more than comment-level rewards, but then sometimes comments also deserve a big reward and I don't have many tools, so reading here that comments can be rewarded too is great! My question would be if the bot comment can be toggled off for when it targets a comment? I'll give example why:

Imagine the scenario: Contest-XYZ takes place entirely in comments, and participation is rewarded (entry is high), so everyone with a decent entry gains a good upvote as mini-reward, and I do this using you, and other tools. Except if each one of them has bot response comment attached, even if muted, I think it starts to clutter things and detract from actual reply chains?? So I think either it should be 'off by default', or have some method to toggle it off in memo, for these kinds of purposes. Honestly I prefer off by default in comment and on by default on post (I kinda like having all my little summons show up at the bottom of a community member's post and they think, wow, this place is cool)

Let me know if it can be done (or is it already?) and thanks for making a useful steem tool. IDGAF what the bot-haters say, steem is simply 100x better with things like this around. GodSpeed to you.

Hello! Thank you for using our service!

I completely understand your perspective, before the delegations began to fill out in any measurable manner, the return was quite pitiful for the bot, I agree. That is why we have been up front from the beginning about the details of it and how it will amass power to give better returns in the future. As of right now it gives a higher return than any other bot (Assuming you get a single vote round to yourself. Even at a 50/50 split, still.) and we're proud to be able to offer that. Vote bots solely for earnings and not for assistance in promotion of content have been the scourge of steem for so long and we didn't want this one becoming another one of those. We also capped the bot at 4SBD/STEEM (Was originally 2, but 4 seemed ok for long-term growth.) so that someone (in the future, assuming wider usage.) can't just come along and sap up the entire vote from everybody to a ridiculous scale by sending 20/50/100+ and essentially shutting everyone else out while making the votes unprofitable. The base cost of a vote was also kept intentionally low, so that even those with very few funds, can afford to get some decent promotion. The goal is 100k SP by the end of August, but we will see! With over 24% APR offerings for delegations, I see no reason why we shouldn't be able to end up somewhere near there by that point!

I'm getting off topic... back to your concern/question. :P

The comments will be turned off in about a week or so, after the bot has been promoted to the public a bit more (Sometimes I personally send bids to the bot so that it promotes random content I've read, and puts a comment out there to spread the word. I did this for trending posts at first too, but then decided to take better advantage of the curation we would all be able to earn, from doing so.) and after it gets a bit more usage/recognition, I plan to turn the commenting off (As people will be able to see that it's voted, so no need. :P) and it will function as-is, with the exception of a portion of it's power being used to promote gaming of various sorts. (I also noticed some chess-related stuff being promoted, so that is something I would consider adding to competitions/etc for the new site I'm working on.)

Also, I say "we" sometimes and "I" at others, because I am but one person of 3 that are in on this project. Of course, I hyped steem up to them at first and they liked it, but then decided social media just wasn't their thing and shirked the duty of a social media presence when it came to steem, to me. We run the collective of projects, I manage the blockchain-related things. :P

Again, we really appreciate you using our bot and are glad that you're seeing MUCH better returns than before. :P

If you ever feel the value returned for your bid was far too low to be reasonable, you can always also reply to us on here and (Let's be honest, it'll be me, they won't bother. HAHAHA :P) one of us will hop on and respond as soon as we realize there's been a comment. We're more than willing to correct the vote % to give you something more reasonable or profitable! No matter how one feels about bidbots, they are a business and if you neglect your business or it's patrons, you won't succeed. It's also absolutely horrible to just set one up and then monitor nothing at all. We don't have to all like the same content, but sometimes there's clear spam and junk posts that shouldn't have been promoted, sapping up vote power from more deserving content. We're extremely reasonable because we think people should be able to post whatever they like (for the most part) and earn, as long as it's not horrible shit or excessively spammy. (Like no child porn, obv, and no porn really period, no threats, no glorifying murder, etc.) Beyond the overly horrible, I see no reason why people shouldn't be allowed to pump their posts a bit. We all like feeling valuable and we all have different perceptions of value! Room for all, I say! (Minus the horrible shit. Always. :P)

I completely agree with basically everything you said. It's nice to have a tool available to amp my voting power in favor of someone else (much cooler than sending them a 'tip' in wallet), and even in the cases I use vote bots on myself I'm just inevitably powering up to vote higher on other people later ;) I think there is also this idea that certain category of people need to feel in control of their own destiny on this platform, so if a new person comes along and has no pull or shove they feel at the mercy of everyone else (kinda feels like 'posting-RNG'), but then along comes a cheap bot for them to mess with and suddenly their eyes open wide, and they're here for much longer toying with that idea. My profile's 'about' is pertaining to this ;) I sometimes do things the vote-police may consider a bit shady, but in the end the master plan unveils! I think people may eventually thank me for pulling a few strings, tipping the scales, and other silly shenanigans. In essence, I cannot inspire outside communities to join without showing them a bit of POWER... you know? Like,

hey guys come see alphacore look at this shiny penny, don't you want one.

By the way, based on what your reply mentions related to gaming, we are probably on the same page here!

For my purpose inside champion's gate, I actually like the little comment messages from bots onto posts, because it lets them know I sent them a gift and wasn't by chance, and they also like to see my armies of bots for 'lore' reasons:
('alphacore' is lord of the machines in several games). ^_~

but, I think for now I'll abstain from using ezvote on all but the best comments, just to not disturb the newbie people's conversations(they are dealing with some system shock from being kinda half-forced into migrating over here), but as this is obviously not some little spambot like I thought on day 1, I'll definitely be using it either way.

Now it is just a matter of getting these Chess Evolved Online guys to actually post things often enough to be able to actually do that! LOL

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hey again @ezvote ^_^
I noticed your RC getting low:

I'm not sure exactly what is causing it, or if you were aware.
Account claims can be a big chunk ;) but I think perhaps the claiming of rewards takes some too? It seems the bot attempts this very often, so a little testing might reveal it's draining RC, not sure yet, but if it's too low the bot may encounter some errors on vote/comment/etc.

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