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SMTs and communities have unbelievable potential in the mid to longterm. But with only 60k active users u can't expect miracles over night. The tokenization of forums and chats of giant websites could revolutionize the web as we know it.
Next thing that needs to be focused on will be scaling though. To run a full node is unbearably expensive now, because it needs 1 TB of RAM, that's insane.

No. You don't seem to understand how the reward pool works. Actually we recently hit a new alltime high. Never have been more tokens paid out before. Don't get confused with all the SBD that was printed (and worth 5$ each). It is just that the tokens are worth so much less right now that it seems unattractive. When you say reward pool you actually are talking about the worth of the tokens paid out (in Dollars). Yes, we had 5million before, and yes it is now down to 737.000 again. So we lost 85% of that, too. But it will rise again when BTC rises, because STEEM rise with it.

check out to see how the reward pool grows and shrinks independently from the worth in Dollars (of it).

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What I understand is the whole ecosystem rests on one token (Steem). If the Steem token and Steem Power have low demand then there is no fuel for growth of the reward pool or anything else. You can build in scalability to welcome a billion users and that is fine. I agree with HF20 and that mission but at the same time what happened to the promises of gamification? What about generating revenue? What about producing an actual demand for the Steem token right now? Not in 2019-2020.

Communities would be great but they haven't given a release date on that. My point is Steem tokens and Steem Power are a bad long term hold. If that is the case everyone will earn and sell immediately while powering down rather than powering up. Look at the stats to see which accounts are powering down right now. As a result the downward pressure on the price of Steem creates a rush for the exits and over time Steem price in BTC terms always trends down.

This isn't ideal.


Anyone powering down and selling in a bearmarket is not smart in my opinion. Unless you bought your Steem for a few cents you will always lose this way.

To me it is irrelevant who is powering down and selling. We need fresh money form NEW investors (a lot of it). The big whales are kinda irrelevant as they will not grow the value of STEEM more. They are already fully or kinda fully invested.

Don't get confused with all the SBD that was printed (and worth 5$ each). It is just that the tokens are worth so much less right now that it seems unattractive. When you say reward pool you actually are talking about the worth of the tokens paid out (in Dollars).

No I'm not talking about the worth of the tokens paid out in dollars. That is exactly why you're missing my point. I'm talking about the worth of the tokens when sold or bought for BTC. This isn't about the dollar value for people who are all in on crypto (long term crypto investors).

And in terms of the worth in BTC the value doesn't grow. Yes you can say the value in USD went up only because Bitcoin went up but that doesn't show me there is demand for Steem independent of Bitcoin which is what I need to see to know the market is fairly valuing Steem.

The USD price is irrelevant because you can't buy Steem on Coinbase right now.


Token worth in camparison to BTC can only ever grow in a BTC bullmarket. That is because the percentage gains in "good" altcoins exceed the percentage gains of BTC by far.


And don't you see a problem if a token can only grow if BTC grows? That means the ecosystem as a whole is not sustainable and literally is merely an extension of the success of BTC.

The problem is Steem has a huge ecosystem (one of the biggest) yet the market cap isn't even top 15. Dogecoin and a bunch of others are higher in market cap in both USD and BTC terms (however you want to look at it).

So how can I ignore the market cap of Steem going down? If what I'm saying isn't a big deal explain a market cap of $263,671,229 USD (only 40,582 BTC !) for the most mainstream platform in the entire crypto ecosystem?

The market cap should be in the billions. Projects which just launched have a market cap in the billions and they don't even have 100k users.


have you heard about emotional vest?

something that has this much energy, innovation, leadership stake, holding duration, and many other factors including ego....has real lasting power

don't discount the emotional vest of steem users, even those who are in active have either 1. not powered down 2. powered down but not sold 3. powered down and sold only part and still check steem dapps periodically

and one of the strongest evidence, those who were given loads of free alt-social-media coins who were minnows or at best few dolphins that supposedly moved onto another crypto to become equivalent of large Orcas there....are still here! explain that...

Steem will likely be the continual goto case study and value mimic of BUIDL in the next 5 years, like it is silently now to the 6 competitors i'm following now