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Once SMTs and Communities are out, you should use big parts of your future ad revenue to pay for influencer marketing on Twitter/ Instagram. Get some big names on here and big parts of their following will also create an account.
They can then easily form their LeBron James community or Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior community here on the steem blockchain...


"pay for influencer marketing on Twitter/ Instagram. Get some big names on here"

It sounds like you're suggesting they pay people to use this platform?

They don't pay only for using it. They pay to market it to their millions of followers as the best thing the world has seen since the internet.
The network/fanbase is usually gonna try anything they suggest, especially if it's free to signup.

They could even go so far to say that if you power up x amount of steem (500 steem e.g.) you will get a big upvote from me, your idol...
Some crazy people would pay thousands of dollars to get recognizes(upvoted on social media) by their idol.

Okay, so bribes, effectively advertising.
But instead of paying new members to consider signing up on STEEM, why not support (pay) the content-creators? Instead, they are taking away a larger cut from the content-creators, to favour the investors (curators). New members won't stay around unless we start properly rewarding good content. When the site is filled with high-quality content, it will grow and prosper. Right now we are chasing away the last of the real content-creators. Almost nothing left here except bots and spam.
Bribing people to send their followers here is only going to work if the followers will want to stay here. Currently, people are flocking away from Steem in droves, so it's not working. We need to fix this ship, not advertise.

"We need to fix this ship, not advertise."
Yeah, that is exactly why they are taking away a large cut from the content-creators. Because in 5 years, nobody on steem will give a fuck about "good content creation".
This platform is evolving from a content platform to the best app platform, the best gaming platform, the new decentralized censorship-free youtube/ instagram/ facebook, the best and fastest scalable payment solution (read new money)
Incentivized communities and SMTs for every internet business is the future.
Everybody will be earning 2000 different coins/smts for their daily activities freeing us from the tyranny of corporations and government.

Both ways can be positive for the community but they are not even close to getting to this stage yet. Influencers is a few kilometers down the road but taking care of content creators is just down the block. I wouldn't get my hopes up though.

Some crazy people would pay thousands of dollars to get recognizes (upvoted on social media) by their idol.

Sheez! I had to read this twice. Because the firs time I read: "(upvoted on social media) by their idiots" LoL


If agreeing more than 100% were possible, I would do it :) Great suggestion!

Actually I have another important idea. One that has been discussed countless times and does not even require a hardfork.

I am talking about Steem Wiki (including hardfork wiki) in english, regularly updated with info about the top dapps and all the recent developments.
Preferably on the front page as well as on with an annoyingly big link, so nobody can miss it.

Why? Because our official wikipedia entry is absolute trash.

This is the german steem-wiki. Not bad, but certainly not complete info. Just for getting an idea...

Great that you agree! I really hope to see the influencer marketing become reality in the future...

How many BRON tokens you plan on stackin’?

A lot :D

Me to! Forget minnow, dolphin, orca, whale status. I am going to be a BRONana boat! Look out! My block (aka downvote) is going to be rough.


More than bigger names what would really work like a charm would be mid range creators/influences with a strong niche. Pewdiepie involvement didn't do much for Dlive. Instead of one YouTuber with 10 million subscribers, we'll do much better with a small horde of creatos with 50K - 500K subscribers. Think some Anime Youtubers, Horror YouTubers, Educational Channel, Game/Film Theory analysis channel etc. Even if few of them leave, we'll have few more remaining. Also the platform will look more vibrant instead of looking like some Pewdiepie blockchain.

Big names will eventually join when there are enough active users. A fan community of a celerity will become a great incentive for a celebrity to join STEEM.

Yes, of course, start small.
To get some of the big guys of Instagram onboard would also cost more money than steemit makes in a year...

Another awesome idea.

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