Do You Like Eveuncovered or You Just Want to Fuck Her?

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If you have been following Justin Sun's business with Steemit, you are aware of his most unfortunate witness voting policy post with the question number 11. While in its original context, the question is absolutely ridiculous, on it's own, it's a very reasonable question to ask.

Do you like ____________ or you just want to fuck him/her?

I think it's something we should be asking more often, both from ourselves and the people we associate with, essentially asking what is the motive for this human transaction. Are we clouded by the sexual desire or is there something else to this.

What ever your answer to the question is, it's the right answer, but depending on what the other parties goal is with you, it might not be a good answer.

Liking someone and wanting to fuck them are two almost unrelated things. It's far easier to want to fuck someone than it is to actually like them. There is nothing wrong with just fancying someone for their looks but not caring about their personality, but I'd be mindful of people who just want to fuck you, unless that is what you truly want.

Finding someone who you like and wanna fuck, and who likes you and wants to fuck you, is a search like no other! If you got that, lucky you.

Justin Sun hasn't said many smart things, but I think we can all take a moment and think about question number 11 and apply it to our own lives.


11.) yes. yes.


lol The answer is yes but only on the condition that I get 20 people fo my choosing to be in the room and witness

Remember, we still don't allow quick powerdown without concensus.

Lol, what are you afraid of? That I'll try to dump my bags and run?

Can you keep up for 13 weeks?

Lol, I can try but surely after 40 weeks I'd be missing :P

Well I'd be lying if I say you have no sexual appeal to your followers but in the same time to create good content. I mean you take good shots and that's something I look forward to when I log in. But damn that question is stupid!
uhmm hello?!!! Sexuality is part of our being and you can't just throw it out of the equation.

Hey don’t yell at me, I’m not the one who came up with the question 😝😝

Hahahah not yelling at you girl! :D
Just stating some facts over here. <3

Lol, the "Question number 11" is already becoming a Steem meme 😂

It's so goooood!

The internet has rule 34, steem from here on will always have question 11.


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I must be getting old. The first thing I thought looking at the picture was;

That beautiful, leather Chesterfield armchair looks comfy

The other thing that came to mind though was;

Do I need to not like you to want to fuck you or can I like you AND fuck you?

Is that a bit like having my cake and eating it?

Anyway. I am now left flustered and trying hard not to have nightmares of @checkohlers arse bouncing up and down.

OK, time for a beer and some football....wish I was watching it sat in that chair.....

Hate to break it to you but the armchair is not actually that comfy, I hardly even sit on it, and if I do, I curl up in it ways that the spine does not agree.

I do prefer the person fucking me also liking me, though a hate fuck serves its purpose sometimes too.

Wine and internet for me! Have a great weekend!

I was going to say something witty but @chekohler was about 20 minutes faster. So let's just imagine I had something as funny to say.

Lol seriously nothing? You telling me you wouldn't Dapp that?

I'm trying to squeeze something but I made the mistake of starting the morning with listening the latest town hall meeting and it was so bad that I think it lobotomized me.

And I can't help it but every time I hear JS talk, I get an image to my head where he's digging his nose and inspecting the findings. Funny how the video lobotomizing my brain didn't take that image away.

So I got nothing.

I don't blame you, even a masochist such as myself could not find a silver lining in listening to that, I put myself through it too I don't know why though! I completely understand.

I blame Eve though, she's acting like a steem queen, making all these demands #yaasSTEEM

I couldn't do it, I'm sure someone will give me the play-by-play in a nice compressed written form.

Here's what happened. A short version. Further explanations might be in the comments.

I'm laughing on the inside for the hilarious comment you posted! You are so funny too.

It must have been the other me.

Yup, "Question 11" is certainly a Steem meme now.

Something good always comes out of something bad.

I rather fuck justin 😳😂

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As you should, he would pay you!

Fuck ya! I’m down! How much you think? 10 million? 😂😂😂

He might be a bit short for cash right now :D

Fine, ill do it for free lol

Don't worry, he will probably shitdrop you one or the other of his 3,000 shitcoins. Maybe even some TRX so you can vote his #1 SR, which is his own coldwallet address.

Finding someone who you like and wanna fuck, and who likes you and wants to fuck you, is a search like no other! If you got that, lucky you.

sigh, so true 😘

Search to be continued.

I went for the girl, I stayed for the pictures.

Usually it's the other way around.

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