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Apparently, I've passed the two year mark on steem!

Another year passes, and the landscape has changed again. I'm silently growing, being patient and watching the fish carefully...

I've recently passed the 50k SP mark, and most of it is bought rather than earned. This isn't necessarily a great thing, at least for me. It's what I have at stake, and what I would like to preserve value. And it's not going to be from maximal extraction that the platform will let me get away with. (Unclear what that even is in current scenarios) It's to spread the value to as many active participants in our miniature economy as possible, and to encourage more ways for value to exchange hands without Steem leaving the system. I've been buying on the way down solely on the belief that the Steem model shows promise even if the way things are now is still problematic.

So I will continue vote accordingly, and especially downvote the most blatantly overvalued things / extractors (still in need of a dashboard). The balance is changing and I hope to be a significant part of the movement. (Oh yikes. Old powers at work there)

You'll see my posting frequency has dropped off. But I'm very much behind the scenes. Given the increase in what I'm handling, it looks like it will be staying that way for the near future.

Community-wise, I like to lurk in the SteemChat discord server, @helpie discord server, and maybe in the audience of the occasional PAL show. But otherwise coding. Life-ing. And lurking.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to SteemFest... again. I couldn't make the timing work for me. But it is something I want to experience at some point. In fact, I still haven't met a Steemian in person, though it almost happened and I couldn't make it. I figure it can't be that hard, shouldn't there be many New York Steemians after all? And New York you'd figure someone could just pick a spot and say "go". Ok ok, yes, I should pick a spot and a time and say "go". Who all is in New York City, that happens to read this? Can you give me a wave?

By last year I was comfortable enough to open up a bit and use a face. Well that probably was a mistake in hind sight, given my current feeling of the platform. But there it is. I've been on voice a few times in the past year as well which was also an experience. Time to make it a touch more real.

In any case, let's keep this party going. See you around! Oh, here have a nice lake.



My entire Steem Blockchain journey is full of people I have never met, but it doesn't mean I don't respect them. And you rank as one of the many people that I have had the occasional voice disussion and certainly read many many posts from that I have a great respect for. I know you do a great deal with @helpie alongside @meno and support so many of our growing active Steemians together.

Where is the lake from your photo, it's amazing what a view! From an grey haired stumpy fat old Brit, you definitely win on the Selfie league and honestly - putting a face to a name just makes you appreciate people so much more. You are and always will be an inspiration to me - thank you for making the Steem Blockchain that bit more special.

Aww thanks for the kind words!

The photo is from this lakeside coffee place, managed to find it :)

Congratulations to your two year mark on steem. Thats a nice lake landscape btw. " Exchange of value without steem leaving the system." Circulation in a segments that leverage where conventional ones can't compete. The many possible ways to create value through products or services, uniquely segmented by possible future steem front ends seems to open up a wide range of imagination for real life application? It feels so encouraging to imagine these communal values to become means for a common goal. The possibility for this to be able to tackle climate change from emissions during commodity transits and supply chain transparency to DAO's and open global markets feel like a beacon for our species to evolve. Steem and people here give me hope that we can create a world where poverty ends for resource producers, non toxic manufacturing, combining cargo for more efficient transits and eliminating emissions becomes a standard. I just thought about the fact that we are actually the first of our kind that is going beyond being a social experiment in a new global economy. If i was in new york i would surely be delighted to meet you. Do you believe in steem and future dapps that have potential far beyond social media? If you were rather new to coding but somewhat familiar what language would you recommend anyone to learn? Python?

That is a grander vision than I even had in mind, and I sure hope we can get to those heights. I guess if we're going to dream, we might as well dream big right? Effect real, global change. Yeah let's push for it, why not!

I honestly don't have recommendations as far as getting started with coding. All I know is I got started with tutorials that walked me to create simple things and kept going from there (don't even know where those are but any classwork style will do). JavaScript, python, I also don't even think the starting language matters, but it certainly helps/is encouraging to be able to do practical things right off the bat (e.g. not Java/c++). But eventually knowing those will help with understanding how things work at a lower (closer to the hardware) level.

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Hey @eonwarped, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

Happy 2 Steem anniversary! Just 10 days later I'll celebrate my 2 years on Steem! 😉

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Thanks! Ooh, you too? Happy early -versary. Good to see plenty that have stuck it through :)

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Happy 2 yrs steem anniversary @eonwarped. Nice lake✌

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Your welcome

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@eonwarped - I’m in NY and we should totally try to make it happen IRL!

Congratulations on turning 2! Thanks for onboarding me and many other things :-) Hopefully there are many years ahead for all of us on Steem!

Thanks! Yeah, happy that you've stuck around as well! I hope there will be many years to come as well

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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


Hey, Eon! Happy Steemiversary! You are truly appreciated and loved by me and the other members of Helpie, PAL, and I am sure dozens of other groups that you don’t even think about much. We’re so lucky to have you. And I know Helpiecake is ^typically* for posts with low rewards, and this one has a lot of them already because you are awesome and word has spread of that fact, but if I can’t give cake to you on your steem-anniversary, then what in the hell good is the system anyway? So... eat up! I hope our little kitchen bakes cake for many moons to come. And I hope one day we can meet in person, too, even though you know how cowardly I am. Lol. I hope there isn’t a word count cap on the bot. This must be the longest comment it’s ever made, Anyway, love ya, my friend! Thanks for all you do! Big hugs! ❤️-serena
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This is the best cake ever. Delicious and the comment really made my day. Thanks @paintingangels!

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Happy steem-iversary! Appreciate all the work you do to help the Steem community!


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