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RE: Currently accounts must have 75 SP to use all of their voting power.

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I actually wonder what course they have for setting parameters. I agree if they do nothing else, this looks pretty bad (given i've seen costs even go up in the last day). I wanted to spend some time studying how these parameters adjust by themselves too, because I'm not sure.

Even the dynamic updates I'm not even sure what constitutes 'working properly'. I would like to see a dashboard of all the relevant metrics. Maybe they already have such a thing internally. But I don't think a roll back to 19 is happening. I think instead they would rather tweak parameters. Because the system itself seems to be somewhat functional.


It looks semi-functional because the other bug is keeping people from voting. If voting was happening normally we'd be in big, big trouble already. Waiting is only likely to make it worse.

@holger80 has the code for what determines RCs in his latest post.

Oh I saw that, and I dug through that as well. I understand now the costing, but not the market dynamics part of the code. I was going to save that for today.

But still, I still think they would prefer to adjust the parameters to set prices in reasonable ranges rather than roll back. (after making estimates of tx sizes and such and such...because as you say, the current traffic is misleading)

We're where we are now because of what they preferred.

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