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RE: Dropping in Alexa Rank - Write Posts Reflecting Current Trends to Catch SEO Traffic!

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The issue is the lack of feedback and gamification for people going out and doing so.

I love Twitter because I know my impressions, link clicks, profile views and so on. It’s fun when I can see I’m getting 50k impressions and look at the conversation rate into other metrics.

I could not tell you how my content on Steemit is performing outside of what metrics I see on where I share it on other sites and, upvotes or comments. I need more information and it's frustrating not knowing.

I even tried using a dapp that had google analytics so I could better understand my traffic. Sadly that content was seen as duplicate t and hidden/delisted from results. I had several Cornerstone content pieces I wrote that where very time consuming and while I could see the short term massive spike in impressions and clicks it was short-lived when it got hit for being duplicate content on that dapp.

We also have all these other apps and frontends getting their own traffic. Steemit the website itself is not that great of user experience. While I still promote my Steemit URLs to the outside world I’ve considered using Steempeak. So many are already use it and it’s just more enjoyable to use.


Most people aren't authors. I, for one, really do not care where traffic is coming from. That's for fun and giggles.

When I use Twitter, I don't care about my impressions. The problem still lies in there are too much stuff being promoted that nobody wants to read.

If most Steemians care about the analytics? Then, we have a lack of consumers problem.

This is an excellent point. It should not be too that hard to give authors access to some better analytics on where traffic is coming from. We seem to have become very insular and the only metric that matters is upvotes - which can only come from other steemians.

Agreed, upvotes aren't even a good metric, half of that isn't even human.

Yes I agree that metrics are a problem and also concur that is really awesome, I mean the scheduling, beneficiaries and all other extra tweakable posting features are fantastic and they pulled it off as a team of two with no funding, quite amazing. It is likely Steemit is losing its audience to steempeak, I myself am slowly switching.

it's a much better frontend. i think a lot of it has to do with how integrated they are in the community. it's interesting to watch the difference between a managed community and a community manager on steemit -- also, pushing features, steempeak are CRANKING them out. i love their status page in reaction to the steem blockchain downtime, that's the stuff we need.

Dang I know, it's so awesome seeing new features, imagine they had a 800K Steem budget like Steemit!