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RE: Entering the Battle - Buying some Steem Monsters

in #steem6 years ago

Very nice I got myself basic set and only open a couple of boosters. I'm hoping to win the rest over time as I play it. Will be interesting to see how a low budget vs higher end guys fair.

I've never been really good at ccg style of games in the past. Since it here on steemit though I thought why not support it and give it a try.

They seem to have an amazing team and i'm looking forward to watch it grow into something amazing. Should be a boat load of people around it as well.


Yeah agree I think the team has been handling it great so far. Will be interesting to see if this is going to be pay to win as well. Hoping my investment breaks even or it's at least fun. Never had much money to invest in card games like this before so decided to splurge a little.

Hoping its fun and the tournaments are on different times and different days so I may actually be able to participate.

I'm really hoping we can host our own or at least have a way to directly challenge each other that allows someone to spectate to oversee and view the results. We would love to make a little contest or something out of it. A few of the members I think are into the game.

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