EncryptdCouple Review SteepShot App

in steem •  6 months ago

Join us to learn a little bit about the Steepshot app, and how it is slowly bringing the Steem Blockchain closer to mainstream adoption!

Leave your SmartCash address in a thoughtful comment below for a chance to win 5 SMART.

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Another great post!

I have invited you for the Minnow Booster whitelist which gives lots of benefits for quality authors, among which a higher upvote. You can read more about the MB white list on @minnowbooster or reead this post.


If you have any questions you can come to the white list channel in the Minnow Booster discord.


Thanks, but we don't buy votes and don't recommend it to anybody either...

Really amazing review!! Thanks @encryptdcouple I am literally still working on my SmartCash.


Let us know once you have an address?

I don't have any idea about this


Check it out sometime!