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RE: Steem 19.10 Officially Released: AppBase, RocksDB, Unlimited Content Editing, and More!

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I've been saying this for a while - I make films - it costs a lot to do that. What's my incentive to share them here exclusively if I can't earn past 7 days - what's the likely hood of me making 2k or more organically on a post to cover costs? Slim to none.

For example seemit have verifiable curated tieres of content quality..... things listed as gold tier may have an open pay out which still pays out every seven days......


Front-ends with ad-revenue could be a solution.

Did someone say ad revenue? I've been brain storming again. Came up with an idea to help create demand for STEEM by creating a Market for promoted posts, removing them from trending, and placing them as banners (publisher chooses from a list, like curating) inside posts. A simple click of the banner works as a vote for those hosting the banner, and that equals easy ad revenue, plus a percentage of the rewards from the promotions once paid out (they jockey for position much like the trending page within the market through the use of promotion bots) goes to those hosting the ads, much like curation rewards.

I've been yapping about it for a few days but I'm not sure if many are paying attention or noticing, which is normal... LOL!

That's a really interesting idea @nonameslefttouse!

Yeooooo that sounds pretty cool!

Did someone say “ad revenue?”

I wrote some of my ideas last year. I think the post is still relevant.

Which post are you talking about?

The one where I talked about advertising and (I think) revenue distribution schemes and stuff. I’d get the link, but searching on Steemit sucks.

Again something else I've been talking about for a while. I've worked for a number of blogs over the years. Always thought a ad rev supported frontend could be cool - mix it with the tiered quality system - better percentages for gold / silver / bronz.

what is front end with add revenue kindly explain

I agree with your opinion.This is one of the solutions.

This may be an inappropriate answer, but that would be better off in My wish is that a marriage of Steem (Steemit) and LBRY would happen. As far as can tell, it is the answer to many problems.

Can that happen?

I don't know much about LBRY but I think that would basically mean joining two different blockchains and that's not likely to happen.

I am not a developer, but I was thinking a front end that put the two together. Even if the inputs and outputs were two cryptos, it seems reasonable enough to me. Maybe it could use a token and only pay out in LBRY and Steem at certain points or times.

I don't know, but I hope some developer hero will consider or figure it our someday.

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