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RE: God rage quits while giving away over 50,000 in LIQUID STEEM

in #steem6 years ago

Also and very importantly
Please tell us the exact date that you are taking off all the delegation?

I will suggest you make it 1/2 or 1/4 instead of 1/6.
Thank you


I really agree with this idea @empato365, making it 1/6 wouldn't be so nice as we have lower space force especially those that have been active here and promoting the steemjet vision, boss @dimimp, please do not forget that the curation team headed by @mhizsophie and assisted by @cherylsonty has never received any funding and we have been working tirelessly, please it would only be fair if we get funding from you too like the other departments got, we also have needs to enable us function better.

You can send the steem to @mhizsophie for the department, thanks alot boss!

I still believe in steemit!!

I still believe in steemjet!!

If you are on the curation team, then I would suggest that you take the buy out offer because you will need reassignment following our new marching orders from the big boss @dan himself.

Logically, any upvoting or downvoting is not necessary becasue we are no longer funding global steem adoption because there are better financial opportunities in the crypto space. We can not recommend STEEM for anything but a social network, and Steem is great for that, but Steem as a currency has failed in the race to be the next big payments choice of the planet. This is a big deal, and we just solved the equasion with help from the creator of course.

So of course we care not for steem adoption. We care only for crypto evangelism of true crypto knowledge, and based on our scientific research, Steem is not going to make you as rich as DGB going forward. Steem is competing in the secure payments space against an established POW champion.

You guys can feel free to stick around, but it is going to be teaching kids and music, and nothing else is necessary for us to maximally prosper.

Thanks, @cherylsonty.
Sir, @dimimp is it possible you change your mind? At least pay the team ( @cherylsonty, @druids, @samexycool,@benlengend-1, @lovelymkylie, @jacobite and @ewuoso) "anything" for working as COMMUNITY curators, pending when we make a decision between taking liquid steem or keeping the DSP. At this point, I can only wish you have a change of heart.

During the past few months, you've spoilt all of us with love, attention, praises, upvotes, and steem. We all owe you nothing, in fact, we are the ones indebted to you. You would say you paid us for our efforts, but then again you paid majority of us for doing nothing.

I do not know if I'll be able to invest in LTC or DGD, being that I can only buy 1 or 2 of either LTC or DGD. I'm still too broke to place my faith on both payment platforms. We'll be needing your guidance on which other cryptocurrencies that'll fetch us maximum profit over time.

we r naturally high... :p


And trust your H. O. D of music to be there when you need him to teach the kids music. I will always be there and ofcourse @etemi is on standby

okare Omo mi

daddy o i see you

I would make it 1/1 if I could afford it. I tried getting some some whale financial assistance for Steemjet, but not even our billionaire creator has love for our mission.

I am not removing the delegations because everyone is under contract. I can only fire people for poor performance after their contract has expired. I am a man of my word, so don't worry. I am just stuck in steem for a long time and will propably not be able to capitalize on the science that we just learned. Hopefully others can, however.

I am not removing the delegations because everyone is under contract.

Okay does this mean you are sending us steem according to our SF ranks so that we can buy other cryptos while we keep our delegations? OR it is a choice between delegation and liquid steem? If yes that sounds pretty cool and I will so much like to receive it as long as I can keep my delegation that long
Meanwhile my first contract review was said to be Jan 2020 and if you still wish to employ more friends to join the spaceforce I will recommend @joyart @steemedi @steemdiva @zmira for a delegation. Thank you

No, if you accept this buy out offer, then you lose your delegated salary.

I need to start powering down in order to cash in on the scientific knowledge we just learned, and will have more money in the future.

What might sound like a lot of money today might still sound like a whole lot of money to you in the future because you are still as broke as you are today because you failed to capitalize on the opportunities around you!

Time is money, and we all just learned of a time based oppoortunity. We just happen to be in the wrong currency!

What will STEEM be worth in 2020?

What will DGB/LTC be worth?

Plus we are about to go down the list to see what other currencies are about to be affected by this next bubble.

Steem will rise no doubt. But not as much as the winners of the payment network sector contract (it is a global contract!).

Your choice man, just let me know, the offer is eternal because I don't want MY money tied up in STEEM right now either!

The drastically decreasing upvote percentage that Steemians experience over the first 10 years is BRUTAL!

In 2020, your upvote power from your delegations is going to be noticeably less than it is today. This fact will keep the price from rising too quickly, and no other coins have this headwind!


My contract being said to expire in jan 2020. Don't know what will happen to steem then

But 7000/6 gives me 1167 liquid and I am not a crypto expert anyway.

Will you be here to teach us about the best cryptos to buy?

About my own choice.
I will give it a thought. I will tell you my choice very soon. Maybe on your next post cause this just came to me as a total surprise

On another note

Analysis shows that you have 165 delegates and if you pay off every delegated account 1/6 of its delegation you will spend a total of 56,333 steem.

Sound like something you a dim lanister can easily pay off in just 2 weeks of power down assuming all delegation have been taken off already but the power down to pay off completely could take a real long time since it is not everyone who will accept the choice of liquid steem and some will accept later as time goes on and that might become a problem

So if you can get 60,000 liquid steem available it can help you pay off it as it comes.
Maybe as your money man I have just given you another idea on how to deal with this money deal
QmUfACR2m7UPiPKAZ5QmJ6B9kAVAepPiT1R2jHAUvfGvAo (1).png

I see some sense in your position here sadly these big investors are just playing God and man with us.

I am not removing the delegations because everyone is under contract. I can only fire people for poor performance after their contract has expired. I am a man of my word, so don't worry.

Thanks for this confirmation @dimimp, you really are a man of your word.

While the cash buy out offer is highly tempting (I could even buy a brand new phone or a pc with it right away), I would still choose delegation at this time as I have just invited some of my friends over to try the Steem blockchain this month and I have somewhat promised to support them as much as I can.

Anyway, It seems you really have done your research on those 4 crypto coins when you evaluated them. I am only familiar with SBD and LTC atm but would definitely look up those others upon your recommendation.

No problem, just remember that your upvote power naturally declines drastically over these first 10 years. What @deandaniels has requested was nothing less than a COMPREHENSIVE fundamentals of crypto analysis, and an experiment was necessary to prove our results, however, they are unarguable, and therefore, I will not be giving good grades for upvoting or downvoting anybody, so if you job is curating, then you might want to seriously consider the offer. Steemjet is now looking for profits so we can help teach kids. Spreading steem to other Steemians has no value in my book no more.

I am not going to waste another dime trying to make ANYBODY happy around here anymore.

If you are not teaching new kids, or giving them some LTC, then you are not going to get much of our charity budget.

@dan just proved that upvoting is a waste of precious time.

There are better opportunities out there.

He knows this, and now WE know this.

This is VALUABLE information. I met @dan in my dreams (after listening to one too many podcasts). I see where he is coming from, and I just also happen to be from there, and he was much more able to capitalize on the crypto bubble than I was for obvious reasons, but his heart was in the right place with STEEM at one point in time, and if he was here giving it his all, then we would have a chance to capiture some major market share of the payments network. STEEM will no doubt capture a small segment, but the only thing that matters is who wins it, because that is goin to be the next 20x

And if there is one natural law of this science that we all can recognise is the law of diminishing returns, and this means that over time, our opportunities to enter major markets ahead of the masses is only decreasing now that everyone is looking at the same few coins.

I hate to sound like a prophet, but payments is coming, and I am going to attempt to bring as much profit back from this move to truly set you all free.

I want to build a real free Steemjet, but I am going to need to make enough so I can afford it.

I went in debt to fund Steemjet (AND IT SUCKS!)

I am not going to waste another dime trying to make ANYBODY happy around here anymore.

Truth be told I am somewhat glad to hear that from you. I have seen many people take advantage of your kindness and generosity by their over the top proposals with little to no visible results. I guess now is the time for those people to prove to you that what you invested on them is worth it.

I will not be giving good grades for upvoting or downvoting anybody

Do you still need me to do my quarterly report? I'm guessing it's of no use to you anymore? :)

Steemjet is now looking for profits so we can help teach kids.

I'm gonna reiterate what I once said on one of your posts, how about setting up a witness? I for one don't know how to do it, but based on what I've heard witnesses on top 20 earns at least 7000SP per month.

I want to build a real free Steemjet, but I am going to need to make enough so I can afford it.

Here's me hoping that it will come into realization soon. One that will generate money and also be able to help others. A situation where it will be a win in both sides. Hope this payments will be more than enough for this.

I went in debt to fund Steemjet (AND IT SUCKS!)

Lol sorry to hear about that. But I do believe everyone is trying their very best. As for me, I'm not really asking for much as I have been very content on your delegation. So far it helped me gain some visiblity on this platform and grow fast this account. So I'm pretty grateful to you.


What about those you recently hired and have not had the chance to prove what they are capable of...are you going to fire them? Enlighten me pls

You're a man of your words sir. That is why it baffles me that you never got to pay me 50% of the 300 steem for slogan bounty as promised. @dimimp, I have waited all this while and it never came(not even in upvotes). Would you be kind enough to pay me now?

Choosing to remain in steemjet with my delegation is definitely what I prefer, I still believe in the future we cant apprehend. Soon we will have to thank @dimimp for the choice he left us with.
This means that we are now preaching the other cryptos mentioned by you instead of steem!
Hmmmm... Then we should call for a re-branding and probably a renaming... 🙌#cryptojet can take it's place. Just thinking! 🤔
once again thank you for giving me hope when all hope was lost.
am still hopeful on what you promised and I hope it turn out well.

I will want to believe this rage to be for a short time and a fantasy.
I do want cash payment @dimimp @god @dantheman @dan & do well to consider me on the payroll.

But I repeat I'm against the removal of our delegated steem power for 1/6 steem payment.

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