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RE: God rage quits while giving away over 50,000 in LIQUID STEEM

in #steem6 years ago

It is your choice. Continue with your current delegated Steem Power contract, or accept the cash buy out offer today

Oh I get it.
I think it will be wise you give us some time to sit back think and make a choice
But was an account like @steemjet, @steemjet-support @steemjetcontests still under contract? Or they are permanent.

Just clarify it so that we can know the choice we make.
Thank you


I am offering the buy out offer to everyone, all contracts, all accounts. our strategic direction has changed and an opportunity has presented itself. Time is indeed money, and money is the only reason why anybody is here, so why waste TIME upvoting (or downvoting) anybody here.

This is the only one true path forward. Nothing else is logically rational.

I hope that investing 50,000 steem into this community really does some good in this cruel, heartbreaking world. I hope that you hang around and contribute to Steemjet, and I don't think that anybody planned on leaving, and we are all here, it is just that we deal in LTC/DGB/NANO and other cryptos with HIGH BLOCKCHAIN TOOL SCHOOL SCORES.

our next step is to explore the list further to see if there are any OTHER currencies between STEEM and LTC. I am curious to learn where our research will take us next!

We have work to do still, and I hope that you all don't take my 50,000 STEEM and never look back. I am still here struggling away to teach, learn, and love!


After going through your post and your comments, I choose to maximize my opportunity by embracing the other true blockchains as it will give me knowledge of other financial wonders to share and teach to other people.

I choose the 500 liquid steem @dimimp

If a dim human can have your heart and wallet, I guess I want to be dim too

Lets do this @dimimp, i choose to follow your judgement. With pride

Im with steemjet for life

@mistakili sf2

Time is money

We have work to do still, and I hope that you all don't take my 50,000 STEEM and never look back.

Never boss!! We are in this together 🤞

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