The Steem Blockchain for Social Good?

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I joined Steemit on the 16th of January 2017 and since then, I have seen that there is some good on the Blockchain and the various activities that the Steem Blockchain has successfully transacted. With over 1 million accounts and more than 100,000 (fee-less) transactions per second. The same cannot be said of Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other Blockchain out there at the moment, (save for Bitshares.)

The capacity of the Steem Blockchain is nothing compared to those obtained anywhere else. The idea of a Blockchain that has the capacity of encourage the creation of multiple platforms that dishes out (ephemeral) fantasy-styled dollars to its users, is just straight out of this world.

I have been into many online platforms and vowed to stay off after countless trials to be relevant through writing and relating to people and also the fact that by default, I am a Nigerian Online Prince. Many of you will relate to that more than I do I am sure. I was called a scammer here on Steemit when I started out and was even told to "fuck off."

You see, daily I see the good that is embedded on the Steem Blockchain and have come to understand and with all assurances that, this platform is created for social good.
You cannot be further from your inner self, you can only take out what you put in.
Looking at the above chart and the others below, you will agree that, with the Steem Blockchain, there is so much social good that flows through its very fabric.

They say it is developed through a technology called Graphene and runs a **Proof-of-Brain algorithm and also I personally think it comes coded with a Love Node that just makes you get it every time.

Let's talk about Proof of Brain.


Okay, so the whole Proof-of-Brain thing is still being debated worldwide because some persons still think that it is faulty, but here on Planet Steem, it is working just fine and getting better.
From the Steemit bluepaper:-

a pool of tokens dedicated to incentivizing content creation and curation (called the "rewards pool");
a voting system that leverages the wisdom of the crowd to assess the value of content and distribute tokens to it.

The system of having the brain create an incentive based system that ensures an exponential distribution for its users sure points to a social good that continually brings about a better live for everyone connected to it. You have to give it to this Blockchain for being there to make the difference in the way the "Internet Of Things" is related with and experienced.

I wrote endlessly on Blogspot and Wordpress and got nowhere near earning a dime. I justcouldn't pull a Kanye or Kardashian no matter how hard I tried

Traditional proof-of-work blockchains utilizes human participation known as mining where electricity is utilized in its large capacity thereby causing some kinds of hazards to the environment. You do not need to work around looking for hashes and mining pools to create your tokens on the Steem Blockchain.

I Feel Blessed!

The whole proof-of-brain concept is in place to reward the users who produce contents through value creation which adds value to the network. The Steem ecosystem apart from rewarding existing and new users get equitable distributions of the mined currency.
Community is what Steemit is about and it also brings about engagements and relationship that transcends borders.

The era we are at and in is one of decentralization and change management processes that sees us moving towards a better place where the use of the internet is not for the specially educated, but for all who care to click on their keyboards and make good use of their smartphones.

The Steem Blockchain is among the top most active Blockchain in the world.

Charts don't lie, so I will just let the charts as gotten from do the talking and explaining.


From the above, you will see that the market cap of the Steem Blockchain is small compared with BTC and Ethereum, it sure is a small Blockchain with the capacity to do and handle major transactions thereby bringing better and mroe felt good to the whole a la the Blockchain technology. Like my people will say, "Small but mighty."

Steem Blockchain is indeed for Social Good and Justice I dare say.

I know we have our reservations about the way certain things are done on the Steem Blockchain and that has made lots of us want to give up on the dream we all hold so dear to ourselves.
There are incidences of the reward pool being raped and many people getting nothing for well curated articles; There is also the unfair distribution of the reward pool; there is also the trending pages constantly showcasing worthless articles that are promoted making the reward system looking rigged.
I can go on mentioning the various wrongs we see, but it will not make it any better. However, there is good news.

  • SMTs, Good People Tokens, Communities, Hiveminds and maybe some new improvements that will ensure a continuous thriving of the Blockchain that is been known to do so much good, is on the way and may be upon us soon enough.

My PoV:

I think the Blockchain is for social good, but i also truly believe that the Steem Blockchain is the true embodiment of the definition that the innovations that is upon us is for good and will be indeed a lasting one.
The Steem Blockchain has brought about experts in the Crypto space, the learning curve is endless. The Steem Blockchain breeds innovation that allows for anyone who cares to pursue change, contribute meaningfully to the ecosystem by bringing to bear the love it was created with.
There is a good that the Blockchain has come to deliver to the world and those of us on the Steem Blockchain are blazing the trail.

Wait it out, something good is coming through and you wouldn't want to miss it.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

Proof of Brain definition: Steem Bluepaper.

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"The Steem Blockchain for Social Good?" the answer is Yes!!! this is the future trends of business, life style.... I guess....hehehhee

Now the Steemit Blockchain is one of the best Blockchains and Steem is in the 2nd place. I am glad that we have about 1 Million users now, even if the most of them are inactive. Thats shows that Steemit became popular and more people are signing up very day. Steemit is the future!

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The STEEM blockchain combines 2 hot tech sectors, blockchain and social media. It has very promising concepts that could create substantial value of those involved if adoption across the space increases.

a very nice write up, very understandable post.

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Quilters never gains, if you quit steemit all cos they told you to "fuck off" you may not gain this much

Steemit is just like an Angel sent to us, I never thought there would be a platform that could help average people like me but I joined steemit this year january and I realized nothing can't happen in this world .to me, steemit is still the best

You cannot be further from your inner self, you can only take out what you put in.

What happens when you put in so much but get little or nothing at all?

Of a surety, steemit is for social good. I have never seen such a platform like this. It is the first of its kind actually. Little wonder the high influx of members. Who no like better thing?

Steemit blockchain has affected lives in more than one ways; myself included. I know, there certain wrongs on the blockchain like you said in terms of reward pool but that doesn't change the fact that it is for social good and the good is going to be a lasting one.

Yay!!! Congrats sir on your 70 reputation. 🙌🙌

This is a good explanation of idle Steemit. Though you mentioned a small part of reward pool rape and unjust things, I think its time the whales should save the platform from being just a not operated income source.
If minnows are not motivated to create good content then there will be just whales feeding the bots and vice versa.
There are great curation groups like busy, adsactly, and Curie but their standards are way too high for a newbie to meet. With that said, a newbie gets lost with no motivation left for himself.

Of course, blockchain is probably the biggest thing now. It can be applied in several forms of technology and that is exactly why it is special

This is why we are here @ejemai, blazing the trails of good deeds from steemit.