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With no info given.

And the votes (- money) are then used for his trails and accounts such as @factsout, @arena-esports, @cooperacion, @surrenderall and many more that have nothing to do with VIVA or TQN community at all.

You can check for yourself here -

This was my idea like 3 months ago to power it up and distribute the "earnings" to the people that lost the funds on the exchange.

So why did you start just now @instructor2121? Oh right, you wanted people to forget that they still do have "shares" in those STEEM assets and you wanted to use them for yourself.

In before flags, am I right?

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Hmmmm... I didn't follow the news for months now, I didn't even know they retrieved the money... Oh, well.

Yeah, whats going on with this!

Thank you for keeping an eye on it.

25k STEEM and 8K SBD that I had in my wallet on TradeQwik belong to me. So, Im using my stake now and not just letting it sit. Seeing that I will never recoup the much larger sum i had invested. Thank you


That's not what was agreed. A lot of us had money in tradequik. You just deciding to take the liquid funds that are there with no discussion is theft.

You can't decide that your missing funds are the priority over everyone else's because you have access to the tqn account

This is very shitty

At least you have shown your true colours.

I could say, I had half a bitcoin in there so I am using that stake... Oh no, wait, I can't because I don't have access to the funds.

If I start flagging the posts you are voting on will you just power it down and make off with it?

What does Joe have to say about this?