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I cannot find the number, but I am certain that significant percentage of daily Steem transactions are simple upvotes recorded when you and I like each other's content. My lowly upvote, which grants my favorite authors $.02, demonstrates Steem's greatness in two ways:

  1. My upvote, along with yours, and those of an estimated 30,000 daily fellow Steemians, and all of our commenting and content creation, demonstrates Steem's capacity to handle more than a million transactions each day without breaking a sweat. While others struggle to handle a backlog of transactions and look for solutions to scale, Steem is showing what an advantage it is to have a high ceiling for transactions.

  2. My upvote transferring $.02 is a miracle. Steemit allows me to upvote your content without charging any type of transaction fee. If there was the slightest fee involved, tiny micro-transactions such as our upvotes would be impossible. The fees involved with other blockchains make almost any small transaction impractical for daily commerce.

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear your thoughts.


I'm actually very amazed by the whole process and I still haven't exactly completely wrapped my head around it all, however I'm glad that it does work? It is a miracle!

I think all of our heads are spinning a little bit. As I learn about Steemit and other blockchain networks I get whiplash. One second I feel like I'm terribly behind the curve and that I don't know anything. The next second I feel like I'm one of the first to discover something incredibly exciting.

How true! It can be both exhilarating and in my case deer standing stunned in the middle of the road staring at an approaching speeding car's lights. Like being on a roller coaster and at the end of the ride, tumbling off the ride and acting like a stunned mullet!
I find it all invigorating!

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This is new info for me, I just started here. Didn't know there was anything special about the 'ceiling'. Good to know. I give you my vote, although apparently when I checked yesterday my 100% vote is still worth 0.00 cents. :)

No problem at all. Thanks for reading. Glad you found it helpful.

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