My love letter to Justin Sun

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I do not support the current top 20 witnesses, I think they do not align with the ideals of this community. It has come to my attention that they were created using liquid Steem from exchanges like Binance Huobi and Poloniex. To those exchanges I want to say, Steemit and other dapps of the ecosystem have raised unprecedented awareness in cryptocurrency and forged a unlikely community of content creators who have had to show interest as soon as they wanted to make use of their payouts. I hope that you can send a strong message in support of decentralization and censorship resistance promptly. When I embraced crypto in 2016, I was under the impression that my keys could put power in me as a Steemian, where I would traditionally hand it over to the banking system. In supporting what looks a whole lot like a hostile takeover, you are showing me that I was a fool to ever think such a thing. Please convince me that I am wrong. Please let me know that you understand that the liquid Steem sitting on your exchanges was never meant to vote witnesses in because Steem has no value without a belief that crypto can solve some of the inequalities and, lets face it, lies, that led to the 2008 crisis.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank Justin Sun. Thank you! Thank you for showing us the vulnerabilities of our system. Thriving on an open source code, it is important that you show us exactly what loopholes to close, to make sure that this never happens again. I understand that you feel like you were locked out of your stake. It's nice to have feelings. Newsflash, I have them too!

I will now politely ask you to leave this community alone as we do not take kindly to bullying which is arguably what you are doing. Were you entitled to take the softwork the wrong way? Absolutely! However, you over reacted and you have shown that you would quash descent on this chain the same way you did on yours which is why I think that you my friend, would be a better fit for a centralized social media.

Am I angry, absolutely not! All is fair in love and war and I completely understand your motives. Please consider the shame on my deceased ancestors who despite their numerous flaws have fought for me to be here right now. It may not count for much, but I am sure you can appreciate the feeling of having the deceased of my very lineage rooting for me always. Right now they are screaming in shame. Shame that I would have been foolish enough to have spent so much time and energy in something so beautiful and fragile. It will pass, but I am telling you, things will never be the same now that you have partially severed my tie to this dream.

Please know that I love you Justin and that I appreciate having someone to spar with. Right now we are at odds but who knows, maybe tomorrow will be a different story.


you’re not a little bitch ;)

Unless it's a good thing to be one right? ;)

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I have faith in Steemit. However, do not like all the changes they are disorienting to say the least. And yes, we do need the right witnesses. And with that, people need to check their votes on witnesses

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