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The main problem that I see for the steem blockchain is the same problem plaguing the entire cryptocurrency space, I believe that it is the lack of use cases. How we need to keep building dapps as fast as possible in order to create more on-ramps for the general public, the average person will never be interested in understanding how blockchain works, they just want something the has a convenient use case. The creation of steem monsters is a shining example of an amazing use case.

My solution to this problem is to build a website the plugs in to the steem blockchain and offers a number of convenient services that allow more people to interact with the blockchain. I will be offering services like up-vote, resteem, curation, delegation, marketplace, escrow and marketplace (similar to ebay). I envision a website that offers these convenient services in a very user friendly way all in one location. These are all services that are already proven to work, so it is not like the wheel is being reinvented but what is unique is that these will all be in one location and that makes it very convenient for the end user.

This is a system that is being built right now the code plugs into the steem blockchain using the steem python api. At the moment the code is being used on @steemybot to sell up-votes, it is running on a vps. The code is being developed and maintained by me @duane.dos, I would like to take on at least two additional python developers to help build out the services. This would assist in bring the full product to market a lot sooner but work continues everyday.

I believe what will make this successful is the convenience and user-friendliness of the website, the steps that I plan on taking in the next three months are to complete the Resteem, Curation, Delegation, Escrow and Marketplace services. At the end of that period I will be putting a lot of time and energy into the UI of the website.

I would like to receive funds to cover the cost of paying each developer on this project an amount of 15 steem daily for 3 months, so that would be a budget of 1350 steem for that period. At the end of the 3 month period the development cost should drop to 0 and the budget will be rebalanced for maintenance and marketing.


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