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RE: Our Plan for Onboarding the Masses

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This looks like your plan for completing the work that has been ongoing and promised for eons now. This post could have been written a year ago; I don't see that it includes any plans for onboarding anyone.


"we could make it easier for people to sign up," but that makes sense. So instead, we will do nothing, and hope that somehow the software advances will fix the problem (they won't).

This post also includes no timelines for deliverables. Just more empty talk that Steemit INC has been providing for over two years.

Hey I know, why don't we ask Aggroed how to onboard people @steemit? Nothing attracts the masses like people who think the world is flat!


I thought Steem Engine was the driving force behind Steem now, with all of those amazing "tribes" and their tokens and centralized "exchange." Are you telling me that this has not been bringing in the masses? But I thought having a different interface for every community and "tokenizing the internet" was the key to Steem super-stardom and riches?

Have I been duped by people who are only interested in lining their own pockets while delivering nothing actually useful or wanted by "the masses?"

Nothing attracts the masses like people who think the world is flat!

This kinda evolved quickly from your comment in the last steemitblog post of him being a conspiracy nut into a flat-earther, hmm. :D

Don't pick a moron to hold a position with some authority.

Don't pick a moron
To hold a position with
Some authority.

                 - justtryme90

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

To be fair, there's a niche to be built around flat-earthers, climate emergency deniers, 9/11 truthers and other tinfoil lunatics. Said niche is likely orders of magnitude larger than Steem's current active user base.

Then I look forward to dumping on them.

🤣🤣🤣 seriously, this comment made me chuckle.

Are you volunteering to on-board Marc Morano and all the tub thumping lunatics on the 'climate change battle royal' Facebook group? At least my feed might have something on it with entertainment value 😅

Then we need to get this fella on DTube:

and it would be a ruck!

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Besides ausbitbank none of those tinfoilers ever buy steem

Would really like to know if they are aiming for inclusion in this Hard Fork. If not then timeline is likely next year. Which makes it too little too late for us and other apps.

More like onboarding the molasses...

Haha, molasses with a heart shaped cherry on top. Tsk Tsk


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