Announcing Steem Insights - Steem search engine based on Hivemind

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After an official announcement of Hivemind, I became quite excited, not because I understood what is was but because I’ve seen some decent progress with infrastructure cost reduction by Steemit Inc.

At the same time, I was already working on block explorer for Steem Dapps leveraging Steemjs API but then it went down for major changes related to Steem.DAO. I was pissed at first but that gave me some time to rethink the architecture of my project. After I’ve done that, I decided I need to test Tower, a Hivemind REST API made by @emrebeyler.

To be honest, it felt quite cool to dig through the docs and testing it live. If there are two things that are missing on Steemit or any other Steem-based interfaces, that would be clearly search and filtering options.

I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to have a simple way to look through the whole blockchain with multiple queries, it’s a bless for users and a relief for users.

What is Steem Insights?

Originally, I was planning to create an explorer for Dapps only but then I decided to switch my focus towards changing the whole concept of block explorers. All of the modern explorers display data mostly for tech people but how we’re going to attract new users if we’re building products only for nerds?

Thus, I would like to call Steem Insights a Steem search engine. An engine, yes. Basically, I want to make an ability for people to search for Steem-related data and getting the results they can understand. If you take Steemdb or Steemd, you would see lots of info that tells nothing whatsoever to your mom, an artist or even a sales manager. My goal is to change this and make search process great again.

Current features

At the moment, I implemented accounts and dapps search. I deliberately made it similar to how facebook search used to work prior to removing all of the advanced filtering settings.

You can now find all of the guys and girls from your hometown, the place you’re considering moving or just curious about. You can find the influencers, the whales, the Steem old souls and even delegators of responsibilities. You can sort by multiple fields also which is by default set to descending (for some obvious reasons).

Here’s a few shots of the engine:

Search by location: Korea

Search by account name: emre

Multiple filters: 10,000+ followers, 40+ reputation, 10MV+ voting weight, 2017 – minimum account creation date.

I also decided to add basic search for Steemapps. It took me a couple of hours to implement that which was quite satisfying. Thanks @therealwolf for an awesome api, really appreciate your work. Although you do have to type the full name of the app, there's no 'contains' querying yet. I'll try to change it with autocomplete in the next update.


P.S. Forgot to mention the website, it's

How to use Steem Insights?

The usage is pretty straightforward, you just type in the name of the account of the person you’re looking for or you select the filters and hit apply. In both cases you’ll see some results. By default all of the accounts are filtered by reputation which means you’ll see top quality accounts on the Steem blockchain.

Besides, even though there are over a million Steem accounts, you might find no results if you apply too many filters. You’ll see something like that:


If you stumbled upon that, you can simply click reset filters and start your new search.
There are a few things you have to be aware of due to how Hivemind queries work now:

  • Main search box – currently does the search through Steem account names, not the display names that users set
  • Posts – work only if you put the exact number of posts, there’s no minimum value in Tower API yet
  • Proxy – has to be the exact Steem account name of the proxy, otherwise it finds nothing

What are the plans?

My nearest plans are to collect the feedback and to see which features search options do people desire.
But overall I’m planning to implement:

  • Followers and following search.
  • Proposals search (as soon as @blocktrades releases them on a testnet which could happen next week).
  • Posts search. I'm still considering whether to add tags-based lookup or implement communities right away. In any scenario I would love to see more filters for posts to implement this one.

I also consider adding search through top Steem dapps, including @steemmonsters and @drugwars. I have a decent architecture to diplay data of virtually any rest api so dapps are definitely on the list.

For those who was looking for a link, here we are

P.S. Already made the first update, added a dashboard.

If you like what I do, make sure to vote for my witness (via steemit or steemconnect). Witnesses keep the infrastructure going so don’t skip.



I like you try to provide to the world a block explorer adapted to the mainstream capabilities.

Thanks, somebody has to do it.

I agree with @cryptoeera! That is awesome!

@dmitrydao, I would vote for you as witness but I already voted! Nevertheless, I am a high performance action account that gives "F-URR" "URR" $UPER $UCCE$$!!!

This is a small music gift of appreciation from a YouTube contributor named Geogeniuzz22...

Thanks. Appreciate your support

We're looking at the website.. Gotta say! Looks awesome!! Love the UI!!

but how we’re going to attract new users if we’re building products only for nerds?

That's our first impression when looking at the explorer, very human readable and sleek!

Thanks guys, your opinion is always important to me.

I like your engine, its gonna improve search dramatically.

Just a quick suggestion to change if you don't mind, it does not necessarily have to be guy's account only ;)

It can simply be changed to "Type in a username"
Would be more professional :)

WOMAN; you fall in love with the features that make you happy, and they try to take that feature from you.

Nice search engine for Steem! Can this be used to create a classified ads app like Craigslist or like what Cybermiles (CMT) is doing with their 5Miles integration? More info here:

This is a very very useful tool. Thank you.

A couple of small points...

  1. Can you show Reputation in the display output for accounts - as it is one of the filter criteria.
  2. In an ordered listing (like by Reputation) can you include a ranking number (#1, #2, #3...) for each account in the list.

Thanks. No problem, will add.

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Your wish is my command. Reputation is added. Decided not to include ranking number though cause I don't want people to start compare themselves to others. Not something I'm ready to take on my shoulders yet.

Okay thanks. Ranking number is purely a mathematical function.

Add the ranking, adds to the utility.

WOMAN; you fall in love with the features that make you happy, and they try to take that feature from you.

Decentralized search engine ? Will rock👍

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good the job @dahri

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This is why I am involved with Steem! People actually building things on it and trying to strengthen the network! Love it!

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Appreciate your feedback. That's one of the reasons I stay with Steem as well.

Well done, upvoted, great piece of tech you have created.

Highly rEsteemed!

It's a good post, your the post best I love your post is very nice.I like this Post.Really your post 100% crickets.

This looks to be a great utility and user friendly. Thank you @dmitrydao.

It looks interesting! Will try it

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Yes, yes and yes. This is something that was missing and is badly needed for the system. Great work and hopefully we can see it implemented across the whole system.

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Thanks. We'll see how far it goes

Very impressive, i will try it now.

Nice articles

I'll consider that. Good point.

Great tool! :-)

Thank you buddy. If not you, I won't be able to even consider it building.

Hello dmitrydao :D

I have to assume that I've never used any tool to do some research on the steem blockchain but Steem Insight seems to be a good one and I think I'll try it :)

And I think I won't be alone to use this website pretty often, but the thing is that your post is in english and some person who don't speak english could not be able to understand your content so what do you think of me translating this post and posting it on my blog.

If you agree here are the 3 options within you can choose the one you like best for the rewarding system:

  • Full earning, if they choose this option every SBD generated by the post will be sent to the author of the post.

  • Powering UP, this option allows us to post the translated post with 100% SteemPower as a reward

  • Sharing, with this option the author of the original post tells the percentage of SBD he wants to get from the reward, the rest will be divided into SteemPower and earnings for the translator of the post.

You can also choose us to decline rewarding.

Please let us know if you want us to translate your post or no and tell us why if you don't want to ;)

Here is a quick introduction of the project if you want to know a bit more about us


What languages are you supporting at the moment?

For the moment I can only translate text to French because that's my native language and I don't speak spanish as good to be able table translate post. That's why I'm looking for some people to help me in the future.

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Very nice tool, thanks for creating it. Looking forward to future updates.

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Started using it, looking for users within my province, its sad to know that many of the users just stopped posting from 7mos to all year ago.

Many users really left after the bear market sets in.

Yeah, that's not cool unfortunately.

Great job @dmitrydao, I'll try it asap! :)

!tipuvote ;)

Great innovation.Sometimes I get lost on steemit ,I most say with this it will be a lot easier finding my way around.. Could really do with some followers now. I promise to follow back at the speed of light once notified thanks..

When the bull market will get back again and new users will join the platform, it will be even more challenging to keep up with all of the updates and new posts so enjoy.

I’ll try it asap 💪

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Sembra un bel progetto non vedo l'ora di provare, appena so qualcosa in piú daró un giudizio

I like it..

This sounds really helpful for someone who posts helpful self-development content such as myself!



Ow sounds awesome!

it is interesting and vort voting

This is awesome 😎 meetup dApp here we come 💪💪💪

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Hell yes. That's exactly what I was thinking about today. Take all of the people and make them meet. Already have a few ideas on how to implement this.

It’s my mission this year to at least meet one fellow Steemian I don’t already know outside of Steem...

Please keep me informed if you come up with anything 🙏

PS @gungho is working on something prior to this release and was looking for input... not sure where things are right now 😅

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@gungho I think this may interest you if not already aware 🤔

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention @d00k13. It's great to have all these apps/dapps. This will help STEEM progress and make searching for information much more convenient and saves a lot of time in the end. I'm sure there will be positive feedback. Russians are really exquisite in coding.
I will keep you updated.

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Thanks. I'm not Russian though. I'm from Ukraine. We were always fighting between each other unfortunately but there's some truth regardless to coding.

Oh! I'm sorry. I have a few Ukrainian friends here in Korea. You are very skillful in what you do.

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Nice. I've been in Seoul 3 times already. Can't wait to go back.

Awesome 👏 figured since it would be most likely the easiest integration of the search feature with API using the location provided by users in Steem.... no FUD of tracking 😅

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💪keep on keepin' on!

Git er dun 😜

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Amazing work! Thank you for creating this, I’m going to test it tomorrow :-)))

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Thanks. Make sure to leave some feedback. That means a world to me.

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Loving to see the steemiverse expanding! 💜

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Looks solid

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Hi @dmitrydao this is a very useful tool and super easy to use.
Just what we need for the less technically minded.
I had a quick look and will check it out in detail tomorrow.
It worked fine on my main account @molometer as you can see below.


But drew a blank on my alt account @steemimages


Thought you might like to know for debugging purposes.
Early days but it looks very promising.

Thanks for your response. That can be cause I set following to minimum 1 :) Will change in the next update.

Btw, mobile currently cuts all of the filtering at the moment. You might check out the desktop version for sure.

Cool, there are many accounts with following = zero so this proposed update will pick them up.
I may do a review on the desktop version and spread the word.

It already works. Thanks for mentioning it.

Great, I'll take another look.

Very useful on steemit. I am going to try it right now.

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At this moment the only thi ng I like to searc for are certain tags used. It is not possible using partiko. I doubt I want to use it to find out who is at steem in my city or country. If this is helpfull if people use a nickname and want to stay anonymous ...
But you are right there is no (great working) searching tool here.

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Good news for everyone. Thanks for this post.

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another awesome initiative on steem ! possible search post with multiple tags and search users using specific dapp(s) ?

🚀 🌕

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nice your line in this story

Search with tags is possible, users using specific dapps - not sure but I'll try to come up with something.

Nice concept

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So you can search for accounts in a couple different ways?

previously you could search only through username, now you can apply a ton of filters

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