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If anybody is keeping score. We took all our current ICO donations and pushed them through bid bots to get attention on our project. With nearly a guarantee of 100% ROI and the added bonus of aggregating the attention we actually want, we have started to accumulate SP into our @dlux-io community vote bot. Steem is such an amazing resource... our collective jaws have been on the floor since we realized what has been set in motion and watching it play out.

The more people willing to fund our vote bot and bid for ICO distribution the faster we can accumulate the talent and resources for better infrastructure and attention bidding through channels like bitcoin talk.

Who's next with the talent(leave a comment, join our discord) or resources


The funny thing is I was looking at your wallet the other day and wondered how you're going to get the word out about your project on the trending page when you have no liquid Steem or big SP.

Now I see you've spent the ICO donations to do it. How much dlux tokens do you get for a 10$ or 100$ donation?

I actually heard about you from @taskmaster4450 when he wrote a post about your project.

"Spent" ICO donation raises awareness while awarding SP and SBD back to our account. Effectively free advertising while we would have just moved STEEM to SP on @dlux-io anyway. Maximizing use of our resources is a feature of proof of brain. ;)

dlux SMTs are available in uncapped auction blocks.
There are 20,000,000 at auction until ~November 1st and you can participate by sending steem to @robotolux or using our ico portal which does the same thing, but lets you see you pending and locked tokens. More information here.

If you would like to bid for 2,000,000 tokens with delegation you can delegate to @dlux-io and participants will be awarded SMT via the terms/math.

Unfortunately, our steem wallets accurately reflect our real life wallets, our developers haven't received any appreciable pay during the development of this software... we're resilient though and knew the world deserved a better way to transact even if we couldn't convince an investor to help us along so far. @taskmaster4450 did a lot to raise awareness for us; we're excited to see independent viewpoints on our project, always looking for feedback and opportunities to improve ourselves and society.

Oh well good to hear @taskmaster4450 wrote a post about dlux, Ive been waiting for a whale to step up and actually get dlux the attention tit deserves but people are thick and not paying attention to dlux and how its the only constantly interesting thing on steem, everything else falls apart, like DLIVE, look at how Ned just gets SCAMMED, and I HEARD about Dlive Doing this shit WAY before it happened, neds up to some shadey shit

LOl And now pewdiepie is on DLive... LOl after dlive leaves steem. incredible..

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