DKPromoter Report - 420k Steem Power

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Our bot for content promotion, @dkpromoter, has reached the amount of 420,000 Steem Power thanks to the delegations received.

Every day the dividends obtained from the bids are distributed among the investors. At the moment investors are getting a return of around 30% APR.

The plan is to do Power Down every time the amount of 1,000 Steem Power in the bot account is exceeded. In this way, a more equitable distribution between the current delegates and those who join over time is guaranteed.

How to invest in dkpromoter bot

Get Daily Return by delegating to the bot and earn a passive income on your spare SP while helping the Steem Community

500 SP 1000 SP 2000 SP 5000 SP 10000 SP 20000 SP

How to promote content

Send at least 0.1 Steem or SBD to @dkpromoter with the link to the post you want to promote in the memo.


Max bid accept at this moment: 20 Steem
Min mana voting power: 85%

The value of the vote may vary from time to time depending on the total number of votes your post receives and the value and reputation of those votes.

This service is provided by @marcosdk Witness




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