Rating of the posts who called djimirji. Period 2.9.2018-4.9.2018

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Good day to all.
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I present you the rating of users who successfully called my bot.

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I will clarify the formula of the rating a little, I would like to upgrade it somehow, maybe you will have suggestions on how to do this.
Now I analyze 4 components:

ParameterInfluence of %
The length of the post (the number of characters)18
Number of rshares received not from bots50
Author reputation16

It is clear that we can not eliminate all the bots that voted, but I think there is not a big error here.

AuthorPostParrots )Upvote %Reward
1N @felipejoysO museu só pegou fogo porque deixaram acontecer0.249701000.013 STEEM
2N @mediawizardsBuy YouTube Views0.1948200.000 STEEM
3N @felipejoysFortnite no PS4 não tem cross-play porque “nos outros sistemas é pior”0.059841000.003 STEEM

The post from which take the reward Rating of the posts who called djimirji. Period 25.8.2018-27.8.2018.
Total reward gained by post: 0.026 STEEM
Total shared reward: **0.016 **

During the period from 2 September 2018 to 4 September 2018 the bot voted for 30 posts.

The rating includes 7% of posts for the period, but not less than 3 posts.

I would like to hear from you, what parameters and how much in your opinion they should influence the rating. All the same, getting the robot to determine the quality of content is not an easy task.

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