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Let’s discuss the first way, Gaining views is every YouTube video uploader’s goal. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when trying to increase your view count. They post a video and hope that it reaches the eyes of every person on YouTube. We have a good news for everyone who want to Promote Video ''it doesn't matter which type of video'' MediaWizards Promote All Kind of Videos. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when trying to increase your view count.

Viewers won’t be able to ignore videos with a lot of views.

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ans PEOPLE who simply want to go viral.

We target

UK , Russian , Australia , Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Israel , Germany , Czeck Republic , USA , Hungary , Taiwan , Hong Kong , Japan , Pakistan , Canada India , South Korea , Brazil, Netherlands, France , Turkey, Spain.

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buying YouTube views is only a part of the factor in having a video go viral. Something that can make you go big straight away. Sure, you could do video marketing the usual way. 100% ensured comes, conveyed progressively comes about inside couple of hours. However, everyone puts so many videos out there that it’s difficult to get yours to be noticed. You need to be sharp. You need to get YouTube views quick.

YouTube Views Plan That Suits Your Needs...

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Thank you once again for taking the time out to attend to my videos, means a lot to know your guys are bond by your word.


You are welcome :-)

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I just knew that there was a service like this, later when I needed it I would come

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This is great service if you are looking to promote your YouTube channel in affordable cost. This is the best video views service i used in past 6 years! thank you mediawizards

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I don't see the point of buying views


this is about promoting YouTube videos. they are very expert and professional services provider no doubt!


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Like a channel owner with 13k subs i can say - if you buy views, this not help you to promote channel.
Best practice - announce on social networks and groups


Hi there, to buy YouTube Views from a trusted and safe site, the one name that came out from my mind is

Why? Because they don't provide spam or bots. They provide real YouTube Views from all around the world, and it is worth for the price!

You are able to increase views, likes and comments on your YouTube videos, too. High engagements improve your video's ranking in search and suggested results and achieve top ranking in the honours list on YouTube. The exposure you get will be phenomenal and social networks and groups is also good.


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how can you verify that the views you send are real? Where do you get them from and how?


i am ute schönherr PR she is not much well known singer. i bought views and subscribers in this website and i notice views are coming from different websites example from popup advertise and some PTC websites and lots of from social media networks like facebook, twitter etc. they actually run advertising campaign i think, i dont know how they do that.

@mediawizards thanks for recommend me steemit. i will use and check this platform first then i will make fan page. you are awesome bro 👍


Ypu are very welcome.

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There is many kinds of scam in this busyness or after a few days they turns as scam. A very few number of real sites there. I hope you are exactly right. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for your trust to our company.

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You selll theee views of youtubeee ??
but payment method ..


Paypal, skrill, all altcoins and Webmoney , etc

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my videos all views is stable so that means these are real views awesome. before i buy from somewhere i do not want to mention the name an views was vanish. you guys are really good at this work. thanks for everything.


You are welcome. We never let you down. Just be patient whenever you order and wait for complete :-)

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i just ordered 10k views now, i hope everything will be fine.


everything is awesome! thank you so much!

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overall yt views is fine. i got 500+ extra views . thank you so much for your service. i will recommend to my friends. ☺


Thank you :-)

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Great work.
And sounds to e legit.
Ill definitely use it.
Thanks for sharing such usefull information.


You are very welcome sandy. :-)

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I am amazed that we can get legitimate views such easily


I am amazed that
We can get legitimate
Views such easily

                 - ssgdude

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Thank you :-)

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I have a free way for getting views and subscribers


please post the method but dont tell me any exchange site or exchange in groups etc because both methods get much time consuming and both are risky i already lost my facebook fan page to use these methods..

@mediawizards, you have been true to your words, you render good service


Thanks for your kind :-)

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So far so good 3nd time buying. This guy is fast and accurate. I checked the links they are real exactly what he advertises and my last order with this seller did move my rankings up. thanks alot!!!!!!


You are welcome :-)

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